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Monday, 14 September 2020

Kartikeya; The voice within.

All I need to know is that I am.
And yet my name is Kartikeya.
All you need to know is that you are loved, very deeply.

The voice within is always loving, it is a gentle whisper.
No matter what happens on the outside, it is the inside that really counts.

Love is eternal, it is an energy that is so old that the beginning is invisible. 
Love is a round energy, it includes, it embraces and it leaves no one.

You have to be strong to be able to protect love, many entities want to destroy love. 
Love will win of course anyway, because it is eternal, but it will take longer time to heal what has been destroyed.

Time will help love, always, they are a perfect match. Some say I am a war god, and that is true, in the sense that I defend love, and fight those that hinder love.

A perfect balance between the elements will give you the best possible ground to stand on to defend love!

Seek inside of you, never outside. The outside will mirror the inside. Create a balance within and you will be one of my disciples.

I am the supervisor of the army of love! We defend love, and some say we are warriors. All we want is peace and prosperity to the people of Earth. We see that all is sacred. We see that all living beings have a soul and a higher purpose.

I love you,

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Archangel Michael; Be ready for love!

I am archangel Michael and I am about to say; I love you, you are really something!
Look at you, you are still standing after all that has been going on.

You are so much stronger than you can ever believe, and yet you hesitate, when you think of yourself and what you do on this planet!

And the thing is, you do it yourself! You are so strong that you actually row your own boat now, with both oars. Sometimes you think you get supernatural help, going through difficult passages in your life, but no, you do it on your own, with both hands!

Yes! Of course I am there with you at all times! I know what you do! But you have the instinct to check over your shoulder, to get confirmation, that you indeed get help? But no! You do it on your own!

You have grown! You have matured! You are not a child or even a teenager anymore, when it comes to the term lightworker, you are an adult now!

And you do notice it, don´t you? You get more information on daily basis, and it makes you very aware of what is going on.

I am very proud of you! You have really brought in a new era, a total transformation for new torchbearers to carry for the future.

That is what you do, you transform, so that others that comes after you, will met a ground that has already been plown, and their work will be a little easier to do, they will need less time to work it out, than you had. You went down and you were very thorrow and each detail are something you know a lot about.

You have made it easier for the next generation to set sails as they will need to do!

And this is how it works! All those before you, did the same for you! Everything you do, has been worked through earlier, so it has been a little easier for you to work with.

You are all transformers, making the path easier for the next person, the next soul, the next generation. By working your way through time, planting more and more seeds of love, hope, faith, joy and grace and more positive energies, making sure more and more seeds will begin to grow in the future.

I just need you to envision yourself as a master, your true you! You are a master and you have been all along! You had this lifetime as an assignement, that you did not even have to do! You have already lived all your lifes on earth, you had already learned everything, and you did not have to be re-born once again on Earth, but you choose to be! For the sake of love! For the sake of hope and faith!

No one said it would be easy! You knew from the task shedual that it would be difficult. But as you were newborn all memories were gone. And that is how it is on Earth, the life on Earth means that you already have a caracter, a soul that are giving you hints, feelings about what is right for you. The thing is you wrapped it up! Everything is fine! Enjoy! Be proud of who you are! Feel your own strenght and admit it, it is your own doing, your own accomplishment!

Embrace yourself totally, and realize what you are, who you are!

Love yourself, and be ready for love!

I love you,

Archangel Michael