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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Lord Ganesha; You are a winner!

 I am Ganesha, I am very old.

As I am very old I see from a special angle and I must say;

You are the winner in your own life! 

You actually hold the light in your hand.

And what kind of light is it?

It is the Torch of Freedom!

We see a globe, and we see you all, and we see all of your torches but many of you don´t realize that you actually hold a very special torch.

Many of you don´t even see your own light. 

You don´t know that you are carrying the Torch of Freedom!

Many of you do not know that your torch that you are indeed are carrying, glows in beautiful colors of freedom, truth and compassion.

And yet we can see it! Yes! 

We see the light from each and everyones torches!

And we see you as a winner, and you might think that is strange? 

Why do we see you as a winner if you don´t even know about your own torch?

Well my dear beloved friends; 

You have worked extremely hard in many existances on Earth. 

You have worked very hard for the freedom of light, for the knowledge of love, the eternal ray of love.

In life after life you have fought for the right to speak, to say your truth, in life after life you have protected love, with your own life many times.

And now in this lifetime you carry the Torch of Freedom, you have certainly earned the right to hold this precious light.

You will soon realize that you indeed hold this precious gift, 

the Torch of Freedom;

and yes we absolutely see you as a winner, always a winner!

I love you very much


This is a channeling from through lightworker Kerstin Eriksson, I also give distance healing (free!) and angel readings. 💓🙏 Namaste and have a blessed day! 

Mother Mary; Speak directly from your heart!

 I am here for you! I am a mother, my name is Mary!

I love you! I say prayers for you every day! 

I light candles for you every day!

You are safe with me always!

Just do not forget, that you also can say a prayer, each day!

A prayer each day, re-connects you, to faith.

Faith is a living being, a soul, a ray, an energy that is extremely important!

Speak directly from your heart, keep your hands together, palm to palm, fingertips to fingertips.

We hear you! 

We hear your hearts voice and the words you say in your prayer, but most of all we feel you, we feel whatever concerns you in your life.

Speak directly from your heart and never be afraid to express yourself, what you feel and what you need help with.

Maybe you feel sad one day and you would like to say a prayer but you think that it would be so sad and that we the angels would think you are not grateful enough?

Don´t worry! 

We love you exactly as you are and whatever you feel and express from your heart is the most valuable confirmation for us, we need you to speak up in your prayers, don´t think they have to be in a specific way to please us. 

We love you and we can see right through you and when you say your prayer with your own truth and openess, we can help you even more.

Don´t be afraid of your own sincerity, it is unique for you, and your truth matters very much!

Never exclude your own truth from your prayers just to please or because you don´t think it is an apropriate prayer?

An apropriate prayer is the one where you are totally honest about what matters to you in your heart.

Just be you, you are adorable just as you are!

We love you,

Mother Mary

Thursday, 5 November 2020

WTC Conference!

We gathered here today in our home where we live in heaven, and we must say we all miss our dear beloved families and friends.

We know about all the questions you have,  you who are still on earth, about what happened that day.

Ask for a disclosure. Yes! Ask for the truth!

And maybe you have already felt the truth in your heart?

The thing is you can feel it, I mean the truth, yes, because it is there in your heart.

No one escapes death on Earth, sooner or later everyone leaves the body, and yet our souls are forever, eternal.

In a world of peace and love - people grow old most of the times, apart from some accidents.

In a world built on fear and lies there will be deaths like ours.

Don´t accept any hidden information, accept only openess.

War of any kind is not much better, and there are also many unanswered questions.

You live on one planet, one remarkable and beautiful planet, that could be a peaceful place to live on. 

So we say don´t stop asking questions, because there are no wrong questions!

It is when you are being more and more quiet, and not asking questions any more that we feel that we have to share this with you, as we have a conference tonight.

Demand openess, and transparancy in all of the answers to your questions and make sure those in power answer you.

And yes we miss you just as much, and yes we light candles and say prayers, for all those that we love and miss on earth, just know in your heart that we are fine, and we are living in a place of peace and we wish that for you too.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Archangel Michael; Have faith in yourself!

I am Michael and I am an archangel, and you know this, and today I will speak about something you don`t know about!

I am a part of something very big! I am a part of the police and justice system in the Universe. Many await the justice and security to win land on Earth.

To be able to evolve you have to let go. You have to let go of the old to be able to evolve. But you have to learn from the old, to understand what your future path is going to be.

Look with your heart, observe through the lens of compassion. You can do it! 

In a better world what would you do? The road to a better world where everyone can thrive and be at peace at heart is the goal for many on Earth today.

You are a part of something very big! A grand movement, where you have to be able to see through it all. It is a moment in time where you have to be grounded to fully grasp the whole scenery.

There is not enough transparency yet, but there will be. A good world to live in has to have full transparency, there can be no lies.

When every man and woman on Earth understand that everyday is a choise where you can make that difference that you are seeking, that is the day when this world is going to be a much better place to live in for the little children, and for all of course.

When you fullheartedly understand that Mother Earth is a living being, a soul, just as God is, then you will surely thrive and this planet will be a paradise to live in.

If you build a house, with many storeys, it does not matter how good the upper storeys are made, if you dont care about the ground floor, and even the cellar.

The fullhearted contact with Mother Earth give you groundedness, and the complete understanding of the life you can live on her, together with her. 

But when you live only in the upper floors of the building and never reflect on the basic living on the ground floor you will have trouble right away and you will also never be happy even if you live high up in this building.

So my dear friends seek the compassion within your hearts and it will guide you on your path on Earth. 

See through the lens of your heart, and why? The light of your heart will make you see through the veils and make you see clearly on every matter. Don´t forget that you actually have this ability, you have the abilities of angels, and please hold on to this knowledge with gratitude, because that is the key to be able to use it!

I have faith in you, so please have faith in yourself!

I love you,