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Friday, 10 February 2017

Koi have wings! The power of transformation!


The power of transformation!

In the sea of silence
you hear very little.
And you need not hear
for here you are!
Like a paradise
like a womb
you are safe!
Then one day
you are ready.
This day, is the day
when you feel
that you are
ready for the next step.
You are ready for the step
to go beyond,
to let go,
to go where
only your imagination
has taken you before.
And you take a deep breath
for the first time
and you breathe,
and you notice
that on both sides of your body
now there is a pair of wings.
And with the first breath, the wings
are unfolded, and they immediately
start to make you fly!
And you look down
and you see the sea of silence
that you love, and always will love 
for it has
 carried you
for eons of time
and you say to yourself
you will return to always remember
where you came from.
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(Borrowed picture from Google, Pond & Koi Foods)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Channeling with God; I am and you are love!

I am God, and I am.
You are, because, you are love!
You are love, because you are made, with love,
you are a creation of love!
Once upon a time,
very long time ago,
I and several other creators
had a meeting!
We talked and shared
a beautiful idea that we would like
to create something very beautiful!
And my friends that created together with me
are, faith, hope, love, joy, gratitude and more
positive creators! So we got started and we
created something very beautiful, and the joy was great!
The creation was a process, that has taken very much time!
And when you look upon time as, a dear friend, a very dear loving friend
you might feel in your heart that, all is well!
And love, the very energy that amongst the other positive energies, is one energy that you should take into consideration, as you ARE CREATED with this energy, so dear beloved child, never forget
that you are a big part of love, and you always will be!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sananda; Envision Love

Have your mind set on love!
I am Sananda, and I will talk about, how you manifest love!
When you have your mind set on LOVE, you manifest love!
All is energy!
Every little thought!
Every feeling is energy in different patterns, colors and rhythms.
So you then understand, automatically, that the more you are, dear beloved brothers and sisters , the more you are, who is feeling good, and feeling true
hearts joy, the more, you are about to manifest,  love, as a creation!
Just as when you say a prayer, from your beloved heart, you manifest good loving magical things to happen!  So I say envision LOVE, as it is the natural thing to do, just as it is natural to
embrace gratitude, and loving each breath that you take
as you are a beloved part of me, my dear brothers and sisters!

Mary Magdalene; Walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!

I am Mary Magdalene and I will say
that I am very old! I am an old soul that
has seen many things, and my knowledge
says;  Always walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!
Earth is your Mother, no matter how you look, or where
you are from, a city or the country!
It all starts with her, and it comes down to her at all times!
If you are about to start an enterprise, ask yourself, what would
Mother Earth think and feel about this? Is this product that you would
like to produce and sell, is that something that does not hurt
Mother Earth in any way!? Mother Earth welcomes your new
inventions, and even more so she welcomes when you have thought
your product through totally! Mother Earth welcomes you as you are
making your product environmentally friendly, all the way,
up to when it is thrown in the bin, as it then is recyclable!
There is great joy, in finding you in your processes, in
wanting to create new good products, that is making a positive
change for human life on your beautiful planet!
Mother Earth is a great garden and she loves when you
make an effort to not hurt her, she appreciates when you feel in your hearts that is is of great importance not to disturb the natural flows of life. For every heart that awakens to the very fact
that your Mother needs a lot of tender love and care, the closer you get to be able to
walk in a paradise! So she is about to make a loving statement
about those who cares with their hearts, in this process,
and she will premier, give bonuses to them! She knows!
She is very intelligent! She is very old! She is the wisest of all!
Embrace her and love her, as she embraces you and loves you
as you walk hand in hand with her in her beautiful green grass!