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Tuesday, 29 December 2015




Teide was a sacred mountain to the aboriginal Guanches, so it was considered a mythological mountain, as Mount Olympus was to the ancient Greeks. According to legend, Guayota (the devil) kidnapped Magec (the god of light and the sun) and imprisoned him inside the volcano, plunging the world into darkness. The Guanches asked their supreme godAchamán for clemency, so Achamán fought Guayota, freed Magec from the bowels of the mountain, and plugged the crater with Guayota. It is said that since then, Guayota has remained locked inside Teide. When going on to Teide during an eruption, it was customary for the Guanches to light bonfires to scare Guayota. Guayota is often represented as a black dog, accompanied by his host of demons (Tibicenas).
The Guanches also believed that Teide held up the sky. Many hiding places found in the mountains contain the remains of stone tools and pottery. These have been interpreted as being ritual deposits to counter the influence of evil spirits, like those made by the Berbers of Kabylie. The Guanches believed the mountain to be the place that housed the forces of evil and the most evil figure, Guayota.[8]
Guayota shares features similar to other powerful deities inhabiting volcanoes, such as the goddess Pele of Hawaiian mythology, who lived in the Kīlauea volcano and was regarded by the native Hawaiians as responsible for the eruptions of the volcano

                                                 PICTURE BORROWED FROM GOOGLE

Monday, 28 December 2015

Lord Vishnu recalling love!

Lord Vishnu is here now
recalling love
all living beings
your heart
you always carry it with you
it is your station of transmission of love
is the salvation
the loving liquid that lubricates all your
that need to spin
all individually
and are also all individually connected
to different places in the universe...that are
awaiting your lovebeem
you are my children

                                                           Picture borrowed from Google

Monday, 14 December 2015

Your personal direct line to God?

Picture borrowed from Google

It is a matter of being connected!
Have you checked your wires lately?
The connection consists of FAITH!
Faith is an energy that is very strong!
It flows through the universe! It tries to
connect with you, but are you plugged in?!
If you have questions, please ask!


If we allow ourselves to be quiet for a little while
we can easier ”tap” in to our great Mother!
She loves us, and knows about our path in life!
And in stillness and harmony, we can actually 
reconnect with her Smiley heart 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Archangel FAITH; I LOVE YOU!

 I love you! Do you know that!?! I always have and I always will! As you turn the pages in your life I walk beside you! And I really want you to feel that I am holding your hand! You are never alone! Can you feel the warmth of my hand?! I know what you are going through - always! For better for worse...! And I love you, just the way you are! Sometimes when your life is stormy or cold or you feel alone - you might think I am not there...but I am - waiting for you! I love you, I walk beside you - I am always there! Wanting you to believe in love, having faith in yourself, knowing in your heart that you are in fact a beautiful and wonderful being - a creation of God, a creation of love and light!

I am Archangel Faith and I serve you! I am forever imbedded in your heart as a seed, waiting for you to take a leap - in trusting and believing in the grateness of love and life...!

I am an Archangel, do you know what that means?! I am an angel that is simply older...and I have therefore more knowledge! There are a lot of different kinds of angels! We all have different tasks! We are all creations of love and light! Love is our lantern! We serve directly as Gods helpers! God is a creator. Amongst other creators! Love is the strongest energy in the universe, and soon also here on beautiful Mother Earth! The universe is a Free Will universe! As Mother Earth also is part of! God always love you as you are! God doesn´t say "no-no don´t do this or that..."! Not even God has the right to break the free will law of the universe!

I am the mother of your planet Earth! And now I can´t hold back my tears anymore! Many of you tremble with fear as you live your life in a nonloving society. Fear is - in the plan - to make you numb! Fear is sometimes actually good to have...if you are walking in unknown terrain it is really good to suddenly feel - no you should not continue on this particular path, and you take another direction now, and by changing course - you did not have to fall down a high cliff! That is when fear is good!

Love goes through everything...except one thing! FEAR! And why? Fear makes your heart collapse...but, not entirely, the seeds are still there  -  always there waiting for you...!! The seeds of Faith, Hope and Love and many more!!! Waiting for you to awaken! We love you, we have faith in you, hoping and praying for you, we are always there beside you, you are never alone! We always know what you are going through, and we miss you! If you wonder why the seeds always awaits in your heart - that is because when God and the other Creators, created you - they did it together with Faith, Hope and Love, as they are very strong energy channels- very important foundation stones of life - and therefore necessary ingredients to be able to create life...!

