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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Ashtar Sheeran; Be prepared to be you!

I am Ashtar Sheeran and I would like to speak today!
Once upon a time I was young, and I learned a lot!
Now I am a little older and I am still learning many things.
And yet, I have collected a great knowledge that I have as my library of wisdom.

And one of the most important things I have ever learned, do you know what that is?

No I don´t think you know, or can guess!

Not that you are not intelligent, but I just don´t think you could anticipate what I am about to speak about!

The most important lesson for me was;

I was learning to be myself, at all times and not trying to hide myself, nor changing myself just to fit in anywhere.

And why is this so important?

Because you change direction, when you become you!

See it like this; stand still for a moment and put down all your luggage. You are carrying something and you don´t know about it. You have needed this, for a long time, you are masters of adjustments.

It is just like bags you carry with you, because you think you will need this or that, and sometimes  along the way it will be a necessity for you to use the content. You carry everything you need in your luggage, and you carry it with you so you always can be a little more accommodating.

Do you understand what I mean? Many of you carry bags, just in case, you need to be accommodating to anyone.

You are lightworkers, you are the true transformers and the more you are prepared to be you, the unique you, the more you will find yourself walking on your true path.

Many of you are almost there, but still struggeling with "what am I doing here"?

Each and everyone of you are important, there are not just one or two gurus. You are all gurus in your own life. This is a very serious matter, because your work is needed by the Ashtar Command.

I love you so much, and I know about your work on Earth, and you have done a tremendously great job, and some of you think you are not exactly in the right place?

At a distance I see that you are in the right place, you just haven´t found the right angle to your work!

It is more easy than you think, it is closer to you than what you think, you do not have to travel to the other side of the planet to do "your thing" it is actually where you have your two feet, where you are at this very moment that truly matters!

So the more you put down the luggage that you have carried, and rest for a while, and just by being you, you will find it in your heart a new enlightened path with the true essence of you!

So my dear friends,  I love you a lot, and I will wrap it up, this talk for today and say;
I am also close to you,
I am not only at a distance observing you,
I am a lot closer to you than you can ever believe,
and til next time just remember to be you, and as such
I will love you even more!

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Mother Mary; Beautiful you!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

My heart is forever filled with joy and love because I see a very beautiful transformation.

You might be aware of this transformation, or not, but it does not matter, it is all about love!

You can sense a new lighter vibration, another shape of the ether, it is like you can feel a new wider landscape within your heart, and yes it is there, the new you, the newborn you.

You have evolved, and transformed eons of time into a new being, a new breath, a new spirit.

You have forgiven your past, you have forgiven yourself, and you have transformed everything into love. You have pulled the thread of life through the needle, once again.

As a lightworker you are used to do this.

You have done it before. And yet everytime is just as difficult, because you have forgotten about your skills, not all but many of them.

All you have had left was your faith in love.

And with faith in love you have done it, and now the spiral has turned it´s movement and now it is going upwards finally meeting the other spiral of heavenly energy.

This is yin and yang, this is Alfa and Omega, meeting in a love bond that will never break!

You are so beautiful

and I love you very much,

Mother Mary

Sananda; A spark of light!

I am Sananda and I love you more than you can ever know.

Like a waterfall I will give back to you, the moist you need.

When you are dry, you have less faith in your heart.

I will make you feel again, the love that you need.

Like a seed in the ground, in the soil, that is waiting for the rain I will help you come back into love.

Love is the only energy that is eternal and yet when you are afraid, you can not feel it.

Hindering love, and spreading fear is what is in power today, and I will say to you that this way of ruling is history, soon.

Love is the only energy that is forever and nothing can stop it.

They who rule the world today, think they can invent new things, strategies, to make you numb with fear. Over and over again.

They just don´t understand, love has already conqured all, and the fear is gone.

When you take care of the child within you,
and when every little seed and sprout is being watered so that they can grow
that is when you know that I am back in your heart
and you will realize
that I never left you!