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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Mother Mary; Alimony.

I am Mother Mary and I love you!
I am reaching out to you from afar you might think?
The truth is I am very close!
One of my wishes as a soul was to be able to continue to give aid, to love
and to be the one who lends a hand to who ever might need it.
Especially children.
When they are in need I am always near to help.
I am working in a team with Pegasus amongst others.
Children are those who will inherit this earth one day.
They are very precious to me.
Those on earth that are good to children, helping them with a good heart,
they will be awarded sooner or later.
I call this alimony.
This alimony does not have to do with money.
It has to do with others things.
It is an invisible alimony.
To the eye it is invisible but to the heart this alimony is a work of art.
The heart will know!
If you met a person with an alimony from me and my team
you will feel it in your heart.
And you will sense that this persons heart is as good as gold.
For someone that can se auras they can se this alimony there.
What I want to say today is that the goodhearted intent,
and the goodhearted action are the most important things.
Maybe you have great ideas, just waiting to win the lottery,
and then you can start?
It is not about the money.
Instead envision what you dream about,
and plant that seed and follow your heart,
and you will soon notice that the seed begins to grow,
step by step, inch by inch.
Just don´t give up and please have faith in yourself at all times.
Don´t forget to nourish the seed, water it every day.
It works both ways, you have to be goodhearted to yourself as well at all times.
So please have faith in me
and remember I love you!
/Mother Mary

(A channeling with Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson

Friday, 13 March 2020

Mother Mary; Did you know?

I am Mother Mary and I must say, I love you very much!
You must wonder who am I really?
Well I am the mother of Jesus that is right!
I gave birth to him and held him in my arms.
I am a mother like any other mother!
I am no different. 
All mothers matter, all mothers are divine and holy.
Motherhood is something all others should hold high, and make sure
the mother and child are doing okey!
I pray for all children always, and I also pray for all women, 
their mothers. I pray for that this world you live in will make everything
to mothers and child, to make them feel safe and loved at all times.
Womanhood, motherhood matter, it matters a lot!
It should matter the most I must say!
What other thing is so important?
All men come from a woman!
All women also!
Motherhood is a very important universal matter and
should be on everyone´s agenda each day.
What else can be interesting?
I pray for you on this planet, Mother Earth, because I also know she cares for you.
The day will come, when Motherhood will be a sacred matter, and on the to do list, at the very top of it, all days in the week, all year around.
Women and children must be safe, and cared for and cherished for the most important bond there is.
The children will inherit this beautiful planet and I pray for that they also inherit the notion that life matters and that women are treated with respect.
When this day comes you will have taken a great and very important step ahead into the future and into the new life that you are waiting for in your heart. 
This beautiful step that I await for you to take, will create the most wonderful effect and you will receive gifts from God that you will be more than amazed over. 
This planet is all about Motherhood because without the mothers where would anyone be?
I love you
just as you are
and I know you will take the step in the future
I just wanted to remind you about your existence
and how your mother held you in her arms.
And once again I say
I love you
/Mother Mary

(A channeling through medium and healer Kerstin Eriksson

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Mother Mary; Eating the rainbow!

My dear friend I am Mother Mary, and I love you!
Today I will talk about eating habits.
Whatever you eat, don´t be intimidated.
I will talk to you about colors and the connection to food.
I will talk about feelings as well.
When an animal lives in a factory, just being brought up for its meat,
there are little love, or none.
And so animals are sentient beings, the feel, just as you and I do, the stress they live in
becomes a part of them, their meat, their milk.
Many people eat meat and don´t think about the stress, that is in the meat.
There is also antibiotics, and the animals own hormones.
Cows that produce milk for dairy products, have hormones to produce milk, for their babies.
If you eat vegetables instead you don´t let your body go through the stress
of eating someone else´s stress, pain, and panic.
Look at your plate of colors of love, vegetables, fruits, berries, beans, nuts, almonds and more.
Plants have no eyes, they have not the same energy system as humans or animals.
It is very important that they are organically grown, without pesticides of course.
Give this to your body, to your system, to the very house in which your soul lives.
The animals are your friends, please love them and treat them with dignity and respect.
They love you unconditionally and please thank them for their sacrifice to you.
Say grace at your dining table.
If you eat meat, it is up to you dear!
I just wanted to speak about this, because this is the very cause to illnesses in humans.
If you don´t know that the animal have been happy and raised in a loving environment, and if you don´t know that its last moments in life where without stress, don´t eat it.
Being human is not so easy many times, but by loving yourself and what you put into your own
body, is a very good start.
When you understand there are no separation, all is connected, and that you see and understand the pattern that goes around.
I love you very much,
Mother Mary

(This is a channeling through medium, healer and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Mother Mary; Prana talks!

I am Mother Mary and I love you.
I am very old and I have learned many things.
Today I will address something called prana.

What is prana?
Prana is life spirit and also the capacity you have to be able to transform your love into nourishment. Prana is also about faith in love and about faith in that you already are complete, that you need nothing else.

When you embrace that very thought that you ARE ALREADY whole and complete, that you are surrounded by sheer love, and that you are made of love, then it will start happening things within you.

When you set aside all worries and you let love heal you inside and out, when you let go of the sides that you kling on to. When you let yourself flow, and fly within your golden globe that is your protection that is when you start to heal and also let prana give you nourishment.

You are all made of love and so you all have a great source of love inside of you.
To access this holy force you have just to relax and have absolutely full faith in it.
I love you
Mother Mary

(A channeling with Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson

Monday, 9 March 2020

Mother Mary; From past to future.

I am Mother Mary and I love you!
You are very dear to me as I see you in your lives.
Today I will adress the fact that some of you have burdens of the old with you.
In order to begin something new you have to let go of the old.
Ask for help! Ask me! Ask Jesus! Ask Buddha! Ask God! Ask Pegasus!
Ask and don´t think it is anything wrong with that!
You might feel the new energies and they practically demand that you
work through the old and let it go.
The old has been your teacher, it has guided you to where you are today.
Love your past, but make sure it is the past.
The important thing is that you love and embrace YOU,
the whole you, the past and the present,
so your work with your past will be a labour of love.
It will set you free from the past in a loving way.
Ask us for help.
If you feel you can´t move forward,
it is most likely because of your past,
something unresolved.
It is ok, we will help you,
and we would love to help you!
Just let us know!
I love you,
Mother Mary
(From my blog, in Swedish

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Mother Mary; Animal Kingdom!

I am Mother Mary and I love you!
I am very old and I have many things I need to speak about!
Today I will start by anchoring you in the remembrance of the Animal Kingdom.
When you evolve and as you call it ascend, it really means you are becoming complete, full circle.
It means that you are aware of all.
And as you become full, whole, you absolutely must embrace all beings.
And the Animal Kingdom is first in line!
They are waiting for you to notice them.
They include you now, and you might feel them, and sense them, in more ways than ever before.
They love you full heartedly and they are ready to coach you in endless love and you might also feel that they are including you completely into their family.
They hold the greatest wisdom and you will be able to learn from them, step by step.
So my dear friend
the greatest wisdoms of the universe
are laying before your very feet!
/Mother Mary

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