They are a natural part of you! You are - faith, hope, love, light, joy and more...IT IS YOU!
Love unites, fear separates...

You are all equally loved! In your own uniqueness! Know that you are NEEDED, LOVED!

Yours forever!
AA Faith

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


yes that is it!
Right now
you are breaking through
a very big portal.
This portal have been closed for many years.
It is a portal of clearance
the mist has disappeared
and the sun is now shining.
It will be apparant
your road
your path
in life.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Genesis - in the beginning!

In the beginning there was...
which has always been!
Light is knowledge,
eternal knowledge!
It comes from the source of the universe!
The source is eternal!
Love and light has always been..!
Don’t worry, be happy!
All is a lesson
in love
in faith
in hope!
The light is coming in
and awakens your DNA.
You all will evolve,
all living, will follow your planet!
You will access a library in your DNA
and you will find answers that
is your personal library of love and light!
You are unique
and your knowledge is also unique
as you have special universal origin.
And then there is your soul sign.
You all have a special soul sign as well as
you have an astrological sign, as you are probably well
acquainted with!
So there is a lot to learn,
very interesting...
or what do you think dear?!
/Archangel Michael

Saint Germain; Golden Globe!

Dear Beloveds!
Life is a mystery in many ways
and night and day can even be hard to deal with sometimes!
If you are a stone on a beach, the waves will make you
smother and more rounded for each wave!
It takes time...!
A lot of time!
Millions of years!
And millions of waves...!
And still, it is LOVE!
Time is love
and our best friend.
Time will guide us, show us the way!
And now time talks!
Time says;
it is time for the Golden Age!
And what is the Golden Age?
It is the time for peace and love
on this beautiful planet!
The Golden Age is about;
joy and playfulness in LIFE
for all!
All living beings hearts will beat
in the same rhythm!
It will be a beautiful beat,
love music!
And there will be a glow of gold
it really will be the glow of LOVE!
A beautiful beginning
for planet Earth
the Golden Globe,
and time is our best friend!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl

"sacred bone”,
It is concave, facing forward. (Picture borrowed from Google)!

                                               Singing bowl (picture borrowed from Google)
Sacral chakra (picture borrowed from Google)

When the wheel of life in our body, sacral chakra, spins with joy and love, we are very loving and creative, and we realize that sexuality is a divine and important energy, to handle with great care because it is a gift from the Great Mother! The holy bone, the sacrum bone is an actual bone in our bodies, is shaped like a bowl, for example like a singing bowl, that has the effect of eco! So let your loving energy spread and it will come back as a loving vibration and eco! A weakened sacral chakra, gives apathy, lack of energy, illnesses! All abuse towards sacral chakra can be healed! Have faith! 

The loving hunt?! Goddess Diana!

To hunt and eat meat? 
Ask goddess Diana 
(or the nearest accessable hunting deva in your area) when hunting!
There are many discussions about being a vegetarian or a meat eater today, questions about how we hunt, how we eat maybe to much meat?
I personally eat no meat, but sometimes I eat fish. I don’t judge,  I just think it will be natural in the eat very little meat! 

As time passes, more and more people will awaken to the loving feeling, that "I can no longer eat a friend”, it will be very natural, it will be unstoppable...! 

Yet a very long time ago, our great Mother talked to us, and we talked to her, and she told us about the hunting! And Diana or Artemis or other deva, aided us!  She told us to only take what we needed, to provide for our family, and no more! And we said a prayer, to talk to the animal kingdom. They knew! The knew an animal that had hurt its leg. And this particular animal wanted to pass - over to heaven. It was the animals free will! And the hunters knew. They waited for this certain animal. And so it was killed. And many loving prayers and greetings was said to this animal and Mother Earth, who gave the food, to the hunters family. And the hunters and family, cherished every part of the animal, used every part with love! This is the right way, doing it together with Mother and animal kingdom, and not as we do today!
                                              This beautiful painting is borrowed from Google!
Today in many places where the slaughtering takes place there is animals that are stressed in panic and are killed but are trapped in some would say ghosts...! These places need much loving and healing to help them come home to heaven! 

