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Friday, 3 April 2020

Mother Mary; Sanctuary at heart!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
There are things I have not spoken about yet!

I will tell you a story today about something that happened a long time ago.

Once there was a little town, and in that town there was a church.

People went to the church each Sunday, they sat in the benches and listened to the priest.

Just as people would do anywhere where there was a church.

A few days before the coming Sunday a young girl went ill, and she had to stay home and lay in her bed. She had a fever and a cold, she sneezed a lot.

And the Sunday arrived and she had not recovered so she knew she could not come to the church.

She was very sad over this. The sun was shining and the Sunday had come.

She could hear the churchbells ring, and she could hear people talk in the street below her open window.

Her parents came into her room and said that they would pray for her in church, they where sad she could not follow them there.

It was spring, it was warm out and her window was left open.

So she looked out through her window from her bed and she whished she could be there in the church because she wanted to pray to Jesus, and she missed him very much.

She was tired and she fell a sleep. Then she woke up and looked at the window again and there sat a white dove on the window frame.

She was amazed because she had just had a dream about a dove, a white dove.
And she had felt a loving presence in her bedroom, she felt a divine presence that gave her love from heaven.

She started to pray, she prayed to Jesus and thanked him for not forgetting about her.

She thought that being in church was something that Jesus commanded, and if you did not go there he would forget about you.

She felt a much deeper love for Jesus after this happening because she knew he would never abandon her if she did not go to church every Sunday.

She went up from her bed to close the window and she looked out to try and se the dove once again, but she could not see it.

As she had closed the window she looked down on the wooden window frame and there were words incarved very beautifully in the wood, it said;

Your heart is a sanctuary!

And she began to cry of joy, because she really knew what it meant.

And she really felt the strongest love for Jesus after this happening and she continued to go to church to meet friends, but she did never felt bad over if she missed church sometime.

I love you,
Mother Mary


Thursday, 2 April 2020

Mother Mary; I am always with you!

Dear beloved friend I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

I would like to talk about a very important thing today!

How much of the day do you worry?

How big part of the day do you do something positive?

I am not trying to point out that you are doing anything wrong, or not logical.

I am just trying to draw your attention to, your worrying, and I must ask you if you think it adds something good in your life?

I know this question might be quite arrogant to you, but I really have to make you awake to the fact that, your worries, even if they are legit, they do not do you any good at all.

Give yourself a treat! Take care of yourself, by not worrying!

Maybe you can not change very much outside of you, in your community.

What you can do on the other side is to make sure that you have peace on your inside,
in your heart!

Let your own light shine in your heart and do not take in the negative vibrations
that circle around, let go of negative thinking, and follow Jesus and his love and joy!

Heaven and the higher councils, address this to all on Earth at this time, because fear is building up.
Fear is a weapon. Fear is a mass consiousness, that are being fed right now.

You do not have to be a part of it. Just step away from it.

Follow your own path of joy and love in your heart, and you will find that you will see everything in different new fresh light!

I love you
Mother Mary

(Hallo I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this text from Mother Mary! You are welcome to my blog!

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Mother Mary; Love is everything!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
The ice is melting!
The animals are kept in enormous factories of meat.
You are crawling through plastics.
Your waters are getting more and more polluted.
You have to hear the warning bell now?
She your mother, Mother Earth is waiting still for you to awaken!

I don´t want to lay a burden on you, because you are already burdened up over your very dear ears.

As you evolve, you awaken, you can no longer walk about in a slumber.
It is impossible!
To evolve and to be awakened and ascend into higher knowledge means
to be realizing what is going on.
It does not mean, that she will fix it herself.
And by she I of course mean Mother Earth.
Some of you dear Lightworkers might think that all will be alright for her anyway?

But the thing is; with awakening comes a challenge!
With the awakening to higher consciousness
it immediately means that you want to change things that are not love.

Is love important? Yes of course it is! Love is everything!

When you receive higher knowledge that actually comes from within yourself and your DNA it means that you can no longer stay in the same reality.

You have to face your own eating habits for example. And more.

To ascend is to connect. To connect with your friends here where you live, on Earth.
The Animal Kingdom is waiting for you!
You will be introduced!
You will find an invite if you listen carefully!

Many of you want to fly out to space and visit relatives, which is fine naturally, and yet many of you do not see that there are things to settle first on earth with your kin here.

With ascension comes benefits and also commitments, many seem to forget the second part.

The commitment is always about love!

And now I must say very heartfelt to you,

please have faith in me,

I love you

Mother Mary

(From   I am Kerstin Eriksson you are welcome to like my blog with angel letters! I am a lightworker, and a clairvoyant medium and healer!)

Lady Esther; I am!

There are no more broken wings! 
I am Lady Esther and I am very old.
I will talk about your wings!
I hope you realize you actually can fly!
Yes, you are an angel on Earth.
But many of you have forgotten about your wings!
You have forgotten about your ability to fly!
It is like you have forgotten a big part of your origin.
And I know one thing!
Your memory is coming back really soon!
It is a natural part of the evolution.
Due to darker forces you have forgotten, your DNA have been sleeping, been kept asleep.
And during this time, you have been searching for yourselves, and for God.
God have been here with you all the way.
But many of you have been submerged in fear.
And this is the weapon of the dark forces. Fear.
And now nothing can stop the good light to come back.
Joy will come back!
So just have faith in yourself and things will become clearer for you in many ways.
Old scales will fall away from your very eyes and you will
be able to see new colors no one have seen before.
I AM Esther,
and I love you

This is a channeling from Kerstin Erikson on   2020-03-31

Monday, 30 March 2020

Mother Mary; The one who waits!

I am Mother Mary and I love you deeply!
I am very old and some call me a teacher.
As I am very old I have also gone through all lessons and then it is easier to be a good teacher.
Those that have lived shorter life have still lessons to learn.
I am also an Archangel! Yes I am!
And today I would like to talk about one special thing!
What does it mean to have patience?
It means that you allow things in your life to pass and having faith in
that everything will be alright.
There is no need to rush into anything at this time.
Just be!
Know in your heart that this is an obligatory lesson and everything will be just fine.
You are loved and
you are blessed,
so I say
once again
I love you
/Mother Mary

(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Mother Mary; Don´t be afraid!

I am Mother Mary and I love you more than you know.
I know what you are going through right now.
Things are happening around you and you have many questions.
Even though life is a serie of happenings that you also learn from I must say;
don´t be afraid!
Stay centered!
Create you own bubble of safety!
My intention for you is that you will find serenity within your bubble.
Align with your inner freedom and feel your hearts peace!
Imagine that you have a bubble of gold around you.
This gold is holy just as you are, and it is transparent but yet just as solid as gold is.
This magic gold will give you inner peace and is a protection orb.
You all can access gold because now it is surrounding earth, as a part of Mother Earths aura.
Imagine your golden egg all around you and your house too.
In stressful times it is good to have something that make you feel safe.
I know you live in quarantines on earth today and you have to follow rules, that keps you isolated.
It will pass. It will be okay again! Just hold on!
And in the meanwhile keep on having faith in yourself and in that humanity is making progress.
I have a shoulder you can cry on and you can always hold my hand,
I am not far away, I am closer than you think.
Just let me know and I will embrace you!
I love you
Mother Mary

(Welcome to my blog I am Kerstin Eriksson.)