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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Sananda; Hold your light high, and your love higher!

Dear beloved friends
I Love You!
I walk with you always.
I walk side by side with you
and I feel you always.
When you walk through a blizzard in your life
I am there even more
even if you doubt it.
In fact, no matter what creates your blizzard,
your personal turmoil, you can be sure
of one thing, I am there with you.
I am always reaching out for you, and
if you want to I will hold your hand!
Your work is so precious, every little thing you do
is something me and my team takes notice of.
Feel our gratitude, in your heart!
You are lightworkers, and you are also, at the same time,
angels walking on Earth.
Sometimes you forget, that me and my team is ALWAYS by your side.
The light is old wisdom, that comes from the very source of love and
is something your DNA is awakening to, as I speak.
The LIGHT, the eternal knowledge, the knowing of Faith, Hope and Love,
is the basic knowledge, about LIFE.
Life itself is created with these essenses and more.
You shine your light wherever you go, you don´t even need to speak!
Your heart and your love therein, is the most important energy of all.
Pleace listen to your hearts voice, what your heart is telling you.
Learn to follow your heart, have faith in your heart.
Your heart has an intelligence of its own!
I am Sananda
and I love you!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead!

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead, a channeling through Kerstin Eriksson, 15 December 2017.

Greetings to you, I am Ashtar!
You are very dear to me, to us!
We are a confederacy of star allies.
We have been watching you for a very long time.
We are closer than you can ever imagine.
In fact we are already among you, of course.
Some of you have seen us
walking in the streets beside you.
You can meet us everywhere,
where you the least expect us to be.
We are only notable to those that are openminded.
Yet we are very much around.
You can see us in full third dimension, o yes!
Only those that can see into the fifth and higher dimension
can tell the difference, who is who!
We come in peace, we are concerned about
your planet.
She is extremely important to us.
All children are very important to us.
We only seek total peace and love.
And all the solutions to your poisonous waste.
All your issues with energy, will we solve of course.
Just have faith in us!
We have the solutions to FREE ENERGY
that does not hurt your planet in any way.
Your planet is a very important link, and
all planets are linked together,
so no planet is uninteresting.
We work on more planets than yours.
We want the whole link to be healthy.
Se the link as a collar of pearls.
Your planet is a very important pearl
and she is also very beautiful and unique.
Yet she needs help, and you know it.
All the pearls in the collar, needs to be attended
and treated with great care and love.
So now we can talk about landmarks!
Because the time is here!
The reality shifts, into the love vibration and
soon all of you will find there is no other way to walk.
So I say for tonight,
I love you,
we love you
we are your family from the universe,
and we know everyone of you,
just you wait and see,

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sananda; You hold the light!

Sunday 10 December 2017, channeling with Sananda;
You hold the light, through Kerstin Eriksson.

I am Sananda
and I love you.
I know of your paths, I know of every little step you take.
And I also know of every time you don’t think you move at all.
There are times, when you think you stand still, and you think you don’t develop.
You develop, when you stand still.
Sometimes you need to be still, very still in your life.
That is when you have the chance to go within of yourself.
That moment of stillness gives you the possibility to work with your inner room.
Sometimes you need quietness, stillness, you need to be in a place,
where you are alone, and no one will knock on your door.
Sometimes you are in a hurry, that is okay, of course, and with that movement you think
you develop, and it is actually the opposite.
When you listen, carefully, to your inner room,
the more you will notice how you follow
the planets ascension,
and the more you will be upgraded in your DNA.
And the more you listen to and take your time to really feel,
your inner room, it will give you positive effects from the fifth dimension and higher.
Your inner process is essential,
it is like a beautiful path, through different landscapes.
You have to trust, you have to have faith, to start walking on that personal path of yours.
This path is in your inner room, and you also need to embrace and love your body,
it is very important.
Breathe the breath of love, breath in love, breath out love.
Love your breath, each breath, it is the lovebreath that makes you complete, whole.
Your guardian angel, breathes with you.
Yes this is the spirit that makes you whole!
God will be guiding you, as well as I will!
The more you love your breathing the more we see the light!
You must be ready to embrace the fact that you hold the light within of you!
The light can only come through the breath of love, when you actually love each breath that you take.
And that you truly love yourself, no matter what you have gone through in your life.
You are very important to us, as you hold the light,
that transforms everything around you into love.
Just know in your heart,
that you hold the light!
Dear friends,
I love you!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Enok; I AM!

I love you dear friends,
I am Enok,
I am very old,
I am before the creation of Earth.
The very creation of your beloved planet
Earth, Gaia, were a symphony of love.
Many creators gathered, an ensemble of different
rays, and qualities!
The big bang was very essential, to the creation
as well as time itself.
Time, Kronos, is also extremely essential, to all
kinds of love.
Now you live on this magnificent and beautiful planet,
and time, Kronos, is working with you and all that is on
There are different times, Earth consists of many delicate
rythms, and timetables.
There is a special rhythm in each seed, in the soil, and there
is a totally different rhythm in for example the poles when they shift.
Where there is a beach now, with delicate sand, there once was
a mountain as high as Mount Everest, and in many millions of years
to come it will shift once again, everything changes, moves, in different
The continents move slowly, you think?
No not so very slow..!
There are even slower movements, and
there are very fast movements as well.
Now I would like to talk about a pace, a rhythm that is highly important!
And that is; your heartbeat!
You have a heart, as well as I have!
That is exactly what makes us ONE.
When all humans desire,
peace and love, only,
all hearts will beat as one
and there will be a dear, long much
awaited synchronisity.
You have heard it before of course and yet
it is of great importance.
Every day, ask yourself, what is your hearts ambition.
In the early morning, at sunrise, the new day is born, a new being,
that has never been before, even you are new..!
When we plant the seed of love, in our wishes each day
Kronos works with you in every aspect, just you wait and see!
Dear friends,
I love you,

Sunday, 3 December 2017

3 Dec-17 Sananda; Recalling your joy and Let there be joy!

Channeling with Sananda, Sunday 3 December 2017
Recalling your love. Let there be joy! Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson

Today, I have to say dear beloved friends, I have a great message to you!
Joy is everywhere, and it is yours to embrace fully!
Joy is a living energy!
Joy is alive, and well, and joy is awaiting your call!
Joy is your best friend!
Joy is a free energy, always full with love and hope and faith!

So would you let go of your joy, voluntarily?
Would you let go of your dearest friend?
No of course not!
But what if I say;

you have forgotten about joy, your own joy, that you had as a child.
You have lost a big bit of your joy, and you have searched for your joy for a long time
and you have only found pieces of it.

