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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Mother Mary; Mother´s Day and Women´s Day, 365!

How can Mother´s day be only one day a year?

Without the mothers there would be - NO ONE!

Now you might think, has she gone mad?

She - your Mother Earth- is - every day, isn´t she?

Some women never give birth to a baby and they might feel they are not as valuable as all the other women? It does not even matter! They carry, the female energy anyway! And how does it really work? The women have a connection with each other that resemble a woven quilt. And women that do not have a child of their own actually help the other women, that have a child. Their energy, and love for babies and children are being woven in to the quilt and other women are being helped by this love.

Women are sacred and where before men. Yes! No doubt! There can be no man, without a woman!

The day will actually come, when mothers and women will be appreciated for their actual importance!

The history of women will be enlightened!

And there will be balance, once again!

What men do not understand is that the current imbalance is not beneficial for them, some of the men have realized this, but far from all!

Everyone will benefit from the balance between the female and male energies and Mother Earth will thrive even more!

I love you, and please have faith in me,
Mother Mary