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Monday, 25 September 2023

Mother Mary Come into my arms!

I love you, I am Mary, and I am a very old mother.

Come into my arms and I will hold you as long as you wish!

I need to keep you close to my heart so you can feel the rythm of the universe and all those that love you fullheartedly.

I carry you like a baby as long as you need it and you can cry out all your tears.

I see your tears and all the colors in them, all the feelings you have gone through and I will keep you even closer to my heart when you are sad.

No wonder you are sad if the life you live is so far away from love and peace.

I will keep you in my arms until you love yourself completely and you will find the peace that you have carried for eons of time into this world. 

You have worked so hard that you have forgotten about who you truly are. 

You have forgotten about that you carry a very special kind of peace with you in your heart.

This peace is a neccesity to this world. But this world that you live in is still a hard place to live in.

Love moves slowly, pace by pace, heartbeat by heartbeat and step by step and takes no shortcuts.

I will hold you to my heart as long as it takes for you to recognize your own unique rays of peace and love. 

You have worked so hard, that you have forgotten about yourself and the true you.

But I never give up! I hold you close until you remember who you are and why you came here! 

It is easy to forget. Because it is so dark! You are used to the light of love! But.

But you are also a fighter! You are a true fighter! You fight for love and peace! Always!

But the path on earth is a very hard road for those that really carry the love and peace torch.

So don´t worry, I will never let you go until you remember who you are! Be sure of that my dear child!

I love you,

Mother Mary

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Archangel Gabriel What about peace?

There is a decision to be made, and I am Gabriel.

I love you very much and please don´t be afraid!

The decision is very important!

It is so important that you must know it is the road and the very will of your soul!

How important is peace to you?

Peace is not something anyone else chooses for you, it is your own personal choice, in fact it is a daily choice!

The will and the passion to walk the road of peace is not easy for many want to do the opposite. And they will try to persuade you to abandon your soulpurpose.

Maybe you think I am crazy now? Meaning that you should turn the other cheek to your opposition?

Maybe you think I mean that you should give up, your desire to speak up and give aid to the innocent, the animals, the children, Mother Earth and more?

No I do not mean this at all!

I mean that you can do your love-work, you can make the choice to do it with compassion for the true you, and find the gentle way.

Yes it means that in fact you would sit in the middle of the street as the tankers come rolling in nearer and nearer to you. 

It is a fullhearted decision for you as a soul!

To do this is much harder, it is easier to pick up a weapon!

If peace is important, don´t pick up a weapon, sing instead!

Make your voice heard instead! Talk! Don´t be quiet! You own your own voice, don´t let anyone make you think your voice is not important. 

Communicate what is important to your heart. 

Dance the peacedance with your heavenly joy! This is the time to stand up, talking it out, singing it out, expressing your heart what is important to you.

Write about peace, everywhere, sprinkle your words of peace all around, wherever you can! 

You can never write one word to much about world peace.

The road to world peace is the finding the inner peace first, so everyone must learn this! Be the teacher!

Of cource you are angry of all the wrongdoings against those that can not protect themselves!

If you are angry for the very reason that innocent souls are being treated badly, it is a holy anger! 

Use this anger, this specific energy, to do good, make a positive change, together with your best friends! Give it a go! 

And of course, you would give your own life to save an innocent soul without blinking, you would never run away, you would not turn your other cheek to what is really important.

But the choise to choose peace is the way. The way you are inspired to walk. This particular choise will lead you to the right moments. 

This choice means that you are open to the peace manifest of the Universe. So you are never alone when you make this choice, to walk the path of peace! Many walk beside you! Your ancestors of your Universal lineage is always with you!

And I am also with you, and I know how brave you are! 

There is no courage without fear! You will meet recistance from those that you meet on your journey. And you will meet the best most wonderful friends too, for they will see you in your true colors!

I love you, 



Sunday, 17 September 2023

Archangel Michael The light of love!

I am Michael and I must say, what is really important?

It is easy to say: "-I only want peace and love", isn´t it?

But if someone innocent soul needs help right away,

it may not be so easy, to just walk away, and look to the other side?

Jesus did take part for the innocent and those that could not speak up for themselves and he got in trouble!

Many looked upon him and thought why does he care so much about "unimportant" things?

It is easy to just follow the main flow of a community, and it is a lot harder to stand out, to dare to stand out and say: 

"I think this could be done in a better way" but then you will surely get some dis-likers. Some will agree with you, but you are now putting your head on the line for something you really care about, a heart-matter!