Now there is new times!
Now you call upon your joy, and you will find it again.
Even though, it has been kidnapped!

The new fifth dimension upgrade makes this possible.
Now the joy is ready to come back to you,
as your own joy has your DNA code.
All of us have!
Your own joy wants to come back to you, and surround you again as it did when you where young!

Those that have stolen others joy, can no longer do it.
But you have to be alert, and awakened, to realize this,
your part in it, is to call your joy back!

It has to do with the abundance of life,
you have to make a choice,
you have to use your free will,
and to embrace this with your heart!

Your hearts light and love are now intoned with
fifth dimension, and can now recall, the joy, that has been lost for very long.

Joy is a loving energy, and belongs to you, as you once created it!
Joy, misses you, to swirl around you, making your day more happy, filled with more faith, hope and the life in 5 dimension is all about!

So, don’t hesitate, dear beloved friends,
say a prayer for recalling your joy,
I love you

Monday, 13 November 2017

NEW CHANNELING with Zeus; Let there be light!

November 13, 2017 Channeling with Zeus, via Kerstin Eriksson.

Zeus; Let there be Light!

In the beginning...and so on...
Well there is no beginning...and NO END...
It is the perfect illusion.
To entrap you.
If you know there is a beginning, you immediately start
expecting an end?!
Well, I say once again, the illusion is to make you small and cut off from
the true life.
The true life never ends. Your soul is eternal.
You only change your body, your shell, from time to time.
That is the very truth!

You live here on earth right now! And later you live in other places!
For instance in heaven, that is a recreational, very loving
and healing place to be, to make you fully healed.
Heaven is everyone´s home, all is awaited eventually!

There is no hell!
Yes that is true!
Hell is part of the perfect illusion.
To make you feel very small and afraid.
And now I say, well, for the third time, if you have been very bad in this life,
you go to school in heaven.
So, you will have to repeat certain lessons,
that you might have forgot while living on earth, this is true.

There is a school in heaven, where you can repeat, different lessons,
up to going full classes once again.
Depending on how much you have forgotten, here on earth.
I can say some of the worst criminals, never leave school, they stay there.

So, heaven is the place to be!
It is a place to be fulfilled, with joy, healing, love, faith, hope,
harmony and goodness, that God always, provides for us!
All that matters is love!
Heaven on earth is created with you and your hearts love!
That is the greatest lesson, that we can learn while here on earth.
To walk the love road, is the most important road to walk, no matter what!
And God will help you, to do just that if you only pray for it!
Pray to God and God will aid you, always!
The ticket, to be able to say a prayer is FAITH!
Faith is like a wholly connection, like a wire, a beam, a ray of light!
Faith always works together with hope and love!
Faith hope and love is a holy trinity!

Yet if you don’t have faith, the hope and the love will stumble...and you will
begin to wonder why you don’t get in contact with God?!

God is waiting for your call, God always knows what
you are going through, God listens to your call, from your heart!
Your heart is your phone, to call God!
You can phone from wherever you are, always!
You don’t even have to be in a church.
Your body is your church, and your heart is the phone that you call to God with!
So treat your body with great care and love!
And always know that God loves you, and actually always walks beside you, 
just waiting for you!
So you get connected via faith, hope and love,
just by get a perfect connection with God!

The very idea that it is difficult, to be connected with God,
is part of the illusion!
Yes! Of course!
What would happen if all people would get their own connection with God?
It would end all wars, all violence and more.
And that would make you useless, for those who make money out of your separation from God.
Love is a ray, an energy, a beam, a natural living, that is eternal!
Love has no end, and no beginning.

Let there be light, is also part of the illusion.
God never said let there be light.
Light has always been.
The illusion says, that before, the light, it was dark?

What God said was; there need to be a balance between light and dark.

We have day and night, don’t we?!
We have rain and sunshine, don’t we?!
We need a balance!

The dark within Mother Earth, is a very healing dark, very beautiful dark, like a womb!
A holy womb where there is no light.

Well, in a womb you don’t need other light than the light you already have within of you.
All life, have a light of their own! In the mothers womb, there is warmth, and loving water, it is a place to be to develop, to just be safe. In the mothers holy womb, you listen to music!
Your mothers heart is the drum, that give you the first beat!
The babys heartbeat usually corresponds with the mothers heartbeat!

So we need dark, healing and loving dark, in the womb, to heal, just by being here and now!
A place to grow, and heal, without any pressure, just peace and love!

And we already have light, within, as we glow in the dark!

What God meant, was, that, there is time for balance!

Faith hope and love, gives the perfect balance!

We need the night, and we need the day,
and we need the sunshine and we need the rain,
and let there be love and peace everywhere!

I am Zeus and I love you,

God bless you!

Friday, 29 September 2017

My thoughts for today; CITRIC ACID

To make a long story very short;

CITRIC ACID, is it making us ill?

my friend has excluded all CITRIC ACID from her diet, and from all forms of soaps, schampoos and more and now she is free from nut allergy and cat allergy.

She has had these allergies all her life. And now she is well!

I just wonder how CITRIC ACID can be a component in almost ALL FOOD, from cereals to yogurt, to ice-cream, to schampoos, hair conditioners, to body lotions, even in earplugs. Even in blood, in the hospitals, if you need blood.

Today CITRIC ACID is made out of black mold.

E number E330 - E333, E380, E472c och E1505

Citric ACID, exists, in our bodies, and in lemons of course, It is natural.
But today it is made in an other way.

 the mold Aspergillus niger

BLACK in your favorite ice-cream,  and in your jam, and almost
anything you buy in a normal supermarket.

The scientists say there are no traces of the black mold, when the product
is ready, and sold to the market of food manufacturers .

I just ask, why, did my friend get well from these heavy
allergies. The nuts almost killed her earlier.

The cat allergy;  she could never
be in the same room or house or near clothes as anyone wore.

Just take a look at the ingredient list the next time
it is there, everywhere, 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Pleiadians; Throat Activation Treatment!

Hallo! I hope you are ok, and that you have had a nice summer!

I have had a lovely time this summer,
even though there have been a lot of raining here where I live!

The Pleiadians have tought me to ”sing” or chant in a special way this summer!
It has been a practice filled with much joy and love!

Many Lightworkers have problems with their throat chakra
and also their thyroid gland.

I now can now offer you service, and a chance to heal this
irregularity, that needs love, care and healing treatment.

We, I, work as a channel for the Pleiadians, can heal your throat chackra with
Throat Activation Treatment!

It is easy, fun and you feel refreshed!

You will get a personal training program adjusted just for you!

