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Monday, 26 December 2016

A lantern in 2017?!

So what is up for 2017?
If I give you an astrological
enlightenment for the coming year
this is what I say;

2017 is a very special year!
No matter when you are born in the cycle of the year
you will encounter certain notions.

Depending on how you look upon life, and depending on how you cherish life
it will give you the difference in this coming year!

I will be more specific! Of course!

This year has waited, a long time! This year has planted seeds, a long time ago! Now this coming year, 2017, are ready and waiting for the seeds to awaken and begin to grow and seeing themselves for the first time! Through many years, loving and devoted hands have watered the seeds, caring about them, giving them the proper nutrition every day, and every night! And many births are about to take place! So, this coming beautiful year, of 2017, is a year where magic happens! If you believe!

New energy, new life, new options...if you believe!

Inside of you, inside your core, you are a beautiful blossom, with the most magical colors that no one has ever seen before! You are this seed! This seed is an universal seed, that was consieved many years ago...even eons of times ago! This seed has waited for 2017 to come! So many will find this beautiful seed within and you will wonder, is this magic! And for the first time you can actually see
yourself with new eyes! You will find your purpose, easier, for the path is now enlightened! I can say it is new times, new magical times, if you believe .....!

Have faith dear
remember you are
always loved!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The legend; To all the brave hearts in this cycle of life!

This cycle of life is very special!
Why is it so very special?
This particular time is a legend!
The legend talks for itself!
The legend says that
what is down will come up,
and what is up will come down...!
This time is a complete turnover!
Some would say it is the end of things...
as they have become very used to certain things.
What has to tumble down, what is that really?
Well, whatever that is not made of LOVE!
Everything that is not built with love
will fall!
And on the opposite
all that is love
will grow and rise and be very tall and beautiful!
So every little seed of grass,
and every straw of grass
will grow and get stronger
for every day!
This is a new era, well spoken about
for eons of times, just as I said, this time is a legend!
And I will also say that
hearts are mending everything,
your love heals everything
just have faith
in yourself
and in your heart
and in your love
and know dear beloved
that you are deeply loved always!

Friday, 9 December 2016


Dear beloveds,

My road, has not always been a walk on roses.
I have walked in many labyrinths.
I have walked in mist and fogg.
I have walked where there are no light.
But, it was a long time ago.
What is it that I try to say?
It all takes TIME...
no one escapes, it is all about
learning, so I say
don´t rush,
that you take
and have FAITH!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Love and say a prayer for WATER, LOVE LANA!

Yes, LOVE LANA or Lanë, in Albania.

Lana or Lanë, is the main stream that crosses through Tirana, the capital of Albania.
Its source is in the mountains east of Tirana.

Once clean water, it now carries sewage.




Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mary Magdelene

I walk here with you,
you are not alone.
Together we walk the path
of your life, and if you like
I will hold your hand.
Sometimes you worry,
over material things or you
worry over illness or
you have problems with
your loved ones.
I say; no matter
what problems you have;
I am there for you!
Life is a road, that we walk
to learn!
The joyful thing is
when you discover that you never
walk alone!
I am a feminine energy
that is very old,
I am a very old soul.
Just have faith in me
I love you
/ Mary Magdalene

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

White Eagle

Who am I?
I am very old,
I am a very old soul.
I can feel you,
I hover over you!
I am a part of the air, land, water and fire.
I once lived on Earth.
To learn about life.
I have lived many lives on earth,
so I have learned a lot.
I plant seeds, of knowledge, to
all those that want to learn.
If you want to learn,
just let me know!
And I will teach you!
Always in
peace and love!

/White Eagle

White Eagle!

The tribe of all colors are here!
It is within your heart!
There are no separation.
We all have to, eat, drink, sleep.
We all need the
That is what is of importance now.
Not how we look.
Not how we walk.
Not how we live.
We are ONE family
that want peace and love
to unite and embrace
our new path
the path that will
make Earth,
our Mother,
a beautiful place to live!

A channeling with White Eagle.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

An essay of an Archangel!

Some say angels are in heaven
sitting on pink clouds...
and others know for a fact
that angels are walking today
on every street on earth
walking beside each and every one,
no matter what roads souls are walking on..!

I will mention 5 places and meetings, you don’t perhaps, normally think
you can find an angel on earth!

1 Outside the mall; where you go to for shopping, sits a beggar..!
2 On the bus; The person that you see everyday on the bus.
3 A person you are passing by in the street;
   The one that says hallo and smiles to you on a day when you feel miserable.
4 Whoever is kind to you, when you are in need, and that says to you, ”- I will help you!"
5 When you meet an angel, you feel love in your heart and you feel a sense of that time stands still, because angels are all about love!

