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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Yellow Feather; Green feet!

 A long time ago, but still here and now, it is the same and also forever changed,

when you put your feet on her, your Mother she feels you.

She feels you, she knows you, every bit of you.

She feels what you feel, every day.

She feels when you are sad.

She feels when you are happy.

She walks beside you, always, just as God does.

She has her own soul, just as God has.

You also have a soul of your own.

And when you feel disconnected at heart to your life,

know, that it has to do with her - your Mother.

It has to do with the connection.

The connection is temporarily broken, so your soul has to fight to feel and get connected in your heart.

Being grounded is the way!

When you are grounded you will be connected with her, your Mother Earth.

There is no way around it, it has to do with;

touching her

loving her

respecting her

starting with your feet.

Love your feet, love yourself. 

Cheerish every step you take on Earth, because

she knows all about you, and she loves you.

Yellow Feather