Are you ready to receive healing
are you ready to give this a chance?!

You are dearly loved,
you are beautiful,


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Cetaceans; we love you!

I kiss you
I hold you high
very high!
Do you even know?
Things get in the way
of Love
things get in the way of Faith
and in the way of Hope.
The waves keep coming in
on the shore, and the stones
are being treated, a little bit each time.
They are being rounded, they are being
a little smoother for each wave.
It takes an eternity, thats is how it is...!
The stones are very beautiful, each and everyone.
They are unique, no one is exactly as the other.
Heaven is above, and the blue sky,
looks down on the beach.
The sun gives the water warmth,
and life, so treasurable .
You sit on the beach, all alone, letting the waves
kiss your feet, over and over again.
The wind blows in your hair
and a seagull, sings its tune high in the air.
I am here, always, loving you, and kissing you.
And what you feel, I feel too.
There is no separation!
I feel your loneliness as I kiss your feet,
and I know that you have missed something very important!
You are never alone, ever, I feel you, wherever you are!
We are deeply connected!
You are born from your mothers womb,
and the water
as you lived in is sacred!
The waters are connected, always,
and every water from your mothers womb is
unique, a new creation of love!
The water have a multidimensional
So when you say a prayer
you actually talk to your inner water,
and it is a transmission going further
to all that contains water...!
So we the Ocean
hear your prayers, always
We are so many
we are Orcas
we are Whales
we are Cetaceans and much more
and we come from Sirius
and are here as channelers
for love and respect!
So now we have transmitted a message to you dear channeler!
We love you all!
Good bye for now!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Archangel Gabriel; Lightworkers are Loveworkers!

I am Archangel Gabriel!
I am present today
and I am waiting for your call!

Even though I am always around you,
I will anticipate your call, because
I need your heart to awaken to love.

I am still very close to you, of course!
The difference is when you actually
choose love

You need to be awake, and making a clear choice.

It does not mean, I am not there.

I am, always by your side,
I know all about you, and
what you go through.

You can always cry on my shoulder, in times of need.

So why is it so important for you to be
awakened, and to consciously choose, love?!

Because there are so many other choices!
A thousands and more!

And as you walk on your lifes, path, you
make a commitment to LOVE
or you don’t....

You can not choose before you have awakened...
it takes time to reach this point!

It is a sort of awareness.

One day
you feel you are ready
to follow your heart
and being fully awakened to love!

Then, that day
is a very special day
when I start to holding your hand in mine,
and you can feel,
every step of your walk,
on your new path in life!

From now on, we, me and you
walk together,
on the love path
of your heart!

I love you always,
no matter where you are,
ready or not,
I am always there
by your side,

Friday, 4 August 2017

Intergalactic NEWS August 2017.

Sacred unions are about to happen!
Much more love are soon here!
And yet, negative beings will try and stop this!
As usual!
Just remain in your devotion
to your love core,
your innermost sincereness.
Be ready to aim your love arrow
in the direction you need
and truly love!
That is how you will succeed
in any work, at this time,
the LOVE road,
is THE ROAD now!
Now more than ever
you will feel this,
just be true to yourself
and your love core!

New channeling with Archangel Gabriel!

The stars are above you, always!
The sun is shining each day, no matter if the sky is grey.
The moon walks over the sky at night,
you just have to BE!
You are you, always, so don’t worry!
You are making beautiful patterns
where ever you go!
Don´t hesitate, you are YOU!
And know that you are always loved,
for YOU!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Archangel Faith; My Beloved friends... YOU ARE LOVED!

All is love,
I am Archangel Faith,
and I am always where you are.
I love you.
I work in constellation
with Hope And Love.
It is a trinity.
We always work together.
To have Faith, 
is to have an energy
of the source of Love.
This source originates from the Universe.

True Faith is always LOVING, and CARING
and HOPE, PEACE and RESPECT is also essential foundation stones!

On your planet different faith exists.

I, FAITH, hold my breath at times.

Some earthlings use violence, as something 
they do because of their faith.

That has nothing to do with my essence!
They don’t understand the real FAITH!

The real Faith, is NON VIOLENCE
at all TIMES!

God is my guide
and God has never
said yes to any violence.

There is a great misunderstanding,

Faith, Hope and Love
is the trinity of God.

You humans are living in the universe.
In the universe there is the law of the free will.
Each and everyone has the free will, to choose,
what they do with their own hands...!

God, can’t go against this free will, this law of the universe.

So it is up to you, and your personal choice,
at all times!

So I recommend from my heart
that you always make your decisions
from your heart.

Call on me
call on the holy trinity
Faith, Hope and Love
and we will assist you even more!

We await your call, 
dear beloved friends,
we love you, 
Aa Faith

Archangel Michael; Optimal LOVE, key to ascension!

This is a message from Archangel Michael
170629 through Kerstin Eriksson.

I am and You ARE!
I am Michael
You are very dear to me!
You are riding on the waves of transition
into a greater knowledge
and existance.
It is a powerful evolution.
To get to terms with this energy
the essence is
To LOVE what there is
and RESPECT your own LIFE.
Then you will realize something!
That LOVE is all there really is...!
Everything else is a detour.
To evolve into higher state of being
and embracing new knowledge
is not always easy.
The easiest way is the LOVE way!
When you let go,
with no resistance
to the old.
When you let go of your
old fears,
old blockages
old traumas,
you will find new life, that has always awaited you.
The new really not new at all.
You have been the carrier for this knowledge, light.
And yet, first has to come first!
To enter a new room, and open its door,
you need to close the previous one,
to the old room.
It is as simple as that!
You have been preparing for this,
for ages really.
It might seem like something new
but it is really you coming into yourself now.
You are MEETING yourself!
So through, using your
optimal LOVE
it will be easier to close the old door
and open the new one...!!!
I love you,

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Finders keepers!

Today is a special day!
I write with a sad heart.

Some surely wants to hurt
or start wars...
but I say NO.
Some use, what others do,
they take advantage of others work,
AND then they call it for their own work...

It is sad, to find little respect.

To share is something else!
To share is all about respect!
To share someones work
and clearly state from where it is from, and
who wrote it, that is OK! Very good!

There is a difference, between right and wrong,
and sadly I have experienced it, with threats included.

All I can say is that it is a dead-end,
no light, no friends, are there,
just images of yourself...

You can choose to leave the path that goes nowhere.
Write your own work, you can do it!
Did you ever think you couldn´t???

All that matters is
don’t you agree?!

God bless you!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Archangel Michael; A Crystalline energy update, the software!