If it really resonates deeply within your heart and then you also act upon it doing whatever necessary to open up for a peaceful dialog, it is really great!

This is what Jesus did. Jesus is passionate! Jesus sees not with his eyes, he values everything within his heart. 

The heart has an invisible scale with which you can weigh and feel what is right in the name of the good and mercyful.

You have this scale within your beloved heart! Use it, please! Ask your heart: To solve this matter in a good way; what is the right way to go?

And wait for the reply!

Jesus will guide you!

You then light up a very important light!

When you ask for heavenly direction in an important matter, a matter that you can feel really deep in your heart, this is when you - absolutely must ask for guidance!

And you are awaited, to ask for guidance of course! 

In a non-loving and square society many things seems to be cast in a rigid mold but when you dare to take a step in the direction of the heart, you create a crack in the mold where the light can enter, the light of love.

You are lightworkers, and you insert your own light combined with all the gathered light of love and etherical wisdom.

I am not saying you have to become a rebel exactly like Jesus, oh no, but I am merely pointing out that it is in your blood too.

It is in your blood, to not be quiet when something is really wrong. All of you, all you beloved lightworkers you are old galactic warriors of peace and love and you have done this many times before. It is about your heritages of the universe, you are old souls.

Just follow your heart! And believe in your dreams!

You are individual creators of love and you use your light to enlighten the dark, the square and the non-loving parts of your own community, and yes you might be seen as a "trouble-maker" but mostly you are a love-maker, never forget that dear ones.

I love you,


Monday, 4 September 2023

Prayer Oración Priére

I once told you about the lesson in prayer I got from God and

a prayer has a freshness date, it lasts for 24 hours, til the next days sunrise.

So it is best to say a prayer in the early morning, just as Jesus always did.

Jesus always got up early - even before sunrise - and began to prepare for his prayer for the coming day.

The new day, is a new born day! It has never existed before!

So when you say your prayer, this is very important to know!

And what about intercession?

Well, this is also what Jesus did!

To say a prayer directly to someone, is more of a gamble!

Jesus had full faith in the good, in the love energy, and in GOD of course.

So he lay all the prayers in Gods hands to distribute in whatever way God thought is for the very best.

God and the angels know what is the best for a person or who you pray for! They can decide exactly when your energy will arrive to them.

When you say a prayer of love, peace, harmony, wellbeing, hope, faith for someone, you create an energy! 

And your prayer is like if you are writing a letter with love letters.

And you make God and the angels the letter-carriers.

You have your faith, and you totally trust God to deliver your letter of love, but you actually never exactly know when it will be delivered.

You actually have to let that go!

Because you know that God moves in mysterious ways, God is an enigma, but, anyway, he knows best! Always!

So if you say a prayer for someone each day for a year, God can use all this energy in one single time!

To save this person, with a miracle!

Or he can distribute the energy a little bit each day! It is up to God for he understands of course exactly what the person in question needs, you do not have to worry one bit about it!

Let your worries go, and have fullhearted faith in God and his distribution of your prayer!

I always say "Dear God, I say a prayer for xxxxx and I wish from the fullness of my heart that this person xxxxx gets full healing and recovery. 

So say your prayer from your heart and adress the love-letter to God  the love-letter-carrier!

It is also safer! You also give a natural protection to the person to allow God to handle the energy delivery!

I think it is natural to say at least two prayers a day!

But you do whatever you prefer!

So come on now dear beautiful friend!

Let´s say a prayer!

I say a prayer for Mother Earth, world peace, protection for all children, for love to prevail. And for all the dear family and friends I know!

And I light candles too! I always light eleven candles at the minimum.

And this has to do with protection and I will explain this another time!

So come on dear friend and let us say a prayer!

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Mother Mary I love you!

I am a mother and my name is Mary.

It does not take me long time to feel that you are miserable and I will say, I am with you always and please let me assure you that you are on the right track.

The more you follow the path of love and the more you truly want peace and harmony and justice the more obstacles you will meet.

Those that rule the world at this point and has for the past thousands of years, want to continue to do so.

They don´t want anyone that proclaim peace from the heart.

Their power is still very big and they feed on negativity.

They can not understand love, or a truehearted joy.

They understand only negativites of different kinds.

They feed on fear. 

They would like you to be unbalanced and disharmonic,

so you do not reach your own full potential of the worthy lightbeing that you are.

And how do you detect a false lightworker?

If someone for example mistreats their animals, and then saying they are animal communicators, they are using the lightworker consept as an excuse to be bad.

A true lightworker does not spread fear, but say exactly what is necessary so that the truth comes forth.