And no matter what you eat, you can say a loving prayer and 

thank for what you eat! That is the most important thing!

Below is about DIANA from wikipedia;

In Roman mythologyDiana ([djana]) was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and childbirth, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis,[1] though she had an independent origin in Italy. Diana was worshipped in ancient Roman religion and is revered in Roman Neopaganismand StregheriaDianic Wicca, a largely feminist form of the practice, is named for her. Diana was known to be the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry.
Oak groves were especially sacred to her. According to mythology (in common with the Greek religion and their deity Artemis), Diana was born with her twin brother Apollo on the island of Delos, daughter of Jupiter and Latona. Diana made up a triad with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god.

Angel talks; I am Rowena!

I am Rowena!
I am what some would call a goddess!
I am a part of you!
I am like a mother to you all!
I am omnipresent!
I am guardian of temple of Isis!
I am also a guardian of the feminine energy
on beloved Earth!
If you need a mother
a shoulder to cry on
a lap to lay your head on
to rest, to heal
in safety
as you struggle with your life...
know I am always here for you!
Just call on me
dear child
I love you

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Aa Michael; Crystal clear!

All answers are available within of you.
You are a library!
It is all within you!
The light are activating your library
and your knowledge!
You are ancient
and your knowledge is ancient!
It is a matter of opening up -
opening your library now!
You are a wise being
and you know that Love is the only way!
Love will open your library of knowledge
and nothing else!
So dear friend
have faith!
For now
/aa Michael

Monday, 12 October 2015

Jesus Christ Sananda; Innovative Love

Today many walk with heavy hearts.
No matter how steep or narrow your road is
I always walk with you.
Why is todays headline;
Innovative Love?
Well I will say
embrace all your ideas and
feelings for a more loving life and
don’t be afraid to share with others!
You are a creator of love
you are an inventor of love in new ways
your ways are so important!
I always walk with you
and I love you!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Path to Faith
a channeling with words from Mary Magdalene.
Light is coming in to Mother Earth and all living beings are rising in the light!
New times are ahead of us, and the sceneries are shifting on your path of life!
Our dear beloved Mary Magdalene guides us gently with care and love. She provides
the tools for us, to see our path now enlightened! 
Faith is an universal energy and is an important foundation stone to the very life itself.
Faith is not religious, as it is easy to think, it is a necessity to live life balanced. 
Living without faith, is like rowing a boat with only one oar!

Todays offer; FREE Distance healing with Mary Magdalene!

Today I had the joy of walking in a beautiful forrest.
I picked some blueberries. And the sun was shining.
Mary Magdalene asked me; do you want to work with me?
Yes of course I want to work with you I answered!
Together we will give healing! She said.
And I asked, do you mean distance healing? Or physical healing?
I mean both she answered!
Do you have a name for this healing, dear MM I asked her?
Holy Uterus Distance Healing!
And I am so happy, I can’t wait to get started!
It is both for women and men!
You might think of the uterus now?
Well our great Mother Earth
is a very important Uterus, very Holy!
She is a provider for all of us!
So the Uterus is never wrong!
As life always passes through the Uterus!
If you are interested please let us now!
I need a photo of you!



A lump in your breast.
That is a very disastrous thing to find.
A total collapse.
Of everything you now.
And why do it exist?
It is a disease of your society.
A lump on the great mother.
A lump in your breast.
All women carry the great Mother.
What Mother Earth carry
all women can also have.
As we are one.
No one stands apart.
Everyone does not get breastcancer.
all carry different burdens.
This is sad. Heart aching...
a great healing.
And it starts WHITHIN YOU.
Knowing you are not alone
and always loved.
You do it together - with all women and Mother Earth.
Please don’t wear a bra.
It tightens your diafragma
your natural bloodstream.
Your breasts are beautiful as they are!
There is an important chakra where you wear your bra.
That is highly important for women!
Your breasts are so important!
You are women! You matter!
When the time is right
you have milk to feed a child.
The most important thing of all?
And even if there are no milk
it is a women central.
Your breasts are sacred
and carry holy nectar of life,
highly feminine
The bra is a women killer
don’t wear it...please.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Manitou Great Spirit

                          Great Spirit

                     Manetoba Canada
             Sunset over Lake Winnipeg

                 Picture borrowed from Google

The other day I visited a little lake in Jamtland Sweden and there was a very special sound there, water talked to us and welcomed us!
And today a loving soul called Manitoba guided me with great care in the forrest and I am very grateful! Thank you!