So now, my dear beloved friends,
I will tell you about how the work is proceeding.
The crystalline energy is an amazing job to work with
and I work for your beloved Earth, as you call Mother Earth.
As she is your Mother, she now is providing,
the crystalline energies
software to you.
Now we have talked about this many times!
Ground yourself, allow Mother Earth to heal you!
The crystalline energy works as a lovers mirror.
If you enter the love energy and look into your mirror
you will find more love.
And as you now are bathing in the crystalline energy
mother earth will mirror even more to you
on a cellular basis.
If you feel little, it means you don’t connect with Mother.
All, everyone, get the energy of crystalline, it reaches all of you,
and all living beings on Earth.
It all has to do with how you open up to your planet.
How much do you love her?
How much do you care about her?
Can you feel her heart beat?!
This is questions you might have to ask yourself
if you feel that the progress, has slowed down for you!
Everything is connected.
There is no separation.
Love opens up.
Love embraces.
Love cares.
Where do you put your feet every day?
On your mother earth..?!
Grounding and earthing yourself
is essential, to all of your connections
from here and out in universe!
There is no shortcut, dear beloved child of earth.
Look around you, how do you treat you Mother Earth?
And how do you also treat yourself?
Sometimes questions like this is the most important
thing to work with...and as you move into loving her
without any conditions, you will find infinite flow of love
from everywhere and even more places you could ever dream about.
Love Mother Earth!
And love yourself
and your circle will be complete!
Forever yours,
Archangel Michael

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Aurora Report! Mururoa Countdown

"I am Aurora, and I am a part of you and your planet.
Sometimes you see me and you think I am beautiful.
I think you are beautiful too.
I am addressing an important matter!
The islands are my babies!
Mururoa is my baby!
There is a big BUT.
If you look at the time
it is 5 minutes to twelve!
Here in the archipelago
devastating things are happening.
Earth is about to collapse
under the water.
It will create a very big wave of water
spreading around,  a tsunami.
It might look tranquil to the eye,
but it is not.
I am a Goddess
and I have an eye that sees
beyond, an ability you have not yet reached,
in the future you will.
And you will no longer do what you have done...
because you then will regret your actions, when you see
the results.
I see you as my babies too,
you are learning
and I love you!"

The following text is copied from Wikipedia, so you can learn more if you like!

Fernando Pereira (Chaves, Portugal, 10 May 1950 – Auckland, New Zealand, 10 July 1985) was a freelance Dutch photographer, of Portuguese origin, who drowned when French intelligence (DGSEdetonated a bomb and sank the Rainbow Warrior, owned by the environmental organisation Greenpeace on 10 July 1985.
The bombing of the boat had been designed to make the ship unsalvageable. The first smaller bomb bent the shaft, making repair uneconomic. Pereira stayed inside the boat to get his camera and other pieces of equipment. The second, more powerful explosion, designed to sink the boat, caused a huge inrush of seawater that drowned Pereira.
The Rainbow Warrior led a flotilla of yachts protesting against French nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia and was about to depart Auckland for a campaign of legal demonstrations in international waters near the French military operational areas at Moruroa Atoll.

Picture borrowed from Google/Wikipedia

The following text is from Wikipedia, please read more about it there.

Mururoa, and its sister atoll Fangataufa, were the site of extensive nuclear testing by Francebetween 1966 and 1996, as well as the site of numerous protests by various vessels, including the Rainbow Warrior.[4] The atoll was officially established as a nuclear test site by France on September 21, 1962, when the Direction des Centres d'Experimentation Nucleaires (DIRCEN) was established to administer the nuclear testing.[5] This followed with the construction of various infrastructures on the atoll commencing in May 1963. The atoll of Hao, 245 nautical miles (450 km; 280 mi) to the north-west of Mururoa, was chosen as a support base for the nuclear tests and other operations.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Sananda Last Supper!

Dear beloved friend, I love you!
I am Jesus Christ and I am also called Sananda.
Once I lived in Jerusalem, it was many years ago.
And as time is of no importance,
I will speak
about what is!
I had friends, many friends, and those that where the closest
to me, shared the last supper with me!
And what about it really,
of course good friends should be by
your side in times of trouble!?
Maybe that is what is really important?!
Friends! Sharing, a moment in time, and a piece
of bread, a little wine,
every one brought something to the table.
We didn’t go to a restaurant.
We met in a cellar.
A little room, with no windows.
Candles where lit on the table.
Some brought grapes.
Others brought, hummus, cheese,
dates and more.
We had a little fete.
And then we said a prayer!
We took each others hands
creating a full circle!
And we prayed together
and we sang together
and as we did this
we bonded
our hearts.
Our hearts began to beat
at the same rate.
Nothing could ever stop this
unified heartbeat.
We all knew this and we where at ease
as true friends forever!
Time has passed, and yet
we all meet in our prayers
and in our songs.
So please know in your heart
that true friends are forever
and you will always recognize
each other, through time.
Love is the answer!
Love is forever
in your heart!
God bless you!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Faith, Hope and Love!

So what about these very important energies?
Faith, hope and love
always works together!
The energy itself is a ray of three colors.
It is also a form, like a triangle!
It usually is combinated with other energies,
and if you take two triangles and put them together
you have a Merkaba.
You have to envision that the triangle is three-dimensional
and together with another, it rotates at a high speed.
When you look at the rotation, you can’t really say it is
faith, hope and love, it seems to be one and the same energy!
The swiveling is something that is very important.
The very movement is, pure LIFE, and of course
in its essence.
If you have a very trained third eye,
you can see this energy
swirling in the sky, in bright days.
It is a free energy that comes from the source
of love, in the universe.
You can always receive, this energy
at all times.
It is there, always.
The only thing that stopps this
love energy, is fear.
But eventually, it will
go through even there!
Love,  is the
strongest energy
in the universe,
dear beloved,
you just have to
have faith!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lanello, You are where your heart is.

I am Lanello,  and I will not teach you,
I will just say;
You are where your heart is!
So why do I talk about this?
You have a million things to do many times.
That is ok, that is what life is all about.
What I mean is, do you bring your heart
into what you do?
Just checking,
please embrace the very thought and
love each step every day.
I mean, that you should be
aware, of that your heart is important,
and that you feel the presens of joy from your heart.
In other words let your heart guide you!
Let your heart be your light,
to follow in the dark.
Let your beloved heart be your lantern
that takes you safely into port over a stormy sea.
Moving into the fifth dimension, is all about the heart.
The heart has its own intelligence and the blessed knowing you feel within,
and there lays the true you!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Amaroq The Great Wolf Spirit Talks about hunting ground!