Angels can show themselves in different ways,
but always, with gentleness and care,
friendliness and love!

The angel gives you the feeling of togetherness,
a sense of meeting an old beloved friend!
The angel always gives a helping hand!

Maybe you have heard of guardian angels?!
All souls have a guardian angel!
And even better; all souls have, a personal angel also!

You have an angel that has followed you from when you where born
and even before that! And that angel follows you through your life, and follows you
back in heaven!

Angels always work in teams!

And so,
no matter what you go through in your life,
you are never alone
and you are always loved!

/ The Archangel

Love is forever!

Love is forever
and how do I mean?
Love is a special energy,
that has its source in the universe!
Love is a ray that goes through everything,
and is unstoppable!
What you see around you on the earth plane
is many times not a clear path of love,
because there are so many obstacles,
so many roads, paths.
You live in a duality on earth, always
multiple choices.
So I want to say, the ray of love, goes through YOU
all the time!
It is there, you had better believe it!
Just have faith in love,
faith is the connecting energy
faith helps you being plugged in,
to be able to feel, and tap into the
love energy!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Knowing liberation...!?!

Knowing liberation...!
A view on imprisonment...!
What do I mean? 
What am I talking about? 
I am talking about limitation. Limits. Borders. Handcuffs...Chains. Blood. Sweat and tears. Life passes, another life comes. Never ending story. It seems. At first. Then what?! A feeling of surroundment is always there.
But yet one day - a very ordinary day turns out to be very special - like an ametist glowing and glittering in sunlight just after the rain.
A sparkle of faith. A twinkle of freedom right in the heart and an outburst of belife - that freedom comes from within - straight from the heart. And from that moment on, that sacred event, turned it all around.
I was free. A free man at heart forever. From that day on a smile always was reciding secretly on my lips. As doors kept on being locked...! It didn´t matter so much. It was still blood, sweat and tears - but on the inside I was free as a bird.
Then thinking about imprisonment - maybe that is a way of really - knowing - loving- to be FREE? 
Knowing liberation? If you have not been without it? How can you really know and understand the meaning of peace and being free - if you have not been without it?!

Nelson Mandela

Who was he?
A child in a mans body?!
A brave boy?!
Somewhere deep inside
of this man
a great light always
was lit!
But did he always know it?
He had to find out,
for himself!
The light became stronger and stronger
over the years.
A full faith!
Being whole
within, deep within!
It is not served on a platter...
no, we all have to search for it!
And yet,

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Yin and yang, Partner Therapy!

I can offer you and your dear partner;
Yin and Yang Partner Therapy!
I work according to the basic element of Yin and Yang
and I can offer you a holistic partner therapy.
You get individual therapy as well as
therapy together!
Faith, hope and love
are essential energies
and you will experience that
you soon will be sailing in the same boat once again!
And not only that, with my therapy you will also find
that you two together set sail and you also have a mutual goal
to where you want to go!
I read your auras and seek the love remedy
to whatever has weekend your love.
Please contact me here on my blog!
Best regards
Kerstin Eriksson

Indigo Flame Activation


The moment in time has come!
It is time for Indigo Flame Activation!
The sacred passage is now safe
and finally we can address this moment
that is of great importance!
All ears, all attention please!
The Indigo Flame
has been waiting
for a long time!
For ever!
It has always burned for you
waiting for you
and your readiness.
The Indigo Flame
is a necessity to life itself.
It is a necessary tool
in all life,
in your life!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Now the book is ready! Thor talks!

So now the book is finally ready!
What about the book?
The book is a living proof of life!
Thor, (from the Norse mythology, Old Norse), the god, with hammer, fire and lightning
are an old saga, with roots in the northern parts of Europe.
And yet...hmm
are there anything more?
Are there anything more, now, just now?!
Yes of course!
Thor is alive and kicking and have
just given his words, to this book!
I Kerstin, happened to hold the pen!
Thor who is he really?
Is he a mad idiot with a hammer wanting to scare and harm, people and more?
Well, the Vikings did what they did...hmmm and it was many times not so
very friendly, and loving.
So now after, the book is finished, I must say;
Thor is a very humble person, a very strong
and yet very humle man!
I am so glad I could hold the pen
and now I have printed the text on my little copying machine
and I will put on the kettle, and make some te, and take some time to read through it all.
Making marks where I have spelled wrong and so on.
It will take some time to read, but I know
I will enjoy it!
Thank you dear Thor!

