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Monday, 20 March 2023

Goddess Aminah I believe in you!

I am Aminah and you find me sitting on and floating on a lotus flower.

I travel on the beloved lotus flower and I can go around the world. 

I help every little seed to grow, I help it land exactly where it is supposed to land in the soil and then it begins to sprout.

I am a deva and I can appear in different shapes and forms, it is not easy to catch a glimpts of me.

If you see me, it is beacuse I let you see me.

I work for her, our great Mother, I am fully devoted to aid her at all times. It is never a job for me, it is my heart´s calling to help her be the greatest creator in the Universe.

We the devas and the elves and more, we always start by knowing all about our Mother Earth, before we deside what exactly we want to work with.

We go to school early in our lives and learn everything about her, so every choise thereafter is based on the knowledge of who we are living on. 

You go to school and learn many other things, and not very much about her, so your decisions thereafter are often lacking the necessary understanding of how everythings works. So from our point of wiev your "chain of understanding" is weak, it actually can´t be strong.

We wish for you to re-new your thinking about living on this planet. We wish for you to start a new school!

We want you to love to live on this planet!

We need you! We need you to understand who she is!

When you learn and understand you too will thrive and be happy.

Because there will be no wars, and no famin. And no one will want to escape to Mars.

You will find a new meaning of living and you will feel rich in your soul.

No one will own everything. And no one will be without. All will own enough. 

All will have a place to plant seeds, have a garden, and a house, but it need not be a castle with 44 bedrooms?

New creative ideas will flourish and will be free to use. Much good and new will come eventually. Don´t worry! 

Rumors go around in the "new-age departement", and some is made only to spread fears. One of those things is: "no one will own anything".

A lot of fears is being spread around the world to destabilize you. Make you afraid. Make you loose your footing, make you stumble and fall.

Sit down in your boat! Let the waves settle, it will be calm soon.

The truth is unstoppable and everything will reach the surface. 

Just focus on your inner secret heavenly garden, meditate, say your prayers and be in the now and know that sooner or later you too will come with us and help us with the garden of Earth, flying around on a flower, maybe even a lotus flower?

I love you,


💚Dear friend welcome to my blogI am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from Goddess Aminah.

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Sunday, 19 March 2023

Goddess Ostara I love you!

I love you I am Ostara and I belong to Earth and to you.

I am very old. 

I am just as old as Earth is.

I am a direction, a season, I am the sunrise, I rise from the East each morning and I great the new day, the new daylight.

You can not categorize me, or put me in a "box" and try and get a grip of me. 

Let me be totally free instead.

When you try and understand you immediately make me smaller than I am.

Defining me is like trying to hold water in your hands.

And when you relax and let go of "what you think" - then - 

you too become free!

It is impossible to define you too!

Who am I?

Who are you?

Does it matter?

Trying to grasp, the very understanding is something that takes your precious time.

Just be!

Be happy instead!

Embrace now, in this very moment

in this breath, in this heartbeat!

In this now, we meet!

And here we are both happy and free!

I am really a part of you and in the now the distance is noll.

I love you


Wednesday, 15 March 2023

You are a time traveler!

Everything has its time, life is endless!

Grief has its time! Joy has its time!

Everything goes in waves, when expansion is desired! For learning!

The soul desires to learn more than it learned last time!

Souls learn, by living on earth!

Souls stand in line, to live on earth.

Because everyone wants to reach perfection.

Wholeness is sought, so that the soul can find total peace.

Wholeness comes from finding joy in chaos.

Life on earth is chaos.

But when you learn to capture moments of pure insight,

that you are a time traveler,

constantly on the go,

and that life on earth is a small part of the journey,

so you can more easily find inner peace!

💚Welcome to my blogI am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message!

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Sunday, 12 March 2023

Tyr talks! I am kidnapped!

I am very old, much older than you can believe, and my name is Tyr.

Today my name is a symbol for something I don´t represent at all!

My name first became a letter or as we said long ago, a rune.

But it all started with a sound!

Before all letters were born, they where sounds coming out of the mouths of humans.

First there where a sound. and then it was shaped into a word, then came the writing of the word, in this case the letter for T.

And now this old symbol, for Tyr, T, is kidnapped by very nasty forces that use me for their personal interests.

I don´t like it at all! I do not approve to this!

It makes me sad.

Because if you can allow yourself to steal, you can do all kind´s of bad stuff.

So I say, let me be alone, in peace.

A long time ago Tyr, was a letter, a rune, with a certain wave-length and energy but by being kidnapped gives me bad energy back and it isnot fun at all the whole thing is sad.