Amaroq, a Great Wolf Spirit, and also a
legend in the Inuit Mythology, comes to me and says;

We are tracked, chased and killed.
We get less and less hunting ground.
We kill and eat, the weak animals
and we prevent diseases from spreading.
There is a dark force. Dark hearts. A gang.
A band of individuals that chase us all year around.
They are getting payed. They have the info.
They know where we are, most of the time.
Don´t you ever wonder how?

                                                        (picture borrowed from Google)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Hilarion Evidence of Love!

A very long time ago,
a flame of love
was created.
And this flame split into two parts,
in less than a second,
into two souls.
Yin and yang
are two parts that belong together.
And yet, before these two parts
meet again, after eons of times apart,
they encounter many things to learn.
And after, even more time has passed,
they mature, and start to feel that something
is missing in their lives.
They are now beginning to search for each other!
They are almost completing the full circle.
Where they find their twin flame, their soul aspect
they where created together with.
They feel a strong sense of togetherness as they walk
in life, knowing that the other aspect are already there.
The thing about, finding the twin flame is really about
knowing, the special knowing, and the feeling of never being alone.
The door that needs to be opened to find ones twin flame is
the door to yourself, as you two, are ONE.
So there is no finding the twin flame outside of you!
You always find yourself within of you, and so it is, with your twin flame.
Some find their twin flame in third dimension, yes, but first, it is the inner
knowing, that is showing the way!
I am Hilarion
and I love you!

Friday, 31 March 2017

White Eagle Gathering of the Tribes!

I see you and I know you.
I am always where you are.
I praise every footstep that you take.
You are the ones that are the tribes.
There are both many tribes, and yet
there are really just one tribe!
So all of you, everyone on earth,
belong to the Tribe!
It is all about recognition!
Your heart will guide you
and give you the sense of knowing!
That you are a part of the great tribe of Gaia?!
This great tribe of Earth
is a family!
A family that will grow within.
Within each and everyones hearts, and
from each and every heart, the knowledge comes.
To be sure of finding the knowing within,
please ground yourself each day.
Making your connection stronger!
And please, take your time, it is of great matter
and importance, that you bond with Mother Earth
as she is your beloved Mother.
She is the link! Always!
The feminine part of you must be loved now!
It is really not an issue of gender
but is is a matter of being complete,
round and whole.
Sometimes you wonder how wrong your societies are.
And yet you don’t even think about
that the feminine part in everything is lessened, to a
very small part.
And yet you all walk on Mother, every day!
And not even considering, HER!
To acknowledge that she is a great part of you,
IS VITAL to your life on EARTH.
To embrace the feminine
every day and every night
within and without of you,
is the KEY
to be able to live on earth
and to be able to find
this miraculous garden that she is.
When each and every man and woman
treats Mother Earth with great care and
respect, you will find that there is much love
and also many gifts that she will give you.
There are several gifts of free energy.
There are several gifts of nutrition that
will help globally, as to free clean water and more!
She is waiting for you and your
brothers and sisters to awaken to HER.
She already walks beside you, and she
knows what you are going through
and she loves you even more,
your dear Mother.
She knows about all of your struggles
and your efforts, always!
She light candles for each and everyone
and she says prayers for each and everyone
every day!
She is waiting for the love seed to
begin to grow in everyones hearts,
so that the great tribe of Earth
will rise
as ONE!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Archangel Michael; The new ascension codes!

I am Archangel Michael
and I will speak about the new codes that now is
coming in on Earth!
The new codes comes in,  to every living being on your planet.
Even every seed will get it!
It will be incorporated with your DNA, as soon as your DNA is ready to receive.
So, you already have it!
It is about being ready, to be able to hold it!
It is a process that is taking one step at the time.
It is a loving process.
It is waiting for your own readiness.
You might be accustomed to quick fixes,
and this is the opposite!
I say this because it is a process
that no guru, healer, or shaman
can make go faster on anyone.
It is not about money.
Those that can spend money don’t have
the advantage over anyone.
You have to have faith in yourself now.
Don´t rush away to go on a healing session
that cost a lot of money, if you don’t necessary
want to do it of course!
Please do whatever you like, it is your own choice.
I am just saying
you don’t have to run
to get it.
And you should treat yourself
with great care and give yourself love.
As you stand totally still,
you have it!
It is your own inner process
and you need to have FAITH
in your own being,
in your two feet and
in your heart!
And if you look upon time as your best friend,
allowing yourself to be here and now,
giving yourself respect and awareness in each breath,
you are on the right track!
I love you,
Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael I belong to you and you belong to me!

I am Archangel Michael
and I love you!
I am devoted to serve and protect you!
Yes I have wings, and I can fly!
And it also means metaphorically than I
can move between worlds and universes.
So you might find yourself living in an other world
separate from my world.
The thing is,
I am always where you are
in your world!
You might find yourself totally isolated at times,
from love and caring friends.
You might find that your progress would be further on the way, you feel it is delayed.
You might have found that your personal ascension into the 5 dimension,
has not been as smooth as you have expected it to be.
Please don’t worry, dear beloved friend!
You are moving in the right direction!
You just can’t see it, and feel it at certain times.
I am where you are, and I want to reassure you
that you are on the right track, always!
You are a dear beloved child of God
and I am at your service at all times.
You are blessed
and loved!
Please have faith in love!
Archangel Michael

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Archangel Faith Angel therapy!

I am Archangel Faith
and I love you dearly,
I am devoted to aid you
at all times.
I call upon you to start giving yourself
your rightful healing.
In your heart and mind you imagine
a sphere around you.
This bubble is your sacred healing dome.
Your sphere is your private garden
filled with everything you need to heal
and becoming whole.
You are always safe in your secret garden
of healing, only you can access the area.
You have all the necessary tools and
equipement. It is already there.
You have everything
you need to feel good.
And you feel the heartfelt joy
that this is a natural state for you,
to feel good. And now you are
allowing yourself this,
just imagine,
that is all you have to do.
Take a breath within your healing dome,
and feel it, it loves you, and it will make you well
in every way. You can do it wherever you are.
It is your private space, and it is all about love, as you and your sphere
are one and the same,
and now it is time for you
to see the full circle. It has been there, all the time, waiting for you
and your acknowledgment.
By finding it and embracing this
ultimate healing space, you will find, that it is your best friend
and all you have to do is to have faith in love!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Archangel Faith Garden within!

