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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Mother Mary; All is well!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Why do I say "all is well?"

Because you as a soul are a train, and right now you are passing by a special station, and some of you need to get of there to get specific information.

Your soul is like a ray of sunlight and it needs to enlighten certain matters.

You can not go on the train to continue your journey until the matter is thoroughly enlightened and yóu understand what this specific station means.

Your train is eternal, just as your soul is!

Your train always waits for you!

And you are never alone whether you sit on the train or if you are on a station to go and explore a matter that you need to learn.

Eather way, it is part of life, everyone do this, it is a necessity for you as a soul, because everything needs to be shining light, for you to finally be able to go home.

All experiences you go through gives you a special meaning and also a special color. And when you have understod everything and you have collected every color and nyance, you will be mixing them all together and they will be the white color, the color of God, and it means that you have gone through the full circle and you do not have to be reborn on Earth any more, if you choose not to.

In the Akasha library each and everyone of you, have a colorbox, and if you need you can pray to God to show you your own box, and he will open it and you will be able to see your colors, that you have collected.

We, your guides we have once also lived lives on earth, to learn, and we had also a box with colors in the Akasha Library, so we know what you are going through at all times!

And I just need to say to you,
please have faith in me
because I am always guarding you,
and loving you
as you are my beloved children!

/Mother Mary

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Mary Magdalene; I am Archangel Faith!

Hello dear friends I am Mary Magdalene and I love you to the moon and back!
What I would like to talk about today is that I am also an archangel!
I am Archangel Faith!
I know you have heard of the three words of wisdom,
Faith, hope and love!
And these three energies are, they really ARE!
Maybe this is not what you had excpected?
That these energies are the co-creators to the very planet that you are living on!

Faith, Hope and Love are rays of energies and they are everywhere!
They are like photons! They go through everything!

So I ask; are you prepared to be embraced by Faith Hope and Love? Are you ready to be loved?

There will be no end to the miracles that can happen! And how can you feel it?

Well you can feel it if you "sit down in the boat"!

And what do I mean?

I mean that if you are stressed, or if you are worried - you will still feel it, but it will be weaker.

If you try your best to relax, just by being here and now you are on the right path!
You do not need special kind of clothes, or ceremonies, all you have to do is feel the joy in that you ARE!

Enjoy yourself by saying I AM! You do not need anything more!

In this state of consiousness, you will experience love, hope and me, faith, to the fullest!

I Faith, always work together with Hope and Love and there are no separation, so I am really one with this energy, it is a holy energy, a sacred trinity of which is the very foundation to the origin of the universe!

Envision yourself as the microcosmos, you have everything within yourself, no matter how much is happening around you. It is like you are a mountain in the storm, you are the same within, because you hold the light, you hold your own light alive within your sacred heart, and that is how you feel the energy of the holy trinity, Faith Hope and Love!

And I Mary Magdalene
say to you,
I love you very much!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Mother Mary; Holy Mother cure!!

I am Mother Mary and I am very old and I also love you very much!
Once upon a time I was very young and I did not know so very much!
To learn in life is mostly about learning by doing, and yet sometimes learning can be done by reading books for instance!

There will be new teachings! And they are already written!

The new knowledge that your soul is seeking is all about how to live on Mother Earth without harming her. There is a healing herb for every illness, a cure for every symptom. It is natural!

Your precious DNA is awakening as I speak and all is in order! You will need now to learn to feel her, listen to her, but most of all you need to acknowlidge her as a soul.

There is a great part in your heart that is almost thirsty after this kind of knowledge!

Because you can not become whole if you do not do this!

Balance within you and without you comes from father in heaven and mother earth,

Many of you have only followed the incoming knowledge from heaven, and that is not wrong but when you do not get in touch with your true Mother, Earth, you will stay in half, in that way I mean that you will become complete as you allow yourself to feel her, listen to her heartbeat.

She has all the knowledge about healing. Medicine. About all herbs that heal you. Everything IS HER.

This knowledge has been kept on this planet since the beginning of erect life and the indigenous people have kept this knowledge alive amongst them. Their knowledge is a high priced gift and you should be grateful it is still in their memories. Many of them have been led to extinction by evil forces that knew about their important knowledge, but they wanted to quiet them to make money on medicine made in factories.

There were once medicine women and men with great knowledges about healing remedies, and some of them were called witches, and they were also a threat to male leaders within the church and so they killed many of them.

The power should belong to the people, the knowledge about healing and more. And now is the time when this will happen. The people will se with new eyes on the authority that have hidden many dark secrets, to hinder health and more things.

Money is a poison that has turned Mother Earth into a buffé for those of you that only love money. With this thinking, that Mother Earth is something that you can use, and when there is no more you just throw her away like garbage, and then you have to go to another planet to use that one too as the new buffé.

You have to wake up to the fact that Mother Earth is no buffé and she is a living breathing being, a breathing soul with a beating heart. She is a sentient being, with a soul, she is a Mother. The Mother.

She feels when a leaf falls of a tree. She feels every wave in the ocean. She feels when you walk on her. She feels how you walk, she feel how heavy you are and she feel what you feel, in your heart. She misses nothing. And I must reveal something;

She loves you! She loves you very much! And she knows what is going on, at all times!
She knows about this process, that you are going through, that you have to go through, because you have a wake up call from the universe into your DNA, that says, wake up, to your new reality!

Look around, many of you have brothers and sisters that is also waking up, to this new reality. And she Mother Earth is waiting for you, she loves you and she knows you have to ground yourselves now, so you will get in contact with her, just as it used to be a very long time ago.

Then it was normal, and the only possible way to live, in full contact with Mother. Many of you have a underlaying sorrow of a loss. Many of you have become searchers instead, trying to find something to fill in that place in your heart, where your love to Mother Earth used to be. And the truth is that you actually miss, her, your Mother Earth, and to be able to communicate with her, as you used to do.

It was normal and a necessity once upon a time. The separation, from this normal state of being has created much sorrow for you, a lot of seaching for you. Once upon a time she was holy to you, you worshipped her, and you loved her much. Then you got a flu, it affected your DNA that fell asleep, and you lost the ability to be in contact with her. And instead you filled your lives with something to fill in the gap, the lost contact with her, that always meant you were loved, and you were whole, and did not need to search for anything else!

And she completed you, you could feel her love, you were always safe with her. And then you lost your memories, and your abilities to communicate with her. Only a few could still do it. Shamans, indigenous peoples, and witches. They could still hear her, and listen to her advice.

But this became a to big threat to the moneypeople, and the rest you know. The result of the money is what is happening all round you. Look at your Mother, is she happy? Are you happy?

Much need to change! And she is waiting for you, and she loves you very much!

And I love you very much too
Mohter Mary