And actually before the very sound came out from your mouth´s there were a feeling, a notion, a revelation of some sort.

The spoken language has a very long journey behind it. And much have happened! Every little letter counts, every feeling behind every sound, IS.

Use your mouth to talk in peace with each other. Take your time but don´t let go of it.

Because war starts when you stop talking to each other and use guns instead.

Don´t let it go too far, when you feel it, when you feel a gutfeeling that something is not right, take action and make it right but in a peaceful manner.

The war does not start the day when the first bomb is dropped. It starts long time before. 

It starts with feelings, but you put a lid on it.

Your body tells you something. And your body gives you a feeling. Good or bad. And if it is bad, speak up, and don´t be silent! 

I would prefer if you used the words for speaking the truth and for at all times to make peace.

Sort things out at an early stage, talk, have peace-talks. And avoid war and all that comes with it.

But what you really need is the will.

You need the will to speak up, and you need a will to keep on speaking until you are fully heard by those that it concerns.

It is actually not so hard to start a war. You just need money and people around you, an army. It is much harder to be strong and not let go of a serious peace-talk and to not leave until it is settled in a good way.

When a letter, an old one, a rune, is kidnapped, be prepared to speak up, because thieves are stealing your right to write, talk your language. 

I pray for that peace will come to earth, that love will reign, and that I know it will be someday, but now, at first you must demand peace-talks wherever you are...when letters, words are being aware!

Thursday, 9 March 2023

När träden talar!

Orden kom när jag idag kikade upp mot ett träd i soljuset.

När träden talar...

Inne i kärnan så är du trygg alltid,
hur mycket det än stormar där utanför.
Ibland så måste man bara påminna sig om att kärnan existerar.
När man återigen finner den så är det så naturligt och enkelt.
I kärnan så är glädjen stor, och här finns glädjen, den äkta glädjen som finns i hjärtat.
Vi delar hjärta med så många!
Vi delar med träd, blommor, mossor, lavar, tomtar, troll, älvor, med vatten, luft, med jord och eld och ännu mer.
Du är välkommen du också, in i din egna trygga kärleksfamn!
Jag tror på Dig!
Du är älskad!

Archangel Gabriel I love you more now than before!

I am Gabriel and I really know you, I walk beside you, and you don´t even feel me, or understand that I am so close.

But I love you more now than before!

Do you know why?

Because I see into your struggle, I feel your tears and I feel what sorrows and traumas you have gone through.

But you still think that you are alone?

I am an angel and I communicate through the energy of love always!

See all of your contacts in the etherical realms and all the other possible contacts you may have, as available in an invisible walkie-talkie.

You have this invisible "walkie-talkie" in your hands and you adjust it into whatever channel you like, to your own choosing.

But the love channel is only one of many hundreds of channels, so it is very important for you that you choose this one so that we finally can communicate with each other.

And how do you do it? 

You have to love yourself first, accepting yourself in your heart. 

If you feel low in any way I am there with you, but it is much harder to be in contact because you are in-tangled with negative emotions.

But I am still by your side! Waiting for you to love yourself no matter what.

Some say oposites attract? And that is somewhat true.

But you attract love WITH LOVE!

So inside of you, you have an ocean of possibilities, and space that you can use for love. 

Take time to really create a loving place within yourself, make room for it! 

See your love as beautiful seeds that just lie there waiting for you to plant them, water them, nourishe them.

You need to put some effort into this! So you create a new room within you filled with love, and then, you will attract love!

Even if you feel different feelings over things that are going on in your life, you feel sad, and injusticified, and you feel many feelings because your life is not easy at all, and I love you even more because I really want to hold your hand at these moments.

But when you are sad or low or whatever, you put yourself out of yourself and forget that you always need to be within your sanctuary of love and gratefulness within your heart.

All the emotions, the negative force of them becomes something that you hurt yourself with. 

You are many times surrounded by a storm. 

But you need to keep yourself in the eye of the storm, and never let go of yourself. The storm is like a show. Let the show go on, but you can learn to just observe it. You don´t have to be an actor in it.

You are a pure energy of love. 

But out in the storm, and with all the emotions, you forget who you are.

So please step out of it, save yourself, and just be an observer. It is already hard as it is, I know, but you dont´t have be so involved that you forget about who you are, and why you came to Earth to live.

Many of you go through tough times now. And you are more loved now than before, because we and my angel collegues feel your anxiety.

So please, dear beloveds, love yourselves and when you glide out of your safe haven and go into the war of emotions, just remind yourself, I await you, I always do and we will always meet in the sacred room of your heart where love reignes.

I love you always,


💚Welcome to my blogI am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from archangel Gabriel.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Gaia and Jesus talks about sex.

