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Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Realm of Cygnus! Behold you are loved!

We are Cygnus and we are a part of the Animal Kingdom.

All animals on Earth are Universal beings just as yourself.

The Realm of Cygnus is very old and we are wayshowers and poets of love.

You have often read messages about love, and how to keep love safe in you.

And yet love is a force that always is, everywhere. Love is. 


Love is a forever energy and you can rely on it. You do not have to fight to get it, it is already there where you are, you have to keep an open mind and an open heart, that is your job. 

You are a part of the system of Earth. It means that you have several animal guides, several tree guides and more from the other kingdoms. You are a part of something very big and very loving.

See yourself as a tree. You have roots, several roots down in the earth, that is grounding you, holding you safe and secure. And then you have a trunk and that is where you have your spine and all your nerves. And then you have the crown of the tree, the treetop with all the branches and leaves, flowers and seeds.

When you are open in your consciousness to your roots you get a good connection to your top and the higher dimensions above. It means that you have to trust yourself, and love yourself that is how you get a true connection. 

I am a wayshower and my personal cosmic name is Swaneah Cascada and I will help you understand how you function now in the fifth dimension. 

As a member and being of the fifth dimension it is all about co-operation, working together. 

We are looking forward to working with you. 

You are very much loved and we have been waiting to send this message to you.

Have faith in yourself!

Yours sincerely

Swaneah Cascada

(pictures borrowed from wikipedia/google).

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