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Friday, 25 October 2019

Jesus; The transparency!

Hallo dear friend I love you, 
I am Jesus, 
and at this moment in time
I would like to address the reality of transparency. 

All is becoming lighter, rounder, and more complete for every breath that you take. It is a journey of becoming who you are. It takes actually eons of time to go through this development. Some of you are in the belief that awakening is something that you just do miraculously over one night. But it really is not. Your soul has prepared itself for this particular moment in eons of time. It is a deep matter going through your very being at all levels, and it goes through time and space as well. You are the one that you are. You are not here by chance. There is no coincidence.

One of the hardest thing for you to do, is to realize who you are. The older soul you have, the more intricate you are, and the more work it is for you to believing in who you are. It can feel like a struggle and sometimes you want all the pieces to come together and show you in an instant all the answers you are searching for. But why does this not happen? Because of very good reasons.

If you where to find out the answers you seek in just a quick second, your heart wouldn´t accept it. And why?

Because you have to really feel it in your heart, deep in your heart you have to recall yourself, so it will be your own enlightenment, and not something that is brought on the table by someone else. By now you are too wise to accept a quick-fix, as if someone just presents the very map to an ancient treasure that is buried on a desert island.

You have become very mature and you really want to walk your steps on you own, finding out the answers with no rush, time is on your side, there is no hurry. You have waited for this moment for a very long time, and you are already complete, you just have to have faith and patience, and enjoy your journey, as the road is holy and I always walk beside you prepared to carry you if you need.

I am Jesus and I needed to show you that all is clear, 
and you have your own ability to see right through into yourself 
and that you yourself are your own master, 
your own guru, you are the one that knows exactly what you need!
I love you,

(A channeling through lightworker, healer, medium Kerstin Eriksson via Jesus on, or also visit