REMEMBERING the victims of Russian bombing in Katyr-Yurt, Chechnya,

My angel, coach and mentor, mentioned something to me the other night!

In Chechnya, Russians bombed the village Katyr-Yurt for 2 days.
363 victims.
This was in February 4, 2000.
Does it matter that is was some years ago?
Does it matter that I personally did not know any of them?

My heart says, that we are all living here on Mother Earth
as a family, and all borders are manmade, not women made.
I pray for that they are safe in heaven with God!

From Wikipedia;
"Journalists who managed to report on the area confirmed the use, by the Russians, of the vacuum bomb on the town.[4] Vacuum bombs are dropped by parachute, and, when a couple of meters from the ground, release a cloud of petrol gas. The gas then reacts with the air, causing an explosion and then a vacuum, sucking away oxygen from living people, thus killing them.

So when I say a prayer, thanking for that I am living in a land where there is peace,
I will pray for those that was bombed in Katyr-Yurt. Estimated deaths: 363 people.God bless and RIP.

if we all choose it, within our hearts. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Venus report!

I love you!
I am one of your Mothers!
We can say I am your grandmother!
I am very old!
I have patterns of life,
like wrinkles.
If I am wise
it is not up to me to say,
it is up to you who meet me!
I observe, and I live and I learn!
And I have my children, they are
living all around me,
at a distance yes,
but not so far away!
Then I have many grandchildren!
I love you so dearly
I know of all your paths.
Maybe you think to yourself;
am I really there at all?
Well I have a very good view over you!
Every heart has its own individual beat.
All hearts glow and glitter individually
like different kinds of jewelry!
No heart is exactly like the other!
You are all unique!
You just don’t realize it!
And there are no distance
as our hearts are one
and the beautiful bond
between us make us close

Friday, 29 July 2016

SHE KNOWS! She is round!

Altitude and Latitude.
North, south
east, and west.
All the way around.
SHE is round.
She is your mother.
She knows you
she knows about all her children.
She walks beside you, always.
She knows about your troubles
and worries.
She also knows when you are happy.
She is a mastermind.
She is not stupid.
She is wise.
She has the greatest gifts to
the human race, still to be
She waits
for you to feel her,
she waits for you to
hear her heartbeat.
Then you will learn
the new way to live
on her!
In peace and love
and with the new gifts
for humanity!

Picture borrowed from Google!

The new school, the new era!

New times
new school
a new era!
The future is here!
And new energies!
It is a flow
like a river.
The flow is really
Yes it is
the divine and eternal
knowledge and
knowhow about
how the universe
functions and works.
Essential knowledge
for you on planet Earth.
You all have the knowledge
within your awakened DNA.
The thing, that might be a problem for you
is that you want and need to access it.
And you might not know exactly how.
It is energy, that needs grounding.
So ground yourself, live stress free
eat healthy, drink clean water
and realize that
you are already there.
You already have it.
You don’t need to go anywhere
just have faith
in divine guidance
that is your birth right.
God bless you!

Celestine report!

God bless you!
You are loved!
You are a dear child of the Universe!
Earlier we talked about the stone, the big stone
that was thrown into the water.
And this big stone now creates big waves.
We say, just sit still in the boat!
Waves will rock the boat for some time.
You needn’t worry, unless you want to,
it is up to you, to choose
peace and love.
The movement of
peace and love
are very strong
and is taking bigger steps
each day.
If you think the boat rocks to much
don’t forget to close your eyes,
and look within of you -
where your safe heaven rests assured.
Heaven is within of you
just have faith
in you
and your heart!
Love is forever
dearly beloved child!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Aventurin and Astro check!

So what about the aventurin stone?!

It helps you remember and recall, what is important to you!
It helps you figure out your foundation stones - what they are made of!
The stone itself are a good grounder, it will help you to be
sincere about your job here on earth!
You are a dear lightworker
and so very important to us
as we are the crew in heaven,  and we are also in more places.

The energies for this path towards the next full moon, I don’t mean the coming
full moon, but the one that comes in next month, are making you feel a little blurry, and out of focus.
This is a matter of the stars constellation at this moment and might make you feel
week, and maybe disorientated.

This stone, Aventurine, will help make you "sharp" again, and focused! This stone will help you go through what you need to go through to be STRONGER! Ware it for a longer period!

                                                           Aventurine (green)
This picture is from the internet page

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


As the day raises the wings over EARTH
and gently caresses her with
every heart beat
it is just the normal
procedure, as love
is the only energy present.
No words are needed
no gestures are important

Picture borrowed from Google 

Yoni LOVE ceremony!

yonideśa in Sanskrit

               My dear friend Sonja Moberg made 
               this beautiful YONI! 