Someone that really cares about Mother Earth and the living souls that she carries says to you to take the best care of yourself. 

How can you do a good job if you hardly can stand up yourself?

You have to start with yourself, then when you are strong you can help others.

I am a mother and I am here to aid you when you need it. You can never ask for me to much, I never get tired I promise you.

Be proud of yourself instead of thinking you lack different qualities. 

You have reached your goals as a soul on earth and there are yet much to do, if you prefer it. 

You know you have your entire team at hand and you are a true universal peacemaker, pleace reconnect with them on a daily basis or you risk forgetting about what strengths you have.

Ground yourself thorrowly each day as well, as all the new wireless techiques used for communication, monitoring every word you write and say, makes you less earthed, makes you dis-connected to the natural way of living.

Use all these kind of techniques as little as you possibly can. Turn it of, un-plug it whenever you can. 

I give you need to know information, not anything that makes you scared for you already know about these things, but it is good for you to work more on what is helping you, and healing you.

Earth is a complex system of different variables as metals, gases, minerals and more are constantly moving and expanding the energy around Earth, so there is a natural kind of radiation, but the radiation that comes from your mobiles, routers, and mobile towers and all that has to do with these techniques are not natural. 

Microwaves can heat your food in a minute, but can also heat up your blood and the water in your body. And all this to chase the time? A minute instead of 8 minutes on the stove?

Ask yourself why the chase for time is so important.

If you are in the firebrigades it is understandble that you are in a hurry if there is a fire!

But when you live a "normal" life, why the hurry? 

Life as you feel it and understand it is being rationalized into a tiny part, almost like the very life is being cornered, is it not important anymore?

Love time instead! Take your time to love instead! Love yourself! It takes the natural time to smell the roses, it takes the natural amount of time to give someone a friendly embrace and a reconnection to life itself without any hurry or stress. 

Let life and love take it´s natural time!

Love has its own pace, you can not rush it!

I am always with you no matter what, and the more connected you are, the more you can feel me, and all I can say now is,

I love you and you are perfectly safe with me always,

Mother Mary

Monday, 21 August 2023

Archangel Michael Making sense of love!

I am Michael and I love you! Today I will explain what love is from my point of view!

I know that more and more horrific news reach you, about things that has been going on for years, but it was hidden from you, like under the surface.

Now when this hits you in a negative way, it is just the way of love.

Love will not hide bad things and making it go on and on.

Love will push things up to the surface for all to see, and up in the light of the day!

Love never hides anything!

Secrets are not the way of love!

Hidden agendas of different sorts have been the way of many centuries and many people have not been aware for the same reason.

My view on love is: always be sure that love will expose any wrong doings, sooner or later! 

Rest assured! 

Have strong faith in loves capacity to unveil all that is bad and make it go away.

Time is your best friend! Time will tell! 

In time, sooner or later faith and hope and love always make it through whatever negative secrets there are.

Just have faith in love!

Love is simple! Love is not complicated! 

Those that have these negative agendas do anything to hide their true purposes, but it is in vaine. They just don´t realize how strong love is! 

So my dear friends, 

I say,

I love you,



Sunday, 20 August 2023

Vittra berÀttar om kÀrlekstrÄden!

Vi Àr Vittra!

Vi Àr urgamla, vi har alltid varit med planeten Jorden, till och med som medskapare före hon blev till.

Men vi har ocksÄ fÄtt lÀra oss. Att som medskapare ta klivet in i allt som hon Àr, in i hennes egen dimension dÀr livet sprudlar, krÀver mod i hjÀrtat.

Livet pĂ„ jorden Ă€r inte alltid lĂ€tt. Det har vi lĂ€rt oss, sakta men sĂ€kert. 

Åskan gĂ„r och det blixtrar och det mullrar! Stenar kan rulla och marken kan röra pĂ„ sig. Oron blir stor. RĂ€dslorna vĂ€xer. Och vad kan dĂ„ vara lugnande? Vad kan Ă„terge tryggheten?

Kontakten sÄ klart! Kontakten med Modern! Hon ger all trygghet till oss, alltid!

Modern förklarar allt och tar hand om oss pÄ ett moderligt och kÀrleksfullt vis.

Varför har vi kontakten med Moder Jord sÄ tydlig för oss?

Vi fick frÄn första början en tydlig och klar kommunikation!

Sedan behöll vi den. Vi kÀmpade för att behÄlla den! Vi tillÀt inget att komma emellan oss.

Utan kontakten sÄ blir rÀdslorna större och oron gröper ur tryggheten.