Monday, 28 September 2015






gave me the words to the first book
a love celebration to 
Mother Earth
all women and
the feminine energy
Godinj explains that over thousands of years
the name got smaller
now all says GOD...!

There are many creators
not only God.

And woman where first on earth, men came later.

It is time for balance now
and it is time for
love and respect
to our dear Mother Earth and all women and the feminine energy
that also all men have!

What can be more important?

Ground Zero

My personal thoughts for today...

I am so glad there will be no mosque at Ground Zero in New York, USA!

We all have a heart! Make it in to a Heart Center!

In todays meditation I feel that only love is of importance and that respect is very important!

A memorialplace, a meeting place, a peoples place, A HEARTCENTER where there is no religion,

We are one!

We are the tribe of mother earth and all is welcome, that is something that could work for me!

I think we all should say a prayer to all those that where murdered,  on 9/11 and earlier, no one is more unimportant that the other.

A prayer from the heart is of no religion, it is something we all can do, that is uniting us!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hilarion talks about INTEGRATION!

Hallo dear
I am Hilarion!
You are a beloved child
of the universe!
What does these words
say to you?


Do you think
there is any separation?

Do you think Love
is only ”now and then"
a little bit here and a little bit there?

Do you think that 
sometimes you are meant to struggle all alone
walking on a lonely road, meeting no one...?

Do you think that togetherness is only for the rich people?
Do you sometimes think all ends will meet in your next life?

Well, you can relax now!
You have forgotten something very important!

All relatives in the universe LOVE you
and know about your walk on the lonely road.

There will soon be a great gathering
of your ancestors from near and far
...really far...!

Living and feeling alone, separated
is an illusion, as we see it!

You have a great meaning to be where you are!

You are a pillar of light!

You are deeply loved!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Todays message; Archangel Michael; Through the eye of the needle! Astrology link today!

Yes today
I Aa Michael
will talk about
the eye of the needle...!
What do I mean?
Right now there is a special
passing through
a very little needle.
Right through the very eye of it!
Why is this?
This is a very old process
of liberation to make
room for natural LOVE!
Astrologically you might feel;
You feel stirred up.
You don’t understand why?
Are the ground really under your feet? You might ask yourself..!

Just relax, above all the clouds there is always a sun shining...
don’t you ever forget that dear!

Right now there is confusion
use you love, heart and intuition!

Shamballa has a special message to all right now!

We are here
right next to you
we know
what you feel right now
Just be calm in your center, and ground yourself
in nature, get some free space for yourself
a little each day
This passing through needle is astrologically
effecting throughout the hole universe.
Soon we are all through this eye,
just be sure of that
and always have faith!

Southernwood Artemisia abrotanum

The oldest school of all is...

Southernwood / Åbrodd (in Sweden)
Artemisia abrotanum 
                                                         (picture borrowed from Google)

... Mother Earth school.

The knowledge, and knowhow
and being able to follow the life flow on planet Earth
is absolutely a necessity 
if we desire to live long and prosper...!
You are loved and you are welcome to join the classes!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Lunar Life High Intelligence!

Soon it will be a full moon!
The moon is very important to Earth.
Earth lives a cyclic life through the Moon.
The moon is like a THIRD Pole to Earth.
Women is cyclic too.
Female vibration goes through the whole universe!
MOTHER earth is
guiding each woman, as well as
and more...!
Lunar life is high intelligence!
Without this
woman would not bare children!

                                                                    Photo Sonja Moberg

Faith Healing Wounds

Faith is healing wounds!
Faith is a very special energy!
Faith is life essential, as we can say;
as important as the foundation to a house,
THAT important is FAITH
to YOU and to every living being!
The question is;
There is always a current
a flow of faith
and you need to be ”plugged in”
have you checked your connection recently dear?!