If you can envision a paradise here on earth
you are on the right track.
She breathes with you
and you breathe with her.
You two are one and the same.
Hand in hand you walk together
as she is your mother.
Fields reach out in the distance
and the horizon meets your eyes.
And so for your inner garden!
It is not only your eyes that see the beautiful
sunrises, and the beauty of your mother.
Your inner garden, your inner beauty is reaching out
to touch her for you need her to be the same as you
in your heart. You walk on earth, constantly, and under your feet
she is. And she is everything that you are.
Your inner garden, is a place to love and care about,
as it is here, from here, that you feel the connection
to her. So together you two, look at the sunrise through
your heart, and you also share the same heartbeat
and your mother is very proud of you,
she loves you!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Archangel Michael; Dear beloveds, there is no time!

I am archangel Michael, and I serve and protect you,
and today I will talk about a subject I know some of you, dear light workers, are conscious about, and you sometimes dwell over what it means. There is no time! What ever your clock shows, you are already in the eternity! Yes of course, you have appointments that you have to go to, and want to go to, and you therefore observe the time, you watch your schedule, and you follow it of course, that is just natural, because, that is the way you do it on most places on your planet. The thing is that you might have sensed the feelings concerning time, and the feeling that there is no time. Well you are right dear beloved.  As there actually is no time, as you are used to look upon time, and that you also have been used to for your entire lives, this is something that I will teach you about. When you feel these feelings, like a sort of void, or maybe like endlessness, and maybe a kind of sense of a stillness, that is the first feelings that come to you! Then you will find out, that there are no stillness, there are much movement, and a very joyful life, in this new concept of no time. This is a reality for you who are plunging into the fifth dimension and the vibrations that it has. Just relax, you will get used to it. It is actually all about switching over to another reality, another dimension, and another way to live consciously. This new sense of timelessness, and feeling the new dimension, the new life, is a process every living being is going through. But not all know about it or should I say feel it. Some will know about it in their next life here on this planet. They are not ready yet. The past years, has been about letting go of the old. It has also been about making a path into the new dimension. It has been much like tidying a room. It is nicer to bring a guest into a clean room, and yet this guest is here to stay. This is your new life, and the more you live in the precent, the more you will find, that the way to walk, and the direction that you choose in your heart, will be enlightened, more and more, and you will fill your life with a loving heartfelt devoted tranquility, and you will feel that you are a loved for who you are, and that you are welcome to the fifth dimension!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

White Eagle The Magical gathering will lift you up on your feet!

Early in the morning
the mist is dancing over the fields, 
and the sun is rising slowly, 
and yet the secrets of the night
still is breathing over the landscape.
Eyes are being opened, more and more
as the sun is shining with warmth, 
and the light is making everything that you see becoming more clear.
Soon, the shadows, are just a memory, that belonged to the
heartbeats in the dark, 
something necessary and much of a puzzle.
It is easier to see when the light has come in, as it is meant to do.
No one can stop the light from coming in. 
All the shadows must choose now, for the wind has changed. 
The seeds have been waiting for a long time, a very long time.
And you can be sure that they have been waiting for a good reason. 
All this time in the dark, have made them so strong, 
they have learned everything there is to learn.
And they are not afraid of anything. 
They know, that this time was coming, 
when the light was to return, 
after eons of times in the dark. 
They just didn´t know exactly when, but they have sensed it, for a long time. 
The seeds are extremely competent, in their own unique fields of expertise.
So the mist that dances, is a sight you have been waiting for, 
as it is the wake up call, that the time has finally come. 
All that need settling will be settled. 
It is time for the true voices to be heard. 
The bow has finally found the right arrow. 
This arrow does not kill, 
this arrow brings truth and the end to ignorance. 
This arrow brings joy and will mark out for you that your family loves you and needs you! 
You have this voice, 
and you await the voices of your ancestors that is also here, 
waiting proud, 
with eyes open, 
waiting for you, 
and your seed, 
as every breath makes you grow.
So be proud, of you, and your voice, and your seed is much awaited and loved,
and the magical gathering, will lift you up on your feet, 
as you have not yet walked before
only crawled.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Aikido, the way to walk...?!!

I will talk about, AIKIDO, as it is a way of life!
I guess you know a lot of KI already!
Yes ki, is the energy, that flows through you and everything
and is surrounding you at all times.
Then there is, AI, unifying, first yourself, with care
and love, and then you can work together easily with others.
And then there is DO, that is the path that you, then, choose, to
walk, when you have gathered, unified, yourself, and your energy!
It is a process, to work with your inner life, garden, in the first stages,
in finding out, all there is to know about yourself, so you are perfectly
in coherence, with yourself. And it starts with you closing your eyes!
The first steps, to living the Aikido way, is with closed eyes.
You need not see, for now, you will feel, and use other senses.
Your eyes does not always do you so much good. They tell you long stories.
And you are busy doing other things! The path to Aikido, is actually a very interesting
path, because, you will love, each step on the way. You do not only wish to be complete and ready,
fully trained, you need to actually love every step that you take. Every step, is valuable, without the steps, you will not get there...! You will know the AIKIDO way of living, when you also LOVE each step of your life, and you cherish all that is you, then you can start training yourself, without seeing...! The key to your inner garden goes through your heart, and with it you can begin to really open up, and unfold yourself as the beautiful flower you are! So I say Aikido, is a way to walk in life, as there are many ways to walk, many choices, that lies before you. The Aikido way is the true way to walk as you must work with your heart, always!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sirius talks about Beluga, white whale!

I am Sirius
I am Beluga
I am Ocean
I am Water
and you my dear friend
are Water
are Earth
are Air
are Sun.
Well, we are much a part of the very same,
that we call LIFE,
we are here
in the oceans
and we know you.
We know more than you can ever believe,
at night we look at the same stars as you do, 
and yet we know about our connection, with
Sirius, we know we have come down, to learn
how to be, and live, in the oceans of Earth.
It has been a great lesson for us and we still learn
very much. The first lesson that we learned is that
in the beginning we did not even notice the water.
Water was so natural for us, so we did not even 
know about it until a little bit later. And this was a very long
time ago! What I try to say is that you live in air, ether, and
this is a very important environmental aspect, that some of you
have not yet grasped, the essence of, as it affects you in many ways.
Air, ether, is a living being, as some of you call holy spirit! And what I will say
about this is, how you go about in your lifestyles, without loving your breath.
As you begin, to love your breath, every little breath, that is when you fully
acknowledge, your air, ether, as a loving friend, because you can not live
on land without loving your element, air, that you breathe, every single day of your
life. It is the same, that we, the Cetaceans, did ourselves in the very beginning...and the
insight, the inner knowledge, is awakening more and more as your DNA is awakening
according to the light that is coming in to your planet now. We think your religions have confused  you.
The holy spirit, is not meant for a priest, or for some especially chosen person. The breath is actually something that makes whole. It is very healing to love the breathing, because it makes you complete!
It is meant for all of you! You are all in it! And we, the Cetaceans, we are all in the water! No one is excluded! So I say, dear friend, love your breath, as it it your best friend!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Jesus Christ Sananda; When loving each breath, love is all!

