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Saturday, 30 May 2015



(This picture is borrowed from Google)

So what about this stone?!
It is a very special stone!
It gives you new stages in your life!
It is also supportive!
It gives you joy!
It gives you safety
a feeling of security
on new paths in life!
It makes you stronger!

If possible; Clean the stone each day,
as all stones!
Rinse in clean water, as natural as you can!
Let it dry, in sunlight or in moonlight.

A stone is elementary to life,
a balancer, and mostly it is grounding, helps us to be grounded.

A good stone is friendship...!

If you let it dry in sunlight it means;
it will be filled with sun energy= energy to help you move forward=ACTION

If you let it dry in moonlight it means;
it will be filled with moonlight= soothing, calming, serenity, so you will have a certain stillness, an  advantage; to be able to renew your energy by clarification!

Carry it with you as it suites you, the closer, the more it will give you!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Archangel Uriel; I await you!

I am Uriel,
I am an archangel.
You have walked a long distance
on your life path.
Over hills, high mountains,
plains, valleys, forests
deserts...and more.
And on your path
I await you!
I am a love guide
that can be your
companion, to serve you
as you walk on your path of life,
you are never alone
not even in your loneliest moment...!
So cheer up!
I love you!
/ Uriel

Archangel Michael; See you, see me!

When you look upon YOU
you see me!
We are not so very different!
In fact we are both made of love!
The big difference is that
I KNOW IT for a fact!
Do you know it?
Have you ever thought about
who you are?
And why you are here
on this beautiful planet?
You are here to learn this;
That LOVE is the only thing that matters!
That LOVE will set you free?
That LOVE is the only energy that is FOREVER...
everything else will be a lesson...
to really know about LOVE...
So know in your heart
you are blessed,
Have faith in yourself and
know that you are indeed
a love miracle!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Just Paul!

I was an idiot.
I had good friends, a family.
I liked to get a kick in high speeds.
I thought I had an advantage.
I was wreckless.
I left it all
for speed.
I really thought I could fly.
Well I am well now in heaven.
I just wish I had been more
Caring about LIFE...!
Still loving my friends and family forever..!