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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Diary notes; Free distance healing!

Hallo dear friend 💓, how are you doing? 

I hope you are fine!

I have been given a task some years ago, I give distance healing with Archangel Metatron!

Much stress with Covid-19 .

I also work with Sananda and Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Goddesses and even more...

in free healing conversations over the phone and if you are interested, please let me know!


Sananda White Eagle; Gathering of the tribes!

I am Sananda and I see you and I know you.
I am always where you are.
I praise every footstep that you take.
You are the ones that are the tribes.
There are both many tribes, and yet
there are really just one tribe!
So all of you, everyone on earth,
belong to the Tribe!
It is all about recognition!
Your heart will guide you
and give you the sense of knowing!
That you are a part of the great tribe of Gaia?!
This great tribe of Earth
is a family!
A family that will grow within.
Within each and everyones hearts, and
from each and every heart, the knowledge comes.
To be sure of finding the knowing within,
please ground yourself each day.
Making your connection stronger!
And please, take your time, it is of great matter
and importance, that you bond with Mother Earth
as she is your beloved Mother.
She is the link! Always!
The feminine part of you must be loved now!
It is really not an issue of gender
but is is a matter of being complete,
round and whole.
Sometimes you wonder how wrong your societies are.
And yet you don’t even think about
that the feminine part in everything is lessened, to a
very small part.
And yet you all walk on Mother, every day!
And not even considering, HER!
To acknowledge that she is a great part of you,
IS VITAL to your life on EARTH.
To embrace the feminine
every day and every night
within and without of you,
is the KEY
to be able to live on earth
and to be able to find
this miraculous garden that she is.
When each and every man and woman
treats Mother Earth with great care and
respect, you will find that there is much love
and also many gifts that she will give you.
There are several gifts of free energy.
There are several gifts of nutrition that
will help globally, as to free clean water and more!
She is waiting for you and your
brothers and sisters to awaken to HER.
She already walks beside you, and she
knows what you are going through
and she loves you even more,
your dear Mother.
She knows about all of your struggles
and your efforts, always!
She light candles for each and everyone
and she says prayers for each and everyone
every day!
She is waiting for the love seed to
begin to grow in everyones hearts,
so that the great tribe of Earth
will rise
as ONE!

Re-blogging Sanandas words and it is from 2017. Then I did not know who gave me the words, but today I learned that the words are from Sananda! Please visit my blog and you can subscribe if you like!

Monday, 13 July 2020

Diary notes; My three channelings, books!

Hi dear friend! 💖I hope you are doing fine!

This is how my three books look like! 

They are channelings with 

  1.    God

God asked me if I wanted to write a book for him and I answered yes! It is a celebration to all women, a liberation and about Gods love for women, the feminine energy and for Mother Earth! In this book God reveals an important “little” detail; Women was first on Earth, men, came later!

2    Mary Magdalene

This book is a teaching about the essence of having faith! She is a loving warm humble teacher, always prepared to guide us! The holy trinity; Faith, hope and love always go hand in hand!

3.    Thor 

Who also is an archangel, invites me to his home and then we take a walk in the forrest and we have a conversation about life as we walk, we share our feelings and thoughts! He is very wise and caring warmhearted male soul!

My 4´th book is all about the Goddesses, 54 Goddesses and 74 wise and loving messages from them! I am working on it still but I hope it will be finished soon! The first 3 that visited me are; Pomona, Yemanja, and Bastet!

Are you interested in being read one of the cards? 
Just let me know!

Awailable in the Swedish language!
If you read Swedish you are welcome to

Love 💓💙💚💛💜
Kerstin E

This is me

                    Channeling with God;

                  "Woman you are loved!"

Mary Magdalene; 

"The path to faith!"

 Hand in hand with asaguden Thor!