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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Heliga Birgitta; Låt ditt hjärta stråla!

Världen kastas om, runtomkring Er, var stilla, var lugna,
andas ditt heliga och helande andetag.
Din andning helar Dig om Du tillåter det!
Din andning strålar av Guds ljus om Du tillåter det och
lär känna ditt nav, ditt centra som är ditt hjärta!
Släpp din oro, den behöver du inte, den grumlar din kontakt med ditt hjärta och
Din kontakt med Guda källan.
Alla Ni har stor möjlighet att få kontakt med Gud, om Ni så önskar!
Fast först måste ni se bakom slöjorna, rädslor som sås, av era ledare.
Ni gynnas inte av rädslor, ni fattas mycken kraft istället och
ni förlorar mycket av er återhämtningskraft.
Älska Dina andetag, och med ditt hjärta så når du till Gud på en liten stund och
Du får all den tröst och kärleksnäring Du längtar efter!
Jag är en gammal själ som talar ur mitt hjärta och jag ser vad Ni vandrar igenom nu.
När du känner ditt nav så kommer du märka att glädjen kommer tillbaka och ditt livshjul
blir upplyst, precis så som det ska vara, så oroa dig inte, känn din glädje i ditt hjärta !
Vi finns här för Dig, vi är många som ger lindring till Er
och Ni är så innerlig älskade,
/Heliga Birgitta

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Archangel Michael; I love you!

I am Archangel Michael and I love you!

At large, you live on a planet in the Universe and you seem quite small when I look upon you from my home.

When on the other side, I look upon you when I am sitting next to you, you seem very nice and not small in any way.

It is about perspective, is it not?

If you travel to "the end" of Earth, as far away from your home as you possibly can, then you might think that your home is very tiny?

And yet, when you remember your home, you feel it in your heart, then you feel an unexpected love for it?

How can this be?

Does the distance make a difference when it comes to love?

Yes it does! Love grow with the distance!

And how do I know this?

It is a law of nature.

How does it work?

You can feel the true essence of love with the help of the distance,
things that are not important falls away and the sum is love.

When you are in the middle of something and you can not find a point to view your situation from, you have a hard time finding a perspective on your life.

Just ask me, and I will help you find a new perspective on your lifes situation, it might help you find an angle that you had not anticipated.

The renewed point of view that I can help you with, will give you your joy back,
and til then, have faith in me, and know that I am waiting to assist you,
I love you,
Archangel Michael

(A channeling with Archangel Michael through Kerstin Eriksson

Monday, 4 May 2020

Archangel Michael; One step ahead of you!

I am Archangel Michael and I love and serve you!

My mission that I received from God is to protect you at all times!

To protect means I protect your soul!

It means that you go through different stages in your life and you learn different important things about life and love and in that process I protect your soul.

Your soul has a mission to learn. Your soul has a mission on earth, in a body, in a human body.

I want you to know that animals have souls too, as trees also have and as you say nature.

Mother Earth is a soul a great soul.

You go through a process right now that says to your soul that there are no separation.

Everyone is in the same process of evolvement.

The result of what the left hand has done is being evident to the right hand.

You are waking up to the very core of the treatment of Mother Earth.

As you treat Mother Earth, you treat yourselves.

When you throw litter on the ground, you also throw it on yourselves.

There are no more blinders. There is only you and she, her, your Mother, your planet that you walk on and that gives you everything.

What you do to her will be mirrored back to you.

That is why now is a great time to awaken!

You need her, and she needs you!

And the very best, the best of all is that she loves you very much!

You are her children! And she knows many of you have been mislead deliberately.

She still loves you very much and she is waiting to make contact with you.

When you treat her with love and respect, you will treat yourself with love and respect. And then everything will fall into its right place. Then you don not have to search anymore, because you will be home, in your Mothers lap.

Mother Earth does not hold any grudge against you, she is not angry in anyway, she is just exhausted and tired.

Just know that she has just as much soul as God have and she walks beside you just as much as God does! She loves you all, she knows you all, and she is waiting for the much awaited moment when your connection is re-opened once again.

She will help you live on Earth, and you will help her thrive even more.

You will find that you live in a paradise, when you live toghether with her.

And so I say to you
I am Michael and I serve you,
I have a mission from God,
and I love you very much!

(This is a channeling with Archangel Michael via Kerstin Eriksson