Alla, inte bara vi, har gÄtt denna vÀg. Trollen, Àlvorna, tomtarna, smÄfolken, och fler har gÄtt samma vÀg.

Men vad hÀnde med er? MÀnniskorna?

Varför tappade ni kontakten med Moder Jord?

Och hur mÄr ni nu?

Egentligen sÄ Àr det omöjligt för er att mÄ bra som ni lever nu.

För att ni inte har kontakten med henne, den stora Modern.

Ni vet inte ens om att ni borde ha en kontakt med henne. SÄ lÄngt har det gÄtt.

Ni har gÄtt lÄngt in i en ÄtervÀndsgrÀnd.

Men alla vÀgar leder hem igen, om du vÀljer det.

Er vÀg in i den djupaste ÄtervÀndsgrÀnden leder rakt in i hennes trygga famn, om ni vÀljer det.

Hon vÀntar pÄ er och hon Àlskar er.

Hon vet vad ni kÀmpar med och sÄ mÄste det vara.

Det gÄr inte att lÀsa i en manual och plötsligt trycka pÄ en knapp sÄ Àr allt bra. Allt mÄste lÀras genom görandet!

VÄgor av kunskap som gÄr rakt in i ert DNA, eller snarare kopplas upp med er redan befintliga kunskapsbank och vÀcker allt till liv igen.

Kunskapen om livet pÄ Jorden, hos Modern, den hade ni en gÄng i tiden.

Sedan fick jorden besök. Och besökarna lÀmnade efter ett tag och lÀmnade efter sig en sorts sjukdom. Sjukdomen fick ert DNA att somna eller snarare lÀgga sig i dvala, en mycket djup sömn.

PÄ det viset fick ni leva pÄ jorden utan kontakt med henne er kÀra Moder, och utan att ni visste det sÄ saknade ni henne nÄgot otroligt mycket.

Ni kÀnde en stor tomhet, en stor saknad som ni inte kunde sÀtta fingret pÄ. Ni fyllde tomheten med andra saker. Fler och fler alternativ gavs till er, som substitut för Er saknad efter Modern.

Det fanns nÄgra som kunde tjÀna stora pengar pÄ er saknad och pÄ er minnesförlust.

De som gjorde detta blev experter pÄ att erbjuda er i princip bufféer av möjligheter, alternativ till erat sug efter kÀrleken till Modern.

Ni kunde bli köp-galna, sex-galna, drog-galna, endorfin-galna.

Ni kunde bli fÄ olika manier, dÄ ett sug uppstod dÄ ert sökande inte gav er det ni sökte nÀmligen kÀrleken frÄn Modern.

Ni Àr jÀgare och samlare i grunden.

Inom djurriket sÄ Àr ni rovdjur eller grÀsÀtare.

NÄgra av er Àr hantverkare och Ànnu fÀrre Àr helare och eldbÀrare.

Ni har er exakta roll! Ni Àr som sjÀl exakt den ni Àr Àmnade att vara det Àr bara det att ni har glömt vem ni Àr i ert liv pÄ jorden.

Det finns sÄ mÄnga distraktioner och möjligheter, men du som sjÀl Àr densamme ÀndÄ!

Du som sjĂ€l har valt ett liv pĂ„ jorden för att lĂ€ra din sjĂ€l den djupaste kunskapen. 

SjÀlar stÄr pÄ kö för att fÄ leva ett liv pÄ jorden.

Livet pÄ jorden Àr att gÄ i en skola!

Men livet pĂ„ jorden Ă€r inte vilken skola som helst, det Ă€r den mest avancerade skolan du kan finna, sĂ„ nĂ€r du Ă€r i himlen och ber om att fĂ„ komma till jorden och fördjupa dig och lĂ€ra dig mer avancerad kunskap sĂ„ Ă€r det den svĂ„raste utbildningen som ett universitet kan erbjuda. 

Att leva pĂ„ jorden Ă€r att gĂ„ i universums svĂ„raste skola! 

SnÀlla glöm inte det! Du Àr sÄ duktig och du har kommit mycket lÄngt! SnÀlla tro pÄ kÀrleken den du har inom dig!

Det Àr mycket svÄrt att leva pÄ jorden för det erbjuds sÄ mÄnga olika saker. Du ser mÄnga erbjudanden nÀstan likt ögongodis.

Men du skall vÀlja med ditt hjÀrta! Blunda! Ja nÀr du blundar sÄ kÀnner hjÀrtat Ànnu bÀttre! Valet blir renare, nÀr du inte betraktar med dina fysiska ögon.

