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Friday, 17 April 2020

Mother Mary; Stone of peace!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Today I will share an old story with you!

I was there myself!

It was a sunny day many thousands of years ago, and there was a little village somewhere near a river. The village was actually so close to the river that the houses had their boats just below the windows.

It was a great river and on the other side there where another village. And the two villages where very similiar to each other and yet the people spoke two different languages.

Most of the time the two villages where friendly to each other. They traded things with each other. They could even find someone to love in the opposite village and so they would start a new family with them.

One day a little boy found a black stone up in the hill behind one of the villages. He had actually a job. He was the guardian of a flock of sheep. And while he was sitting on the hillside, on a warm rock on that sunny day, he saw something glittering in the pile of sand and stones in front of him.

He just had to pick it up and se what is was. It was a black stone that glimmered in the sun.

He brought the little black stone with him to the village and to his uncle. The uncle looked closely at the black stone and he said; I think you have found a piece of Onyx.

The little boy was very happy, and he cherished his little stone very much.

The little boy was very poor, and his parents had died in an earthquake some years back. So the little boy lived with his uncle. He was almost always out on the hills above the village looking after the little group of sheep that was owned by his uncle.

He used to look at the beautiful black stone with the white lines in it and he could not take his eyes from it. He went back to the same spot and looked for more stones but there were none.
He had found the only one.

Everytime he took the sheep to the little creek to drink water, he rinsed the stone from dust, and he  let it dry in the sunlight. He then put it back in his pocket as he left the creek.

As the boy grew older and bigger and taller the two villages began to be more and more unfriendly with each other.

More and more hostility between the two people seemed to escalate, for no apparant reason.

The boy were now a young man, and he was still out with the sheep on the slopes that led down to the village in which he lived in.

He spent a lot of time thinking, about the two villages. He did not understand why the unfriendliness had started, and he wished it would be like it used to be, good friends living opposite to each other, friends that helped the other, and would lend a hand if the other needed it.

He used to sit on the rock, that was warm from the rays of the sun, and think about his family. He wished they would be alive. But he did not want to complain, he had his uncle and he was a kind man.

Sometimes he would think of the two villages as two siblings, and he really wanted them two to be good friends.

One day he sat on the warm rock he saw new sheep coming from the mountains behind the hill and they where of a differend kind than those of his uncles. Then he saw a shepherd slowly walking behind them. This shepherd looked very old. He had white hair, and a white beard and his skin was almost black.

He came towards the boy on the warm rock and said I am so thirsty, do you have any water to offer me? And the boy gave him water to drink. He had collected the water from the creek just the same morning, so the bag was full with fresh water.

The old man drank the water and sat down next to the boy. Thank you for the water said the white haired man with almost black skin, and he continued; I just walked from over the mountains and you are the first person to offer me water to drink. No one else would.

The boy, or the young man was chocked to hear this. Could there be such ignorance of a strangers need to drink some water? How could anyone say no, he thought.

The old man looked around and said, it was in my young days that I was here, the last time! Now in my old days I thought I would come here once more before I take my last breath. It is such a beautiful place to be, and I always loved this place, and the village here by the river.

The young man looked at the old shepherd and said that he was worried about the hostility that had started between the two river villages and he hoped it would not escalate anymore, and that friendship would come back.

The old man with the white hair and beard sat quiet for a while and then he said;

When I was young I found my love in the village on the other side of the river. She was visiting here on this side selling flowers the day I visited. And I fell in love with her. And I asked her if she wanted to be my wife.

And she said yes! So we got married! And then she went back home, and packed her things and came back to me here and we started to walk over the mountains to go to my home a long way from here, and we sat down to rest somewhere near here and she brought up something from one of her pockets to show me.

The boy, or the young man, became very curious and wondered what is was. The old man continued and said that she had taken out a black stone from her pocket and she showed it to me. And she had told him that it was a magic stone. Because it gave balance to whoever held it with love in his or hers hands.

The old shepherd continued; his wife Miriam had said that she had found the stone on the other side of the river where she was born a very long time ago, she had found it up in the hills behind her village. And one day she really needed the stone. She had always loved it, cleaned it in water letting it dry in the sunlight always carrying it with her.