               This magical beautiful day in summer with Mother Earth, Venus and Mary Magdalene
               water, warm sand and the sun shining!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

AMERICAN actress talks about the perspective on beauty!


As it happens I got a ”line”/connection to an actress, that lived many years ago, that left this physical world in 1987!

She was an american actress and she was very beautiful, and most celebrated, very famous!
Many women and men adored her for her acting and beauty!
I will not say her name, because I don’t think it is necessary
and I also want to pay respect to her children and family!

So I asked her;
So Mrs XX;

What about beauty today, do you have any beauty tips for us girls?! (bah I am not so young I am born in 1967)

Mrs XX answers;

It is very personal, everyone have her their own personal need and unique beauty!
And I want to say;
LOOK WITHIN and make sure you really FEEL beautiful!
Get to know your own beauty from the inside and out!
Appreciate yourself always and don’t be anybody’s doormat!
Girls today can be very beautiful and they just need a self confidence!
Put your make up on FOR YOU dear woman (and perhaps man)!

Question; So you think we all should move from the outside to the inside, somehow!?

Mrs XX;

Yes I really think it is all about the perspective, on how you view yourself! If you agree to view yourself
from another persons eyes, or if you view yourself from within with trust and a
beliefe in yourself. It is a difference! A great difference!

If you have true faith in yourself you actually radiate very beautiful colors of life and love!

Many people can feel it and a few people can actually see it with physical eyes!

Feeling good about yourself is the greatest beauty tip ever, don’t you think?!

It is a challenge today for many women to be able to been noticed for their unique skills and not only their beauty!

So what I say now to you dear woman is;
have faith in yourself,
I repeat it, yes!
It can’t be said to many times!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sanskrit teachings!

everything are falling into the right place!
Every heartbeat,
talks of the same endeavour.
On the horizon far away
there are writings
written a very long time ago.
The words say
and they also state;
You are going in the right direction!
We love you!
And you know it!
So go and be YOU!
You are blessed!

From Wikipedia;
(Sanskrit means "refined speech" and is the primary sacred language of Hinduism.)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko

Fascinating reading and learning about BREATHING,
maybe asthma is curable and as well as other medical conditions...!

The Buteyko Breathing Technique is something to learn more about as a complementary physical therapy!

Thank you Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko!


CANDELABRA TREE, adaamii, qwolqwal

Picture borrowed from Wikipedia Google!

Brothers and Sisters! 
We are ONE!
We hold hands
no one stands on the other!
We love and we can play
for we are children 
by God,
God are our father
and Mother Earth is
our M O T H E R!
No one is the king or the queen,
who needs that?
and YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU...!
gifts from GOD!
in the name of LOVE!

Правда Pravda Truth Sanning

This morning I woke up with the Russian word PRAVDA
on my lips!
Pravda means TRUTH in English
and in Swedish we say SANNING!
So what about THE TRUTH?!
I can’t help thinking about
Is it a SECRET
that SHE is our MOTHER
Is it a SECRET that HER water is being more and more poisoned each day?
Is it a secret that many people talk of GOD and kill people with their hands?
As IF GOD SAYS Yes to that!?
So I say
and don’t you touch a weapon or do harm, it is your own finger that pulls the trigger!
It is your own choice!

Have a beautiful day!

                                                                   You are beautiful!

Friday, 27 May 2016

May 27 Hilarion

I have to say
you are adamant!
You are so important!
Do you know why?
Wherever you go,
and whatever you do,
you make swirls around you.
These swirls are invisible to the eye,
but not to the heart!
The heart knows!
Your heart have a mission
to talk to other hearts!
Hearts have an intelligence
and within each and every heart
there is a scale.
All light workers have a
mission to heal other hearts!
No words are needed,
just your presence at heart!

Siddhartha loves you!

Love emanates from you!
You are a living proof of love!
Every breath you take is love
you breath in and you breath out!
And therefore you ARE LOVE!
Love are the creator!
Amongst other creators,
and JOY!
And there are more!
You are a love dynamo!
The more you spin with your love,
the more love and also light will
you spread around!
Light is knowledge!
Light is knowledge from the
very source of love!
The essence of life are the basic
and there are more!
So be LOVE
breath in and out
and you ARE

Thursday, 26 May 2016

It all comes down to LOVE!

Love is eternal.
Love is all that matters.
Everything else, has an end,
shorter or longer but still an end!
So if you see things that are not of love,
you can rest assured, it has its limits!
Soon it will change!
Only love lasts forever!
Please hold on,
for what you might see 
that makes you shiver with fear,
just remember dear beloved child
that it has an end!
Please have faith in love!!

