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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Sananda; The Shekhinah

I am Sananda and I will speak about something important today!
I love you very much and I really care about you!
I want you to feel good, as good as you possibly can!
And I know about God! 
God is very important to how you feel in your heart!
God is always with you no matter what happens on the outside of you, when you have faith in God you can feel his presence.
Things can shake you up in your life and now God is with you even more, even if you feel weak and experience loss of faith.
As soon as you find your faith again you will 
find that God was never gone!
Temperance is the way to go! 
It will give you the sense of balance! 
And in the balance you will find, joy, peace, patience!
Sometimes in life, having patience is one of 
the most important things you can have! 
Patience is a gift!
Yes of course you want everything to be fixed right now, 
and you have a hundreds of ideas, and new projects 
that you are thinking about to start!
Just see it like this; 
if you start something, ahead of time, then it might not be as successful, as you had anticipated, so just relax and do not worry, the right time will come eventually! 
Just hold on, and remain in your heart, where you always find God and his love and devotion for you! 
I love you,

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Mother Mary; The secret to Movement of Light!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Today I will talk about light!
Light is so very much! 
Light is knowledge and light is also healing!
When I teached you the yoga yesterday, you asked me, 
why do I have to do the movements so slow? 
And I said, well that is because your movements are light, 
they create light. 
The movement itself creates light and in this light there is knowledge about healing your body and aura!
And I told you to do your movements even slower than you did and you asked me, why even slower? 
And I responded to you, because your body holds information, in every millimeter, from the time you were born up till today.
Your own body is light too! 
And when you move slowly, very slow, this light meets your body´s light and you receive healing.
This is why yoga is healing, or why qi-gong or tai-chi is healing!
The slower you move the deeper healing you receive!
Movements are positive to your health!
It is not only that you move your body, 
it is the light you create as I just explained, but it is even more!
You create ripples around you, in the eter! 
Ripples, waves, that spread around you!
The eter helps you with the healing and receives healing itself, and shares it around you!
It is all about love, and it is all about sharing! 
It is all about gratitude, in receiving healing and also sharing it!
So please do slow loving movements everyday, and I will gladly help you, just say so!
I pray for you always, and I love you,
Mother Mary

(This is a channeling with Mother Mary "The secret to Movement of Light" 4 of August 2020, through Kerstin Eriksson www.archangelfaith.blogspot.som)