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Friday, 1 May 2020

Mary Magdalene; I am always here with you!

My dear friends I am Mary Magdalene and I love you!
I am always here with you!
And how can I be so sure of this?
You have to follow me in my way of thinking;
I am a ray.
I am an energy that is like the photons, they go through everything, and nothing can stop them.
They go through everything no matter if it is day or night.
My energy comes from the very source of love!
So you can rely on me at all times!
There is only one thing I need for you to be aware of;
and that is about an energy called fear.
This energy hinders love, for a little while, and then love will get through.
So if you for a short time feel low in energy, you feel afraid, and it might feel as the sun is hiding behind dark clouds.
Then you must know in your heart, that soon the sun will shine again.
And you must know that soon you will feel me again, it is about your fear dear!
I am with you even if you feel fear.
But it is you my dear that can not feel my presense.
Rely on love, rely on me, because I am always with you
and I am always waiting for you to find me again.
Just have faith in me,
I love you,
Mary Magdalene

(1 May 2020, This is a channeling with Mary Magdalene through Kerstin Eriksson on

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Mother Mary; Gratiarum actio!

My dear friends I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Today I will speak about something different!

Pick a color!

Yes pick a color that you like and think of it!

And why do I say this?

Think about a person that you love, and hold that thought and feeling in your heart!

Have you ever loved a kitten or a puppy?

Or another pet?

Feel the love for this friend and hold that thought in your head and that feeling in your heart!

Do you have a roof over your head, and a bed to sleep in at night?

Have you eaten anything today? What was it?

Have you seen the roses outdoors and have you seen the beautiful butterflies that fly around in the sunshine?

Have you ever seen a rainbow a rainy day when the sun suddenly appears?

Today I talk about gratitude and what you have in your life that you are grateful about!

Grace gives us all the gift of being grateful, and it is a beautiful state of mind to be in,
because gratitude heals you.

Gratitude is a divine healing instrument.

Be grateful for what is in this very moment!

Feel the love for your friendships!

Cherish the love you feel for your family!

Say grace to your beverage and your food.

It will give you healing, to your mind and body!

Do it every day, because the sun gives us a new day - each morning.

Every day is newborn, like a baby, and when you are grateful that you can see the sunrise and embrace the new day with open arms, that is when you are on the right track!

Please believe in me, I always pray for you!
And I love you always,
/Mother Mary

(This is a channeling with Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson,

Monday, 27 April 2020

Sananda; I believe in you!

Dear beloved friends I am Sananda
I am here for you always!
Do you think I am perfect?
Do you think I am done with learning about my own path?
I have walked many roads, to be where I am today,
I have felt every feeling.
The universe is evolving and expanding
and so are you!
You are constantly learning new important matters about yourself and your path
in life here on Earth.
No one is perfect!
No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn.
There is no end to learning!
Not even the most popular guru is fully learned!
The keys to walk the path to development, inner knowledge, the Light,
is to be fully compassionate to every step that you take!
You are on a journey.
Your life is a journey!
With an open mind and open heart you can realize that you are indeed travelling.
When you love each breath and when you have faith in each step of your path,
you will surely reach enlightenment!
Please bring JOY.
Don´t forget to feel your joy as you walk!
Let your joy be your travelling companion.
And there are more ingredients that are necessary!
Faith, hope and love of course!
And even more!
Sometimes you feel, that you are just struggeling, and you don´t feel that you move forward?
Well I have also struggeled! And I have felt exactly the same!
Sometimes we stand still for a reason. A very good reason!
It is like an incubating time, a moment in life where you grow,
and there after it is time to move again.
It is a natural part of your journey!
It is a special time for you to develop in,
before you choose direction and there are many paths.
So let there be joy and love each step that you take!
Look into your heart and feel gratitude for each breath that you take!
Through the loving vibration of grace and gratitude doors are being opened.
Sometimes when you think that you are just struggeling,
you have forgotten about having faith in yourself.
You have the keys, but at these moments you can´t see them.
So embrace grace and gratitude and realize that you have what you need
and that is you dear!
I love you and I always walk beside you, no matter if you are standing still or not!
I am Sananda
and I believe in you!

This channeling is re-blogged from 2018-01-18,, 

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Archangel Michael; You are legends!

I am Archangel Michael and I am very glad to be able to share words here to you!

You my dear friends, you are legends!

You as a Lightworker have been determined to be here on Earth in this important time!

You literally have to go through the eye of the needle!

You hold the light, and you carry it with you, you cherish it like a dear child as a much loved baby.

You know what is important, you carry this wisdom with you from the stars where you where born as a soul.

That it is extra turbulent times right now is actually something that makes it more interesting for you as a Lightworker!

The very complexity of the development triggers your curiosity as this being you are from the stars, that have come here to earth time after time, to share your knowledge.

You are now waking up to the experience that each and everyone of you carry specific and detailed information that is vital to your life on Mother Earth!

To feel the flow of Mother Earth and to be able to hear her, and to be able to feel her love and her healing, is also vital to your life on Mother Earth!

You realize you are a Terran, a Gaian, a child of Mother Earth, and what does a child do?

A child looks at the mother, listens to the mother and then imitates what the mother does!

So now you will start bonding with Mother Earth, your Mother that gives you everything!

And when you reach her, you will find out that she has just as much of a soul as God has,
and that she loves you just as much as God does!

You will actually find out that you have missed her all along, and that her new presense will balance you in a way you did not think was possible.

You will become whole and complete with this love from Mother Earth, much awaited and longed for!

For now you can stop the endless search of something to fill a part of you that was filled with a certain emptiness and sorrow.

So look no further for you are already home, you are already where you should be,
just feel your feet, love every footstep that you take and love her, Earth, your dear Mother!

I love you,
Archangel Michael

Mother Mary; Whenever you need me!

I am Mother Mary, I am very old, and I love you very much!

You do not have to worry, I know you!

If you feel that you need me, I am always there with you!

I am one step ahead of you!

I know before you know it!

I am sitting next to you, before you realize you need me and I am already waiting for you to feel me!

There is never any coincidence, just lay yourself in my hands, and I will hold you to my heart!

You are my children, and I care about everyone!

I hear your prayers, I hear you whispers!

I love you very much, and please have faith in me!

/Mother Mary