To all lightworkers out there; YOU ARE LOVED!

I sincerely hope
in all of my heart,
that you truly know,
...and nothing will ever change that!
You have climbed a mountain so high
and now you are so tired and you can’t focus,
on what is, and that ALWAYS is, and FOREVER will be,
love has never left you, even though you can’t really find it now!
Hold on!
Just remember,
love carries you right now!
You ARE L O V E,
never forget that!
You are beautiful,
and shining in your own unique colors,
you are so very much loved,

Monday, 9 May 2016

Thor from Asgard; who is he really?!

Thor from Asgard speaks his mind in a new book!

Is Thor some sort of an evil fire god or
is he an archangel with a mission on this planet?!

In my recent writing project or channeling

Thor gives me the words!

So it seems to be a book, soon ready!

I am an clairvoyant lightworker
and I am glad I hold the pen!

Kerstin Eriksson

Shiron made the sun shine!

Let go of worries,
let your heart sing
you have it
it is there!
An angel came yesterday
and sang me a song.
The word Shiron was there!
And I relaxed and felt the joy
in my heart!
Later I found out that
Shiron are all about music!
A hebrew word!
I say;
Thank you dear God!
It was just what I needed!
I love you God!

Astrology for this coming full moon!

On your path right now
there are multiple choices.
The planets are talking to you!
They say;
We the Sun, Venus
and Mercurius
are opening up for you,
if you want to!
Of course!
Only if you like to reach a change!
Only then!
It is your choice!
Your own free will!
Just follow your heart
and feel the warm loving
feeling, when you find something
that is your path!
And maybe
you will find just this;


Saturday, 7 May 2016

ARE YOU trying to row your boat with only one oar?!

Living without FAITH
is like rowing a boat with only one oar!


faith always works together with


WALK, NOW IT IS A BOOK! The book has a little more than 100 pages!

You are welcome to contact me
if you would like to know more!
Have a beautiful day!


Sanskrit is a holy language.
The words are a dynamo of love energy.
The language where created with pure love energy
and therefore the pronunciations of every word are
love and healing just to say through your mouth, tounge
and your talking area.
Even just to say the words to yourself
in silence are also healing!
The language where created in a valley of flowers a long time ago.
A very remote place in the high mountains in the Himalaya.
And the language stayed there, being safe, in the mountains
for many years, and the love energy in the language grew stronger
for each day!
And then it began to spread, with moving feet! Feet brought
the language along the blossoming trails at spring time
and reached other lands. And the words with love
met a broader horizon! And more mouths and vocal cords
learned the love language and could feel its healing
It is a love vibration, if you like, and in the origin,
the words where created among lovers
in a blossoming valley
where peace and love
still resides!

Healing water!

Healing water!
It is not unfamiliar to you!
But maybe you think it is out of your reach?
Maybe you think it is something odd and mysterious?
So what is healing water or sacred water?
It is your own LOVE WATER!
Take the water into your hands and love it!
Put it in a clean bottle and say a prayer for it!
Hold your hands around it!
Love the water
care for the water
and bless the water from your heart
and simsalabim you have your
own healing water!
There are no secrets
or macigal spells
just pure LOVE
from your heart!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Knowing liberation, a heartful jail brake?!

Knowing liberation...!?
A view on imprisonment...!
What do I mean? What am I talking about? I am talking 
about limitation. Limits. Borders. Handcuffs...Chains. 
Blood. Sweat and tears. Life passes, another life comes. 
Never ending story. It seems. At first. Then what?! 
feeling of surroundment is always there.
But yet one day - a very ordinary day turns out to be very special - like an ametist glowing and glittering in sunlight just after the rain.
A sparkle of faith. A twinkle of freedom right in the heart and an outburst of belife - that freedom comes from within - straight from the heart. And from that moment on, that sacred event, turned it all around.
I was free. A free man at heart forever. From that day on a smile always was reciding secretly on my lips. As doors kept on being locked...! It didn´t matter so much. It was still blood, sweat and tears - but on the inside I was free as a bird.
Then thinking about imprisonment - maybe that is a way of really - knowing - loving- to be FREE? Knowing liberation? If you have not been without it? How can you really know and understand the meaning of peace and being free - if you have not been without it?!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

HOLY SPIRIT and love your breathing!

Inspiration time!

Well what do I have in mind?

Just breathe...
take your time
your guardian angel is always with you...
breath in love
breath out worries
breath in love
breath out ache
breath in love
breath out pain
breath in salvation
and remember
you have just forgot about it...
that is why
it is good to
...and so on!
God bless
and have
a good night!