                                           Out in the forrest helps me getting ”plugged-in”!                                                  

                                                           (Photo Sonja Moberg)

Ezekiel; We are here!

I am Ezekiel,
I am here
and you are here
we are all here...!
There is no wall,
there is no separation...!
Call for us!
Yes you have to call for us!
It is the free will,
it is a law.
You have to take the first step dear!
The law, is UNIVERSAL
not even God goes against this law.
We want to walk with you 
we love you 
call on us

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Message from Neptune! On the menu today; Lobsters and Sharks!

Dear beloveds
we love you!
I am Neptune
I am a water being!
We the beings in water
pray for that
you humans
will find in your hearts
to treat yourselves as well
as water, earth, wind and fire
It is all a lesson,
in finding what is important
in life...!

Here are some tips for you;

Please kill the sharks at once, as you cut of the fens and tails, they suffer in the water when you cast them in again.

Let the lobsters in your restaurants be fewer in each tank, less stress and cleaner water.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Laugh and live!

What about joy?
How important is it
that you allow yourself to feel joy?!
It is an essential part of life!
Yes it is!
Maybe you look around you and what you see make you feel
worry, stress and not really at peace with yourself?
Well joy is your own personal sanctuary!
The joy I talk about lies within your own heart!
It is a part of you, very personal.
In the whole it is all about feeling content
with your life, no matter what happens outside of you.
Because within of you, there you have your personal heaven
where you find faith, hope, love and joy, a source that is forever!
Because you KNOW you ARE
a beloved part of everything
and you have a big family of love
and you are unique
and important
just as you are!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

AA Michael; Starseeds seing the time 1:11

Archangel Michael is channeling through Kerstin Eriksson

Starseeds seeing 1.11

Yes, maybe you are seeing numbers whenever
you look at your clock or other places
for starseeds
and you are many
on this planet!
Yet not everyone has awakened yet!
You can google on this, there are many sites that
describes this thoroughly.

Now we are going to speak about seeing the time on your clock: 1.11

What does this mean?

Well seeing 1:11 says that you are a person that are a guide to others. That others come to you for answers. And also that you have more responsibility. You have a knowledge that is very big. And you don’t understand how this great knowledge ”landed” in you. That is because you are carrying, a library of knowledge, coming from your universal family, you are in coded with this. You ARE this. It is natural for you. Sometimes you see 11:11, and that is something else! Yes! It is another task. You all have different tasks. All equally important. Seeing 1:11 means you are a natural leader. Many times this is the last thing you can see in yourself. Because you dislike authority.  You are very sensitive and you understand things long before others even think about it. Many times it makes you feel alone.  You never try to earn money on your skills or brag about them.  You are a star seed -  that is - have grown into being a star teenager. No longer a star child. You have for sometime felt a standstill  like living in a bubble of vacuum. That is just the ticket! That is how it is meant to be. Everything has its meaning. Don’t worry. It means you are growing! YES! Just be! You are safe! Be happy! You are being carried. With love and understanding! You are a galactic worker. You do many different things in the universe. You are multitasked. It is natural for you. You find comfort in music, meditation and relaxing in nature. You need to be earthed and you work on this daily. You also say prayers each day as it is a natural bond with God and all the other creators, and your home Heaven.  At every full moon new assignment are given, to strengthen yourself, and you have a possibility to learn more about yourself, it is voluntary. The number 1:11, also means 3. And 3 means a triangular shape. You are a carrier of the three important life essential energies FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.
Three energies that always work together in full symbiosis. Many often talk of LOVE with glittering eyes, that is good YES!  But what actually is necessary is the other 2, so it will LAST. Otherwise it will be an inbalance. Love is ETHER, AIR and FIRE. Faith is EARTH, Hope is WATER, but, it is complicated, they all have each other within, it is a holy sanctuary. As I said a co operation. They need each other to be complete and be whole. And the archangels Faith, Hope and Love, always work in a team. As angels always do, they complement each other. It is all about BALANCE. When balance there can be miracles...!
God bless you
/Aa Michael

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

For A healthy Life...make peace!

