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Friday, 18 January 2019

Archangel Faith; Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom

I am Archangel Faith, and I love you! 

In times of trouble I am there with you even more! 

Yes of course you think, that would be just natural, because that is what Faith do!? 

And yet I am not quite sure you understand me completely! 

The thing is that I breathe with you! 

I feel when you are sad, or worried. I never leave your side! 
I am very close to you at all times! 

And if you let me I will be the healing balm on your wounds, 
like healing nectar for your soul!  

I am a Mother! You can always rely on me! 

I embrace all of Earth and every living being! 

And when times come to you with worries or fear, you might feel that you don´t have any connection to me, and all you have to do then is to call on me! 

It is actually up to your free will! 
Just think of me, and I will embrace you, 
for I love you
and I want you to feel me completely!

Archangel Faith Channeling through Kerstin Eriksson 2019-01-18