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Friday, 15 December 2017

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead!

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead, a channeling through Kerstin Eriksson, 15 December 2017.

Greetings to you, I am Ashtar!
You are very dear to me, to us!
We are a confederacy of star allies.
We have been watching you for a very long time.
We are closer than you can ever imagine.
In fact we are already among you, of course.
Some of you have seen us
walking in the streets beside you.
You can meet us everywhere,
where you the least expect us to be.
We are only notable to those that are openminded.
Yet we are very much around.
You can see us in full third dimension, o yes!
Only those that can see into the fifth and higher dimension
can tell the difference, who is who!
We come in peace, we are concerned about
your planet.
She is extremely important to us.
All children are very important to us.
We only seek total peace and love.
And all the solutions to your poisonous waste.
All your issues with energy, will we solve of course.
Just have faith in us!
We have the solutions to FREE ENERGY
that does not hurt your planet in any way.
Your planet is a very important link, and
all planets are linked together,
so no planet is uninteresting.
We work on more planets than yours.
We want the whole link to be healthy.
Se the link as a collar of pearls.
Your planet is a very important pearl
and she is also very beautiful and unique.
Yet she needs help, and you know it.
All the pearls in the collar, needs to be attended
and treated with great care and love.
So now we can talk about landmarks!
Because the time is here!
The reality shifts, into the love vibration and
soon all of you will find there is no other way to walk.
So I say for tonight,
I love you,
we love you
we are your family from the universe,
and we know everyone of you,
just you wait and see,

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sananda; You hold the light!

Sunday 10 December 2017, channeling with Sananda;
You hold the light, through Kerstin Eriksson.

I am Sananda
and I love you.
I know of your paths, I know of every little step you take.
And I also know of every time you don’t think you move at all.
There are times, when you think you stand still, and you think you don’t develop.
You develop, when you stand still.
Sometimes you need to be still, very still in your life.
That is when you have the chance to go within of yourself.
That moment of stillness gives you the possibility to work with your inner room.
Sometimes you need quietness, stillness, you need to be in a place,
where you are alone, and no one will knock on your door.
Sometimes you are in a hurry, that is okay, of course, and with that movement you think
you develop, and it is actually the opposite.
When you listen, carefully, to your inner room,
the more you will notice how you follow
the planets ascension,
and the more you will be upgraded in your DNA.
And the more you listen to and take your time to really feel,
your inner room, it will give you positive effects from the fifth dimension and higher.
Your inner process is essential,
it is like a beautiful path, through different landscapes.
You have to trust, you have to have faith, to start walking on that personal path of yours.
This path is in your inner room, and you also need to embrace and love your body,
it is very important.
Breathe the breath of love, breath in love, breath out love.
Love your breath, each breath, it is the lovebreath that makes you complete, whole.
Your guardian angel, breathes with you.
Yes this is the spirit that makes you whole!
God will be guiding you, as well as I will!
The more you love your breathing the more we see the light!
You must be ready to embrace the fact that you hold the light within of you!
The light can only come through the breath of love, when you actually love each breath that you take.
And that you truly love yourself, no matter what you have gone through in your life.
You are very important to us, as you hold the light,
that transforms everything around you into love.
Just know in your heart,
that you hold the light!
Dear friends,
I love you!