Everyday is a struggle,
in different ways.
There is no secret potion!
Just you and...
how good you are at making
within yourself...!
Peace is actually
always there.
Peace is always in your heart - 
Peace is a seed of love
and the seed awaits you.
It is always waiting for you
to awaken to its full potential.
You have it dear
all within,
in your heart!
The more peace 
you find
the more you will find a

Monday, 3 August 2015

                                                 Photo; Marie Olausson

All possibilities...!

As you walk on your path in life
you can see yourself as a tree!
Yes a tree, see for yourself;
your roots
your stem
your branches
your leaves
you are a system
that are living in the soil of Mother Earth
you get all you need from her
water and nourishment
then the sun gives you life also
and the moon!

You find yourself
a part of ALL
there is no separation...!

And so the tree and YOU;
Treat your roots with love
treat your stem with love
and also your branches 
and the more you love...
the more flowers and fruit
you will find...on YOU ...

Your tree,
the roots; 
it is your origin, where you come from
the stem; it is you here and now
the branches is all your roads and paths
you walk on in life and all that you do...! matter how your tree looks now
LOVE is the answer...
and will give you many new

Monday, 27 July 2015

Matreya Talks about ATLANTIS!

Long ago there was a place
an island called


On this island some people loved and adored crystals.

They where so fond of crystals that they started to experiment with them.

So what did they forget?

They forgot about love!

They forgot about friendship!

A crystal is of course good to have! Yes!

But when you experiment and USE and you don’t understand its potential?

It is better to play it safe!! YES!

Then you have your beloveds and good friends first...

...then you treat crystals with care and respect!

Love is all we need!!!

A good samaritan!

As life passes on
and the sun sets
and the moon shines from the dark sky
there is someone
...for you
someone that goes beyond
and moon
that always is
... your best friend
your personal samaritan
the one that will always LOVE you
and always has...
A partnership of true love
and it is your
twin soul 
Yin and yang!
You need each other
It is chemistry!
It is natural!
It is love in the
true essence...!
Just you wait and see...

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Siva talks about; The story of qi!

The story of qi is long...!
Well, I will start with saying

Qi has always been!
Qi is life!
Qi is a flow,
a movement, it is never still!
Qi is within you
and without of you!
Qi is everywhere...

Qi needs to flow.
Sometimes we have blockages
then qi can’t flow as good.
That is when you feel ill in different ways.
There are ways of clearing your blockages
and making way for qi to flow good again.

I will talk more about qi 
another time,
until then
welcome qi
love qi in your heart
it is healing for you!

Bless you!

Help the girls of the BADI people in NEPAL from being used as sexslaves!

Please help these girls!

About LoveNepal

Mikael Alfvén visited Singapore in the fall of 2009. There he met

 another Swede Håkan Gabrielsson. Håkan showed him pictures

 of three girls who were prostitutes, sold by their own families

 as sex slaves to a brothel. The girls were 7-12 years old.

Mikael couldn’t shake off this experience, he had to act. Mikael, Håkan
 and a Nepalese man Raju, started the fall of 2009 the first Girls home
for 34 girls fleeing from brothels. When the girls first came they were
wounded and broken. They had been
sexually abused and totally humiliated numerous times. Many of them
were rendered apathetic because of all they had gone through.
They were happy to receive new clothes for the first time, hugging teddy
 bears and schoolbags in their beds. A new chapter of their lives had started.
After a first time of bliss it became tougher and more turbulent for them.
They fainted many times due to all the traumas they had been
through and they were in complete and utter pain. Many of them
were severely under nourished and some seriously ill.

 With the staff´s loving care and help of the local hospital the situation
changed for the better. Watching some of the girls today is like looking
at a totally different person. You really can’t recognize the old one anymore.
They have received restoration, comfort and healing in their lives and to see
their gratitude and joy is worth everything.
Since the start of the first home there has been an explosive growth of the work.
Six more homes have been founded. A school has been started
to give the girls education and a total of 600 girls have now been saved.
Love Nepal has met with the prime minister of Nepal and a number of
government administrators. They confirm the harsh terms of the Badi
people and give Love Nepal their full support. More homes are now
started and preventive work being done by supporting poor villages
so that they don’t have to sell their girls or wives for prostitution.

