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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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Mother Earth speaks about Lightworkers of the rootchakra and of the light from the North!

I am your Mother and I provide the ground that you walk on.

Some of you call me Earth but I am also water. I am actually much more water than ground. 

To walk on me means going to school, to a very special class indeed.

Some of you are lightworkers. And there are different kinds of lightworkers too.

Today I will speak about the lightworkers of the rootchakra!

You are indeed the most hardworking students of all. Nothing escapes you. You see and you feel everything. You feel all the good and you also feel all the bad.

You are here to experience all that is me, all that I have to go through. I go through all that you have learned on your journey here.

The thing is, you can not work for me until you know what I have gone through and what I am going through.

I am a Mother and also a woman, I am all women and also all men.

It has all to do with balance! You are here to know all about what would be good for you, and also good for me. 

The balance between female and male energy is what I want you to feel and know more about. 

There can be no day without night. 

There can be no north without south, and no west without the east. There has to be harmony and balance. There has to be a fullness, a wholeness.

You will automatically know when you have learned the lesson about me, and when you are really ready to work for me. I will let you know always! And until then you might feel you are stuck in misery. You might feel you don´t achive anything, and you feel perhaps sad for a while.

You can not read in a book and learn about me. You have to do it. You have to experience it all on your own, as your own life will show you.

So now to your special education that has all to do with your rootchakra. You might have experienced sexual assault of different kinds, just as I do daily. You might have had sensed that your rootchakra have been imbalanced and you have tried to work it out, searching for answers. Just as I have done for ages.

I experience rape every day. I experience assault on my gender every day. I experience cruel torture every day. This goes on on my surface as well as deep in me and also in my sexual chakra every day.

Yes I have a root chakra! And on the good side, I also have loving lovers that I make a lot of love together with.

But I am also used both day and night. And who does this to me? You might wonder?

There are interests, both humans with a dark interest in hurting me as well as you would say aliens, with a hidden dark agenda to hurt me, to make a turmoil of my feelings as well as a mess of my body and this will of course spread around and making other humans and beings feel bad and create a disturbance, that makes you for example receptive to medical treatments and so some will make money to treat you.

I am telling you this for you have lived in a winter for many years, and now you are ready to meet the spring together with me and letting joy back into your life once again, your joy never really left you it has waited for you to learn this very important lesson about me, your Mother and your ground that you walk on every day.

A good doctor has to be very sick at least once, how else can the doctor understand the patient? A good psychologist has actually to bee ill mentally as well and with this gathered knowledge there is a good possibility to heal others. If you have experienced pain of any kind you have the opportunity to learn from it, and use it to help and heal others. 

A book or a good grade from a university can never really give the same deep knowledge. You have to do it, you have to know, you have to have a personal experience to understand fully what is going on. 

So what do I really talk about? I talk about the necessity of a personal experience. If all you have is information from books, no matter how great they seem, they can never be enough.

Life itself is a school! Living life on me, on Earth is for the Lightworker like going to a university. 

You as a Lightworker of the rootchakra go to the most difficult lessons of all, because you have to experience deep pain of your body and soul, just as I do every day. This is how you graduate as my helper.

This employment is forever! You can only be a master in this by living as a soul on Earth in a body. This knowledge you take with you always as a merit of great importance and you can be employed everywhere after you are finished in my school.

But mostly I want you to understand that you are a master and that I need you to work for me now. You have the best grades and you are ready, more ready than ever.

Don´t think for a second that you have failed because you are not a successful Lightworker with everything fixed, you have been going to the hardest classes and you know so much more. Your knowledge are the greatest and it glows of light.

I need you to be very proud of yourself, and you surely must understand by your gifts that you indeed have managed this great task.

The gifts are not gold or diamonds, or big houses or big cars, it is not material of course and I don´t really need to speak about it because you already know. 

Those of you that manage this life lesson of the rootchakra, you together make a very special light, the light from the North, this is the last light that needed completion, there are already light from the other directions.

The Northern Light is a beacon, a great guide of the deepest lessons of Earth. In this includes the lessons about joy and about love, faith and hope, and also how to get all these essential energies back after you have lost them.

This is how you will help others to heal, together with this deep knowledge that you have received in my hardest class, and how could you help others without having a personal experience yourself?

I love you and I have the deepest respect for my pupils in this class,

Mother Earth