I am old and I am called Jesus. I love you very much and I now have the cosmic name Sananda.

The thing with me is, I am pretty ordinary, I am no one special.

But the strongest vibration there is on Earth is sex, so I will speak about sex today.

The strongest vibe, drive, motion, energy, is to make other human beings and it begins in your rootchakra.

Without this drive or force you would not live. 

And now the planet is a like a potpurri of humans, and animals, trees, plants, insects, it is like a magnificent symphony of all the tones and colors and it is very beautiful.

But the very sex drive is not a fun fair. It is a gift!

I wish to tell you that I sometimes cry. I cry when the sexdrive is used for a leasurement only, just for fun, and for some peoples ego.

Women where first on Earth. Created after Mother Earth, to be little copys of her. 

Mother Earth is the holy grail of the Universe, and women are little grails, that carry the babies in their wombs.

The females where devas in an higher dimension at first. They only gave birth to girls, for they impregnatet themselves.

Then came the curiosity and some devas became so keen on its other half. 

Some devas became so interested in their twinflame that they agreed to go into a lower dimension so that they could give birth to a male baby.

And so they did, and male babies where born. And this was a very long time ago, actually many millions of years ago. And time have passed by, and slowly with the help of evolution here you are!

You are here on Earth to bear fruit, to make someone else go in your footsteps!

Because the Earth itself gets massage from your very footsteps.

She needs a lot of massage! And there are many different footsteps and footprints that walk on Gaia. And they all matter to her!

But. I just have to say, but you have lost it...

Many of you have lost the sense of having sex as a loving gift, and that makes me cry, but I know you will remember how important it is to always be grateful for the very house of your soul. Your body.

Gaia gives you a gift as in kundalini and it is a lifesaver!

Kundalini gives you strength! But when many of you think it has to do with sex only, it is something I need to address today.

Kundalini is a life-force, that moves from the ground and upwards and is meant to flow through your body, and not to get stuck in your root chakra. If you feel this you might think you are very horny.

But the thing is, kundalini is meant to move upwards and go to all of your chakras and come up to your crown chakra.

But now kundalini cries too. For it is being used as a sex-inhancer.

Wait with having sex. It is so precious. Feel what every chakra is telling you about a person you are interested in. Wait.

Feel what your gutfeeling is about a certain person. Wait til you can feel what your heart is telling you. There is no hurry.

You can always have sex with yourself, if you find no loving and caring partner.

Your body is the temple of your soul. Please know that your entire team, is always with you, even when you have sex. Yes!

So please be patient instead, don´t throw away your gift to anyone that does not care?

This is serious matter. For Gaia it is a holy matter. She sais to you:

I know you, I love you, but please do the same as I, and love yourself. Maybe you think we, Jesus and I are against sex, or that we are rigid or that we do not want you to have a nice time. No it is not really so.

Sex is a gift, to each and everyone of you, it is a big part of living on Earth. But you are an ambassador that represents a certain part of the Universe, and your soul dwells inside you.

You are all ambassadors! And what is your mission on Earth?

To represent love! And to be the altar of the eternal knowing of love and life. The light is: the knowing. 

You are also here to love Mother Earth, for she is your providor of all that you are. The body - your body that your soul lives in, is a creation of Earth, of your Mothers bloodline!

It is a part of your awakening process to realize that you are never alone. 

The very gift of sex stands in relation to what amount of love you have, to yourself and others. 

Always start with yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Have sex with yourself for starters. Then move outwards!

In higher realms as in fifth dimension and higher, you know that sex is vital energy and used with care, love and gratitude.

The thing is: you have to make your rootchakra spin or you will feel low in energy, maybe depressed even. And you know when the root chakra has stopped, your soul leaves your body.

The masturbation, self-sex, is very important so you don´t loose your vitality.

But this you know of course! You are very old souls! But as everything evolves, the basic, is non the less important, it is on the contrary even more important now!

The knowledge of the root chakra, the very library where all there is to know about it, is immensely big. 

Use your love-breathing, to welcome your kundalini force to move upwards your chakras and entire body. It is a part of you and Earth, it can make you go that extra mile, when you really need it! 

The kundalini works with all living beings, even trees.

And you want all of your "tree" to be lit up, out into the very tip of every branch where your beautiful leaves are. 

Some of you can see and tap into your own kundalini energy, and communicate with it. Please do! It is very old! And remember it is a gift, but it is not a sex-gift. It is a gift of survival and of health and vitality! Just be grateful and say thank you!

Ask us and we will guide you if you have any questions!

We love you,

Gaia and Jesus

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