In love
and devotion to you!

//AA Michael

Archangel Faith; Without each other we would be no one!

"You know me. I know you. Why do I say so?!
Without each other we would be no one.
And how do I mean?!
I will start by saying this;
I LOVE YOU, every minute, every breath you take...
I am always there with you, wanting to hold your hand.
And without you knowing it, you always carry a seed in your heart.
A seed of Faith, of me!
Through endless time, it still comes down to
And through every breath, every sunrise I beleive in you, 
love you
wanting and praying for you
to reach out, for my hand is waiting to hold yours!
And if your life is a struggle, with no beautiful sunrises...
You can be sure of that 
I see you. I feel you in every heartbeat.
Trust me. I know you.
The further apart you think we are...
...the closer I am to you.
I know every time you blink with your eyelids...!
No matter how dark it is, where you are
you still sparkle with light
you are a treasure of life
Beleive in yourself, have faith.
I am always there with you
willing to hold your hand!"


We are beyond, and yet reaching out for you, allt that matters is you!
It all comes down to love, hope and faith, within you!
It doesn´t matter who you are, round our square...!
No matter what roads you have walked, no matter how narrow
or steap, it is YOU, that matters!

You are so important! You are a loveseed, waiting for watering and also the sun, to be able to grow! That is when you really grow - from within! The meaning of life, is not about money! It is about growing within, a special kind of growth, that is endless, that is why God and the other creators, made this lovely planet - a place where we can learn to grow within.
And why? Is it easy? No! Can you order it, on tvshop? No! You cant buy this! It is free!
Is it painful? Yes sometimes it is! Is this somekind of game - a sick game? You might wonder? The answer is = No.

You come here to learn your soul, teach your soul, by doing! Learing by doing! You have to do it yourself! For YOU! It may seem like a hell? Well it can surely be the opposite of Gods heaven, your eternal home, where LOVE IS! And why is it even necessary to go to Earth to be hurt?! 
Let´s just stay in heaven for good! That is just the thing! You wanted to come here, and learn! To make you soul grow! You made this choice - before- while you where in heaven! And you can not remember it! No one does!

In heaven you have FAITH, that what ever happens on Earth, you will always come back to heaven and God and all of you loved ones! As a lovebeing, living in heaven, there are no problems! You have faith in God and love!  Something made you think, well I would really like to learn more about, for exampel, courage and hope! So you made a decision! 
So you took the leap, to go, to school, on Mother Earth! The desire within to learn your soul, is always expanding! Like the universe is constantly expanding! It is energy! There is always something new to learn! And so we go to the perfect school - Mother Earth!

Some say, that when you leave your body to go back home to heaven - you can not bring anything with you. No clothes, no furniture, no money, no items at all! But you bring one thing - your soul and what it has learned during your visit! 

Love matters, Love is, Love is the strongest energy in universe, Love is eternal! Please have faith in that!

And you are so loved not matter...what happens! God does not judge you! YOU are your own biggest judger! This universe is a free will universe! It is up to YOU! It is YOUR choise! God has no right to judge you! You might think, but I dont have any choise...and sometimes in our life, the choises might seem very small, but still, it is YOUR choose!

God says prayers for you each day! God lights the light for you every day! God loves you totally! God pray for that you will follow your heart, beleive in you dreams! That you will have faith and hope in LOVE! And no matter, they are always embedded in your heart as seeds waiting...!

Your always in my heart
Archangel Faith

You are so important!

Love is all around you! 
It is about the "know how” ! 
There is abysses and heights and plain ground! 
It is all within - of you!
And that is how it is! 
You are multitude! 
You are a juvel of a crown. 
And the crown is your mother, Mother Earth! 
She has everything! 
And you are a beloved part of that! 
You are so important! 
You are loved! 
There is a task for everyone of you! 
A love task! 
A mission of beyond and yet here and now! 
You are the torch carrier. 
What do I mean? 
You have a peace mission! 
A love mission! 
When you hold the torch others can see the road that is available - where to go! 
Are you willing to hold the torch?! 
Good question! Think about it! 
And if you answer is YES, then God will show you the way! 
Never doubt that! 
God loves you all!

To say the words; ”I AM SORRY”!

A bridge of grace and love,

To say the words ”I AM SORRY” and asking for forgiveness is a lesson in love...!

..and it makes you grow. 