Remain in the wonder of love!
I salut you, dear beloved child of Earth,
you are making an impact wherever you go,
in the name of love! The patterns are awaited
and very beautiful! When you breathe, with love,
your breath becomes the holy spirit, and this we see, from far
and very near! When you love each breath you take, that
is when you make the very most, in the name of love,
even if you are alone, in as you think, in a remote place.
By loving yourself, and loving each breath,
as a loving dear friend,
you open up to the universal heartbeat of love, as you share
with so many souls! Actually you are never alone, the universal
breath of love, is a pattern, that reaches very far out from your planet!
Loving each breath is the power of love and
is very simple to do, so I say,

Archangel Michael; Ready to go!

Dear friends,
you have walked along a special road.
You, yourself are very special!
You know you are unique,
and you have in your lightworker
mission, walked the most odd roads
to learn, to spread light
where there are little or no light.
It has been no dance on roses!
And yet your heart, that is divine, a long
with all of you, can do no other thing!
It is more than a mission, it is YOU!
YOU ARE LIGHT. And you feel in the
core of all that is you, that you can never
stop this mission. And now there is a new road
appearing, that has never been before!
And what am I talking about?
I am talking about, recognition!
The new road is all about you
recognizing YOU, for now you can
see all the colors, within the light!
In the light, you now can see all the colors of the
rainbow! And each color, is representing all the
brothers and sisters that are light workers too!
You can see more clearly, who they are!
And together with them you build even stronger
light. Now it is time to build, together, with the rays
that ARE light. You will build teams, and work together,
in different constellations. You might have felt alone as being
a lightworker, even though you have met others, and felt them as a
family, and yet, you have felt at times as a "lone wolf". And this is actually
for your own education, to observe and learn. Now this new road is all about
interaction! No more lone wolf! You are fully learned now! You will find your lightworker
friends to work together with now, they will appear, more and more clearly.
It is all about peace on earth, and it is all about love on your beloved planet!
So the new road lies before you, and we the archangels, are standing with you
always guiding you on your new path, and we are ready to go together with you,
whenever you are ready!
Always together with Faith, Hope and Love,
blessings to you,
Archangel Michael

Friday, 10 February 2017

Koi have wings! The power of transformation!


The power of transformation!

In the sea of silence
you hear very little.
And you need not hear
for here you are!
Like a paradise
like a womb
you are safe!
Then one day
you are ready.
This day, is the day
when you feel
that you are
ready for the next step.
You are ready for the step
to go beyond,
to let go,
to go where
only your imagination
has taken you before.
And you take a deep breath
for the first time
and you breathe,
and you notice
that on both sides of your body
now there is a pair of wings.
And with the first breath, the wings
are unfolded, and they immediately
start to make you fly!
And you look down
and you see the sea of silence
that you love, and always will love 
for it has
 carried you
for eons of time
and you say to yourself
you will return to always remember
where you came from.
From my blog 

(Borrowed picture from Google, Pond & Koi Foods)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Channeling with God; I am and you are love!

I am God, and I am.
You are, because, you are love!
You are love, because you are made, with love,
you are a creation of love!
Once upon a time,
very long time ago,
I and several other creators
had a meeting!
We talked and shared
a beautiful idea that we would like
to create something very beautiful!
And my friends that created together with me
are, faith, hope, love, joy, gratitude and more
positive creators! So we got started and we
created something very beautiful, and the joy was great!
The creation was a process, that has taken very much time!
And when you look upon time as, a dear friend, a very dear loving friend
you might feel in your heart that, all is well!
And love, the very energy that amongst the other positive energies, is one energy that you should take into consideration, as you ARE CREATED with this energy, so dear beloved child, never forget
that you are a big part of love, and you always will be!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sananda; Envision Love

Have your mind set on love!
I am Sananda, and I will talk about, how you manifest love!
When you have your mind set on LOVE, you manifest love!
All is energy!
Every little thought!
Every feeling is energy in different patterns, colors and rhythms.
So you then understand, automatically, that the more you are, dear beloved brothers and sisters , the more you are, who is feeling good, and feeling true
hearts joy, the more, you are about to manifest,  love, as a creation!
Just as when you say a prayer, from your beloved heart, you manifest good loving magical things to happen!  So I say envision LOVE, as it is the natural thing to do, just as it is natural to
embrace gratitude, and loving each breath that you take
as you are a beloved part of me, my dear brothers and sisters!

Mary Magdalene; Walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!

I am Mary Magdalene and I will say
that I am very old! I am an old soul that
has seen many things, and my knowledge
says;  Always walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!
Earth is your Mother, no matter how you look, or where
you are from, a city or the country!
It all starts with her, and it comes down to her at all times!
If you are about to start an enterprise, ask yourself, what would
Mother Earth think and feel about this? Is this product that you would
like to produce and sell, is that something that does not hurt
Mother Earth in any way!? Mother Earth welcomes your new
inventions, and even more so she welcomes when you have thought
your product through totally! Mother Earth welcomes you as you are
making your product environmentally friendly, all the way,
up to when it is thrown in the bin, as it then is recyclable!
There is great joy, in finding you in your processes, in
wanting to create new good products, that is making a positive
change for human life on your beautiful planet!
Mother Earth is a great garden and she loves when you
make an effort to not hurt her, she appreciates when you feel in your hearts that is is of great importance not to disturb the natural flows of life. For every heart that awakens to the very fact
that your Mother needs a lot of tender love and care, the closer you get to be able to
walk in a paradise! So she is about to make a loving statement
about those who cares with their hearts, in this process,
and she will premier, give bonuses to them! She knows!
She is very intelligent! She is very old! She is the wisest of all!
Embrace her and love her, as she embraces you and loves you
as you walk hand in hand with her in her beautiful green grass!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Archangel Faith; Beautiful Prayer!