One day a warlord entered her village with his legion, and they did not care for peace, they liked war more. And they stayed for a while in the village and tried to make people angry and hostile to the other side, the other village across the river. And one day she had enough. She looked at her beloved stone, Beautiful black stone with white lines in it, and she felt that friendship is about being different but accepting it. Like the stone itself. The stone was beautiful as it was, black and white. So she talked with great emphasis about this to her friends in her village and she made them aware of this, and they told the warlord to leave with his soldiers.

And so the peace continued for many years to come, and she grew up and she met him in the village as she was there visiting, said the old shepherd. And she had shown him the stone on their walk over the mountains, to his home many years ago, and the old man said she had died a year ago, as she was very old. So he decided to take one last walk with his sheep to see where he had found his wife all those years ago.

The boy, or the young man sat there whis his mouth open! He could not believe that this was true!
The old man said, that Miriam said later when they had reached his home on the other side of the mountains that she had left the stone on the site where they took a little brake from the walking.
And now the boy could not be quiet anymore.

He reachead into his own pocket and took out the stone!

The old man said; yes there it is!

The peacestone!

And he said to the young man; who ever finds it must use it to bring peace where he or she lives.

Talk to your friends in your village! You have the stone, and it is a magical one! Look at it! It is both black and white. It is like night and day! It is like stars in the night sky and the sunlight at the same time. And both are neccesary! One can not be without the other!

My wife Miriam said that she left the stone here, to be found by someone that loved peace, and that one day this special person would find it, and bring peace to the villages. She said she had a feeling all those years back that it would be necessary, once more. Some places, some villages, needs the peace more than others, they have to learn about it over and over again, otherwise they would forget and start to be unfriendly with their neighbours, as in this case, the village across the river.

So the young man invited the old shepherd to his uncle´s house to share a meal!

And he knew what he would do now! He would go to his friends, and talk about this miraclestone of peace from Miriam and say that all they needed was peace, so that love could grow!

The old shepherd said that if Miriam had never found the stone when she was little and could convince her friends and her village that peace was preferable, they would never have met, and would never have married each other. She was his everything, they were twinsouls.

He, the young man felt great gratitude towards the old shepherd and he thanked him for giving him this very important information about the Onyx that he had for many years. And he also felt gratitude that the old man had made the choise to walk over the mountains, which was a long and difficult walk.

And the young man knew, that he now had this magic stone in his hand, representing both night and day, a necessary balance, and maybe his future wife to be also lived in the village across the river, and if he convinced his friends, and the other people in his village that peace was the only choise, he might have a chance to meet his own wife some day! This filled his heart with a hope of finding love and he knew that everything was going to be just fine!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Mother Mary You belong to love!

Mother Mary; You belong to love!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
I am old and I have experience of things so I will speak from my heart to you!

You and I we sit in the same boat!

There is no separation! There never was!

We are many that sit in this boat! We all do!

But not all know this, they do not feel it, they do not experience this.

What I would like to say is that I hold the oars!

I row the boat!

And you are my passengers, whether you like it or not, or whether you know it or not!

Just let me row! I love you!

I am stearing the boat into a safe harbour always,
the harbour of love!

I know every wave, I know the winds, I know the currents in the water.

If you just sit down in the boat it is much more pleasant for you!

You are safe with me always,
just have faith in me!

Mother Mary

(I am Kerstin and I am the channeler of this message from Mother Mary,

Monday, 13 April 2020

Archangel Michael; Here and now til beyond!

I am Archangel Michael and I am here today to talk about something that matters!

Walk with me! Why do I say this?

By being aware of life and that life is a journey, that it is a path that you walk on,
and I say this say to you because you never walk alone.

Life present itself in many different ways. There are so many ways that you can walk.
And to me it does not matter. What matters is you!

I love you very much!
You are an Earthling, and you are my brothers and sisters!

I never leave you, I am always by your side!

So I say to you, love yourself! Love every step that you take on your life´s journey.

And why should you love every step? Even if you are maybe ashamed of some of the steps you have taken?

Everything that has happened in your life, has been what has created you.

You are here and now, and that is what is important, and all that has been has led you here!

And you and me we are walkers in life, we walk together and we can walk anywhere and we can even walk beyond the highest mountain, beyond the clouds, beyond the moon together.

Just as long as you always remember that I am here, next to you.

And when you are tired of walking and when your feet are sore of all the hard stones on the ground,
I will carry you til your feet are once more healed.

Just have faith in me,
I love you,