It makes your soul grow and mature. 
And what happens if your apology is not accepted?! 
Did you apologize for nothing? What do you think? 
Think about it for a while! 
The answer my dear belowed friend is that, you are blessed! 
You are blessed with a seed of grace. 
And this seed turns into a bridge. 
A bridge of love and grace. 
And, your bridge, is an invite. 
You are welcome! 
The bridge is there. 
Because it is a bridge of grace and love!
God bless you!

Peace comes from within your heart!

Road to peace!

Hi there I am Michael,
I have something to say
about peace!
Peace comes from within
your heart.
The will
to live in a world of peace
comes directly from your heart
it is the voice of God
making you choose
the act of peace.
It is not the weapon or gun
itself that pulls the trigger.
It is a determined mind.
The doorway to God is
~ your heart!

Always in
love and devotion
/Michael (Archangel)

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The deepest sorrow!

When you feel the deepest sorrow...
it is not the end
life goes on
just in different shades.
It is not just the same color
you are used to
it is another one!
So when you feel the deepest sorrow
hold your head up
as high as you can
and remember that your heart
remains the same!
Your heart needs time
a loving time
and a new shade and
a new color will
be born
within your
beloved heart!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Channeling; Sananda; It is all about love!

No matter how far you go,
no matter how deep
you enter a dark path, where there are no light,
no matter how long, or steep or narrow
your path is
there is only one thing
that saves you...
Love is the only thing that saves you
from being blind in the dark.
Love is a sanctuary where you find light!
Love is a falling rain in the desert!
Love is a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day!
Maybe this seem very ”easy” for you!?
Like a too natural answer...and you might make a little sigh..?!
And yet, don’t forget
LOVE is the strongest energy
Love is actually extremely natural!
It is the very absence that is unnatural!
Here on this planet the absence of love is the ”natural” way...!?
Yes you think immediately, and you are right!
The negativity is cracking up, it can’t hold back, the love ray
from universe is coming in, strong...! Very strong!
The dark lords are fighting now, the end battle!
They know!
They know their time is short.
So what do they do?
They put on a big show!
Yes, they do their best to scare you!
And make you fall into slumber once again!
Just hold on beloved friend!
I love you!
There are many in the universe that love you,
we know what you are going through!
Just hold on
and have faith in LOVE....!

Friday, 1 April 2016



                                             (PHOTO BORROWED FROM GOOGLE)

Lanello; Rejuvenating for your third eye!

So, I will begin by saying
I am Lanello!
I am in the etheric plane!
I reside in Shamballa!
I see you and I know
some of you are interested
in knowing more about your third eye!
Your third eye is a very special part of your body!
First; you can use your third eye to check you entire body!
Decide what part you are interested in, and just go there!
And you will be shown that particular part!
The third eye is like you own camera!
The third eye is in contact with all other chakras
and therefore also have many different tasks!
The camera is only one!
Now I am only talking about the ”camera”
as it is an eye, that you can look within and outside yourself!
All cameras needs a lens cleaning, now and then!
So, and how do you clean your third eye!?
Drink water!
drink the water
with care
and gentleness
and gratitude!
Bless the water
before you drink it!
And need I say as a complementary
to cleaning your third eye and the
no drugs, no nicotine
no coffein,
clean food, healthy food
Love your food
love your water!
Bless, bless and bless
and your third eye
as well as your entire body,
will function better and better,
and you will soon see more
through your ”camera”....!

Archangel Uriel; New times ahead!

I am archangel Uriel,
I love you
and I always have!
Do you know
what is about to happen?!
Well I will say,
new opportunities
and new times!
And what am I talking about?!
Days goes by, and nights follows
sunsets and sunrises,
moon and sun
and EARTH.
What I am talking about is
It cannot be changed!
Step by step
breath by breath
you will be able to feel
a difference!
Yes you can feel it!
It is another WIBE!
A positive wibe,
no matter what goes on around you,
if you look within YOU,
You can feel the new wibe
that alters everything!
It is about letting go,
of all the old,
that is not of interest anymore.
It is about following your heart!
Your heart has an intelligence
believe it or not, but so it is!
Trust your hearts intelligence,
and relay on it!
It is beautiful!
You will feel beautiful,
more and more each day!
Earlier, obvious choices, that used to be
are no more.
Now you follow your
hearts intelligence and you will find
a new meaningful road,
the heart road!
The heart road will give meaning to your
lifepath here on Terra.
Like rowing a boat
and you don’t have to row with one oar any more,
you now have both oars, finally!
So dear, beloved friend
You are so blessed
Just have faith
in your heart!

To all my friends; Have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New vibrations of Earth! To all brave light workers!