I am archangel Faith,
I love you and I embrace you, and I hold you to my heart always!
You are beautiful!
I would like to talk about The Prayer!
Or should I say:
You are a beautiful prayer!
Your Mother Earth is round!
And you have day and night!
The prayer only lasts
for 24 hours!
As the sun rises in the early morning
the new day is newborn!
The new day is like an empty sheet!
This day has never been before!
So if you like, you can welcome the new day, with a prayer!
And like the farmer, that plants the seeds in the field.
You sow the seeds for the entire day to come, straight from your heart!
You do like the farmer does and you plant the seeds!
Your prayer is the seeds for the day and lasts
until the next sunrise the following day!
Don’t forget, you water your seeds, and you give love to your seeds
each day, by saying your prayer, and making your heartfelt wishes grow!
Planet Earth, your Mother, is round and as you now are remembering the duality
you live in, day and night, day and night, the praying part of your life is getting more circular, round and hopefully, repetitive!
By holding your palms and fingertips together
if possible, is the best way of contacting God!
Your fingertips are unique for YOU, and no one else have them!
And the fingertips are also little, miniature lanterns of light! And
you actually connect, your entire body into one circuit, by holding your hands together.
It is very physical! This enables good, God, contact! Just remember God always
hear you at all times, even if you don’t hold your hands and fingertips together,
just so you know, dear beloved!
Those that are unable, and does not have hands or fingers, have extra angel help, always!
If you lack a body part, your angel will give you the sense of that it is still there,
because God always want you to know that you are complete anyway!
So, I say, dear, how about saying a prayer?!
Anyway, you are beautiful and you are welcome to pray whenever your heart is ready!
God bless you,

Archangel Michael; The adventure has started!

I am archangel Michael,
and I am a part of the
Galactic Service
throughout the universe!
I serve and I protect, and my
family, is a family coming from
the Eagle tribe on the Pleiades!
Many thousands of years ago
I visited Earth, and men and women
noticed me as they sat by the fire
looking up in the dark sky seeing
the stars! They then started calling me
their sacred spirit, the Eagle!
As I have been around for a very long time
I say, get up and stand up for your rights!
Sing your song of freedom now, don’t wait!
I am always with you,
protecting you as I always have!
Some say I am a part of the galactic police squad!
And I say, yes, that is right! We work in many dimensions,
worlds, and planets. We always work where we are especially needed!
And we never leave until the job is finished!
We work diligently until faith, hope and love
and peace are totally reached and manifested
through out the entire planet, Mother Earth!
We are very patient, and we work along sides you,
and if you like, we walk hand in hand with you as you
are about to embark an adventure!
These times are an adventure and a progress towards
peace, on this planet!
In this special moment in time
I want to say; know how loved you are!
And you are the beautiful green grass
that now has grown up to actual flowers!
Each straw of grass has turned into very beautiful, unique flowers,
all in different magical colors, that no human eyes have ever seen before!
Know in your heart how many you are! Know in your heart how many sisters and brothers
you have throughout the planet!
And you are all needed, and you are all magnificent and unique
and the adventure is
the path, we walk together, hand in hand towards peace on Earth!
I am Michael, and I serve God
and Faith is my Love and lantern!

Kali; I am a caretaker for Earth!

Through endless love
I call to you
as I am where you are!
I hold life in my womb
and I am a caretaker for Earth,
your Mother.
The spark of love comes through the womb
of the woman, the feminine energy, and is a
holy energy! All the feminine energy
is a broad network throughout the entire universe
as you know it! Women are weavers, and the feminine
energy is like a very big woven quilt, made with
very delicate energy, as faith, hope and love! All women
are in contact with all other women in the entire universe.
There is no end to the love,
and there is no end to faith and hope
for every being that embraces the feminine energy
and loves women and protects her and keeps her safe!
I love you,

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

ATON talks about rays and Family of Light!

I am Aton.
I walk with you.
I see the ray in you
and I need to say;
do you know that you
are sheer light
and that your light
is visual from very far away!?
I think you doubt it many times,
because where you are there are not
so very easy to be many times.
And therefore you seem to forget this,
as it is very easy mathematics and logic.
There are many things, essential things
I can teach you about your ray and how you
can learn more about it and how you can
learn how to maneuver it! It can be used to
healing, and manifesting love, everywhere
you need, where you feel there is a special need,
where there are very little of this, important life essential energies.
On earth at this time you are many rays. And each and everyone of you
are so important! You make a special pattern, that is notable very far away
and the response is grand! Your pattern is a call! Your light and ray pattern
is a call to all of your ancestors! And we all respond!
We all come in peace and love!
To aid you dear beloved on your journey on earth.
We, your family of light are ready to assist you
whenever you call upon us!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Saint Germain; Precious love!

Over the hills and far away,
and yet very close, 
I am Saint Germain and I serve you!
We love you and we always walk beside you, 
even in your loneliest days.
You might feel that there are 
turbulent days and nights
and you can feel vibrations and 
energy that does not always feel 
totally comfortable to you!
It has to do with shedding,
it is actually a balancing act!
Through this chaos, clarity will come!
It is like Phoenix the bird, a rebirth 
that is taking place! 
Love will prevail, have faith in that!
Be focused, on gratefulness, and true hearts joy and
you will balance yourself easier! 
Never think for a moment that you are alone,
we walk beside you! 
We know it is pivotal times
and you are the ones that walk before us doing
more work than you can ever imagine!
You are making Mother Earth a more loving place to be
at this moment, and her ascension as well as every living beings walk
towards a higher dimension, is a work you are very well acquainted with!
You are doing it! You are doing this work as a lightworker and you are
so precious to us, you do this work with love from the core of your heart,
and we love you, dear precious!

Archangel Michael; You hold the light!

I am archangel Michael,
and I will talk about
a very important matter
that is highly relevant in this new era!
As you walk about and do your beautiful things,
there are some things that you have not payed your full
attention to!
And with this I mean;
You hold the light!
Night as well as daytime!
24 hours and 7 days a week!
And this might seem like something
you are already well acquainted with, perhaps,
but I want to really emphasize that
I hope you know how important you are
and wherever you go, wherever you BREATHE
and wherever your heart beats, you hold the light!
It might seem like a silly thing for me to tell you,
as you are a lightworker and you are already aware of this
but you have actually no idea what I really mean!
It has to do with your own awareness, your own vision on how
important you are!
You are carrying YOUR light, that is very unique
and that this planet need a lot!
The more aware you are, the more your light glows
in the dark!
You make light patterns wherever you go!
So the more you really know about your own
uniqueness, the more aware you are of yourself
and your own special purpose here on Earth
the more your unique light will shine!
Many are waiting for your light,
as they are about to awaken!
You as a lightworker has been on this planet many times,
and this time is no difference, you know it is a job, a work, that always
need a soulful and loving devotion, to unfold itself like a
beautiful rose, waiting to blossom fully in all its beauty!
So dear friend, keep on living, loving and taking
yourself seriously because
you hold the precious light!