Eagle, Big Medicine Wheel and the Pleidians!

Once the great eagle lended me his wings and eyes.
I flew over land and water.
I was free and happy.

After some years I meet a soul with the name, Running Eagle, she was strong! She told me about being proud of being a woman! Maybe we all should be proud of what we are!

Recently I learned that I was going to build a Big medicine wheel, I didn’t know what it was. I found on internet. In America there already is one...!

I am an old woman. I love Mother Earth. Thinking many call themselves for shamans, and they do things for money. I just think the best things in life are free, and we are here to find freedom within. Within our hearts we find that we all are a big family of all colors once again!

Mother Earth needs us as One, so we can aid her, she is being polluted and poisoned. There is no time for war. It makes me angry to find that we humans want to travel to places in the universe and still people suffer here on Earth, children are hungry and are alone without safety. I think we should start HERE where we have our FEET. Not travel in space a very costly trip. Who needs it? Who wants to run away? Why doesn’t these people want to make this planet into a heaven, that it is meant to be?! 

What is up must come down
and what is down will go up...!

Only love and respect can set us free! 

Up in the sky the Pleidians have an eagle tribe that I work almost daily with, they want to help us!

 / Kerstin!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Vesuvio Italy!

Vesuvio has a temper,
and soon
Vesuvio will have something to say.
We can say this is natural
but yet it will give damages
to life on Earth.
Earth will heal
as time is love!
Yet to be aware is essential!
God bless you!

(Pleiadians and archangel Michael)

                                                  Picture borrowed from google!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sacred Places of Goddess

Sacred Places of Goddess
The Rose
Mary Magdalenes Goddess place 
in Sweden Jamtland!

                                                                (Borrowed from Google)

There is a special place where I live
an essential place on Mother Earth
~ it is one of her breasts~
a place for love and nurture
a natural place to grow 
a Goddess showed me, and her name is Alfhild
and I am so blessed
it is so beautiful
just as Mother Earth is...!
I call this special place
the Rose, Mary Magdalenes Place!
It is connected to
different places on our planet!
Sacred is Mother Earth

The Pleiadian counsil! Tomahawk speaks!

Hallo dear friends!
We say
we believe in you!
And who are we?
We are a group of life and love investors!
We represent the Pleiades!
We are your ancestors and we wish for you to
se us as your friends!
Have faith in yourselves!
We have already walked in your footsteps...!
My name is Tomahawk and I am a member of the Eagle society!
The Eagle family, have a special task in the universe!
We serve the great protector of peace and freedom as
guardians to preserve just that; peace and balance!
So dear friends
we say
once again
we believe in you!

                                                       (Borrowed from Google!)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

                                                          (Picture borrowed from Google)

Archangel Faith; Why doubt is ok!

Yes doubt is ok!
The true path to faith
comes through, valuing
and actually weighing
pros and cons
in your hand
and you are blindfolded
you must trust your heart always.
There are times when you will
wonder through a landscape of doubt.
That is unavoidable.
Just remember,
God knows about your struggle.
Faith and God walks beside you
and loves you just as much when
you walk in the landscape of doubt...!
The essence is that your faith will be even stronger
when you come back from your walk...!
Look upon time as love.
Look upon time as your best friend!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sanat Kumara; Love is a natural force!

Who am I?
I am Sanat Kumara
and I am very old.
I am a ray of the sun
just as you are!
If you look upon time
as your best friend
a very dear friend 
that you love. 
You might come to the
insight that
time is not a problem.
This beautiful planet
has developed through 
very much time!
And that is LOVE!
You can’t do C
if you haven’t done
A and B first!
So you might think that
I am silly now?!
It is this simple!
So it is OK that you
take your time!
You don´t need to hurry
love is a natural force!

Monday, 8 June 2015


Yes this is the first book I wrote.
A channeling with God.
It is a book about Gods love for all women and Mother Earth.
The book is not yet translated to english.
The title is though;


God loves women equal to men.
Women was first on earth, later, men came, as a complement,
both equally important,
yet today it is very important that all 

Half of the material was taken away from the Bible
it should actually be twice as big...!

Why was material taken away that is about
The female aspect of life
Mother Earth
Ancestors in the Universe