So, what is up!
Well, your beautiful planet
Terra, Mother Earth
is raising!
She is now being healed in 5th dimension.
This is something you can feel also!
Everything that is living
will follow her, sooner or later!
If you feel you choose to follow soon,
you already know about it!
And you already feel and know you are on your way!
And you feel your reality can be changed as
you feel a certain timeless knowing and wholeness,
like a clarity in your life.
You are a bridge of love!
And you are also an
anchor of this energy!
Allowing others to follow!
When you go into the moment of now,
you are there!
You are doing a great job!
You can see a bright horizon
that others around you can’t see just yet.
Just hold on and be brave
you are the one, the true lightworker,
that go where there are no light
and you do your job there
and you don’t complain.
You are actually a light being, and you can create
rainbows if you like!
You are so important
we love you
and we just want to say;
have faith!


How do I mean?
Well, let me say;
You are both the clay
and the hands that 
shape the clay!
So it means that
you have been waiting for!
And how can this be?!
Well, YOU ARE!
Yes you ARE!
If you allow yourself to say;
And therefore you are capable to do
and create whatever you need and desire!
So what is the catch?
What most souls on earth have forgotten about is the
importance of FAITH!
And what is FAITH?
Is it something religious?
Well yes I guess, in some aspects.
What I want to declare is;
FAITH is a foundation stone to the very
creation of LIFE itself.
Without FAITH, you wouldn’t  be here.
No one, or nothing would be around.
Faith is a RAY, a creators RAY.
Among other important rays.
Together with faith, hope and love and other creators energies,
the BIG BANG could actually be a fact.
And without these important foundations stones
to life;
NO big bang..!
FAITH is an universal Energy
and is essential to LIFE.
And this is what many are missing today on earth.
So how can you reach out to find your own FAITH?!
So that you can start manifesting, whatever you desire in your hearts love?
Your ambition is to be able to create, here, in as you call it 3 D.
You want to se some positive results, here where you live and breathe,
a positive manifesting, creating your LIFE, on the beautiful path
of love and peace on this wonderful planet.
So you will soon be able to manifest, create, whatever you need
for your new life here, just have FAITH!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

New meditation with Archangel Grace

To all my beautiful friends!

Follow this link to my youtube channel
where you can listen to
a meditation with archangel Grace,
it is called

Welcome to Garden of Grace!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Jesus Christ Sananda; Astrological signs expands in to soul signs!

You are familiar with your zodiac sign!
you know what I mean!

And now we take this one step further!

The signs you have here on Earth
are very important!

I talk of a complement!


It involves both what you have already, in the
astrological signs! And yet something
will be added,
your origin
your soul sign!

It is like finding missing peaces
of yourself!

You are a part of the universe!
You have ancestry in the universe!
You have family, roots in the universe!
You are YOU
there is no

This is a RE-union

Does this sound ”to big” to take in?
Well, you ARE BIG
a great being!

Everyone ARE!

Let me explain!

When you where born as a soul. Some created you! In the moment of great love!
You where born as flame at first. All souls are flames at first, for millions of years!
And there is also a twin. All souls that are born into flame, are always two. So two flames are always born, at exactly the same moment! Not copies! No! On the opposite! Yin and Yang! Counter parts! But you are immediately separated, in your birth moment! And you don’t see your other half for millions and millions of years!

And you are not meant to! You have a life as a soul and you develop through very long time! Time is LOVE! As you mature, you grow as a soul, you awaken more and more, to that something is missing from you! That is when you begin to seek for you other half! That is energy of life! This part of your souls search is a very natural moment, creating energy swirls! You seek for the complementary YOU! The other side of you! So you can be complete! This search is universal! It is LOVE!

And your ancestry? Several creators, CREATED you! These creators, are cheer energy of Love, Hope, Faith, Grace, Harmony, Music, Joy,  and more!
This is the end of chapter one, I will return and tell more, I love you!
/Jesus Christ Sananda

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Time for a RERUN!

The messages below, posted yesterday
are RERUNS, I just read them again
I found new angels in them,
so I thought I would post them again.


Friday, 5 February 2016

Archangel Faith; Endless love!

There is something called karma.
Just to make it simple
I would like to explain karma
as something that is formed like a labyrint.
When past meets the precent, it also includes 
a labyrint that is not only horizontal but also
In other words, karma could be explained as a 
curtain you never will be able to se through properly.
And what I am about to mention today is that
you can have faith in love
no matter of your karma.
Your karma may have this or that, and much more...!
But what do you have here and now?
At this very moment?
Yes, you already have it!
The endless love dear!
Through every step that you have taken
no matter what life you live
you are loved without any restrictions
by God and all the other creators
and you are all equally loved!

Please have faith in endless love!