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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Love love and more love!

❤When someone reaches out their hand to you  -  do you take it?
Why do I ask?
Sometimes life is a mystery!
Sometimes life offers a cryptic message or road to you.
Sometimes you can´t see your road and where you put your feet.
And you don´t know where your destination is.
When you are puzzled, do not haste into something new.
Be patient, have faith.
Love every breath, at this very moment.
That is all you need!
Love is all you need!❤❤❤

8,848 m Holy Mother

Tibetan natives called it Chomolungma, meaning "Goddess Mother of Mountains,"

The Tibetan name is Qomolangma (ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ, lit. "Holy Mother

Nepali: Sagarmatha सगरमाथा; Tibetan: Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ; Chinese: Zhumulangma 珠穆朗玛

Sagarmāthā is a Nepali word derived from सगर् sagar meaning "sky" and माथा māthā meaning "head".

This is Mount Everest and there is naturally many local names for HER. For me she is holy and she has a wide and deep spiritual meaning. To mount or lay under is a male way of conquering the female energy? 

The picture is a loan from Wikipedia, thank you!

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Archangel Gabriel; Love will win because LOVE IS!

Do you know what love really is?

First I will say, the love I talk about is the sort that makes you complete. 

The love I talk about is healing, the love I am speaking about includes and embraces.

The love I am trying to describe to you already knows, about all the troubles you have gone through.
The energy that I call love has no time, has no boundaries,  IT IS.
So I say LOVE IS!

And what does this really mean? It means that you don´t have to worry! You don´t have to calculate anything. You don´t have to plan, to connect with love, with God. Love IS. That is the kind of love I am talking about. And no matter if you have faith in love or not, love is there for you always. 

And how can I be so certain of that?

You are the very essence of love! I am too. All on this beautiful planet is. Love is the prime energy when the great souls rounded up to create this planet. Love is the very energy that is woven into our beings.

When you live without love, you feel empty, and lost.

When you choose to embrace love within yourself, you will find that this is how you are meant to feel at all times. It is a heritage for all on this planet. You just have realize it and make a personal choise. But even if you don´t do that, love is there anyway trying to make contact with you over and over again until you understand in your heart.

Love is very old, it is forever. It has no beginning and no end.
Love IS.
I love you,
Archangel Gabriel  

( Archangel Gabriel; Love will win because LOVE IS- A channeling through Kerstin Eriksson