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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Love and say a prayer for WATER, LOVE LANA!

Yes, LOVE LANA or Lanë, in Albania.

Lana or Lanë, is the main stream that crosses through Tirana, the capital of Albania.
Its source is in the mountains east of Tirana.

Once clean water, it now carries sewage.




Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mary Magdelene

I walk here with you,
you are not alone.
Together we walk the path
of your life, and if you like
I will hold your hand.
Sometimes you worry,
over material things or you
worry over illness or
you have problems with
your loved ones.
I say; no matter
what problems you have;
I am there for you!
Life is a road, that we walk
to learn!
The joyful thing is
when you discover that you never
walk alone!
I am a feminine energy
that is very old,
I am a very old soul.
Just have faith in me
I love you
/ Mary Magdalene