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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Kronos; Take time to love yourself!

Hallo dear I am Kronos!
I am going to talk to you about time. What is time? Does time exist?
Yes time do exist, and to be honest there are many different kinds of time.
Why do I feel the need to talk about time?

Well there are something you humans do not understand. Yet.
To explain time and making it very easy for you to understand, you can envision balls.
If you see very small balls and very big balls they will roll in different speeds,
because of their different sizes.
The small ones will roll one full circle very fast because it is little.
And the very big ball will move slowly, and will take longer time for it to roll one full circle.

Your life is a circle. You all have your own life, and your own time. You all have your own circle of life. You have a lifeplan, and when you feel that nothing happens, like as if your life is standing still, that is because of a good reason. If you look at yourself in these moments, you might find that you have unanswered questions. You have, in these moments a lack of love for yourself.

When you put aside all the worries, and questions, what do you need?
You will always need love! Love is the answer!
When you love yourself, your circle of life becomes round again,
and it can start moving once again. A square ball, can not roll!

When you cherish love the most, and when you are determined to not let love slip through your fingers, then you will live the full life, the full circle of life and love!
Just have faith in yourself,

(Channeling through Kerstin Eriksson and!

Sunday, 17 November 2019

God says; I love you

There is someone in heaven who would like to say I LOVE YOU
to each and everyone of you, and these words have been said many times; actually each day.
The thing is; can you hear the words?
I am here in heaven and yet I walk beside you on the very ground that you call Earth.
I call this planet the garden of EDEN.
Dark clouds have been shading the ray of love for a long time, and the love has been set aside for other energies such as fear, guilt, sorrow, anger, and more.
These energies are hard to deal with many times and sometimes you feel
completely lost and you don´t know where you are, and you don´t know where to go.
I say to you dear beloved child; sit down in the boat.
Let the waves be calm before you go about doing a lot of things.
Have faith in that time will change for the better.
These dark clouds that sometimes hang over you, will make you grow.
The very hardship that you have to walk through will shape you.
At first you think, ah till the worse?
Will God stop loving me now? You ask yourself? No I wont!
I always love you, no matter what you go through.
I AM beside you at all times. I am waiting for you always.
When you look up at the sky at night, and you see the stars,
you might think you look at the stars all alone?
Oh no, I am standing next to you, looking at the very same stars together with you!
Always know in your heart that you are never alone, and I God, am always beside you, loving you!

(God says; I love you is a channeling through medium, healer and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson on blog and you can also visit