Det enda som Àr evigt Àr kÀrlekens energi!

Har du hört uttrycket "du tar inget med dig nÀr du lÀmnar jordelivet"?

Men det gör ni!

Ni tar med er kÀrleken! Allt som ni har lÀrt er om kÀrlek tar ni med er, tillbaka till himlen!

Ni tar med er en osynlig korg dÀr ni har lagt alla era kÀrleksÀgg.

KÀrleken innebÀr sÄ mycket mer Àn en romans mellan tvÄ personer.

ModerskÀrleken, faderskÀrleken, syskonkÀrleken, vÀnskapskÀrleken, kÀrleken till din nÀsta, kÀrleken till djuren, kÀrleken till naturen, tacksamheten och kÀrleken till dig sjÀlv, Àr nÄgra av de delar som finns inom kÀrlekens energi.

KĂ€rleken Ă€r en livsenergi som flödar genom universum och rakt igenom jorden och allt liv, stĂ€ndigt och utan början och utan slut. 

Somliga kallar den för qi. Jag kallar den för kÀrlekspartiklarna frÄn kÀrlekens eviga kÀlla. Och ytterliga andra kallar dessa partiklar för fotoner.

Ni Àr skapade av skapare som en gÄng möttes och tillsammans skapade jorden. Det var flera skapare som skapade jorden och de hade olika egenskaper och skickligheter sÄsom:

KÀrlek, hopp, tro, glÀdje, harmoni, rytm, musik, tacksamhet, tid, gravitation, flora, fauna, luft, eld, vatten, jord, tÄlamod, godhet, nyfikenhet, mod, helig geometri och mer.

Det tog lÄng tid att skapa, att förbereda allt och sedan kom the Big Bang och sÄ sattes allt igÄng. Och tiden spelade en stor roll!

Vi vet att ni kommer in i Moderns stora trygga famn!

Vi kan se detta! Vi sÄg detta frÄn första början till och med!

För att allt Àr ett!

Och vi vet! Vi vet att ni Àr hÀr för att lÀra! Ni Àr hÀr för att lÀra er om vilka ni Àr! Ni Àr hÀr för att lÀra er om vem ni Àr!

Du Àr hÀr för att lÀra dig om vem Du i sanning Àr!

Att du Àr skapad av kÀrlek Àr inget du kan förstÄ förrÀn du Àlskar Dig sjÀlv! Det Àr först dÄ du kopplar ihop Àndarna och cirkeln blir sluten!

Ni Àr omringade av kÀrleksenergin, ni blir bestrÄlade av kÀrlek och alla de andra energierna, och ni förstÄr det först nÀr ni levt tillrÀckligt lÀnge utan att koppla ihop Àndarna.

NĂ€r saknaden blir för stor. NĂ€r ni har sökt tillrĂ€ckligt och nĂ€r ni inte  orkar söka lĂ€ngre vad hĂ€nder dĂ„?

NÀr ni inte lÀngre orkar söka efter kÀrleken, dÄ mÄste ni börja finna den inom er.

För det Àr dÀr den i sanning finns!

NÀr ljuset gÄr upp! NÀr insikten landar inom er, i ert hjÀrta, i hela er kropp, i er ande, sÄ lyses ni upp rent bokstavligen! För nu inser ni plötsligt att ni Àr kÀrlek.

Och ni har endast gÄtt en omvÀg. Ni À r kÀrlek och ni har gÄtt en omvÀg i glömskans vÀrld, dÀr allt Àr allt annat Àn kÀrlek.

Att leva utan kĂ€rlek Ă€r enda sĂ€ttet att förstĂ„ och uppskatta kĂ€rlek och att verkligen lĂ€ngta efter den. 

Ni lÀngtar efter er sjÀlva! Du lÀngtar efter att förena dig med dig sjÀlv i din egna inre kÀrlek.

DÄ nÀr ni kommer till denna springande punkten, dÄ gÄr ljuset upp!

Du tÀnder ditt egna ljus nÀr du Àlskar Dig sjÀlv!

SĂ„ snĂ€lla Ă€lska dig sjĂ€lv! Koppla ihop Ă€ndarna pĂ„ livets vackra trĂ„d! KĂ€rlekstrĂ„den vĂ€ntar pĂ„ att bli hel igen! 

Du Àr vÀvaren av din egna kÀrlekstrÄd och nÀr du kopplar ihop Àndarna sÄ fÄr du Àntligen kontakt med Ànglarna, med Gud, med Jesus, Buddha och fler samt med allt i den vÀrlden som Àr evig, kÀrlekens vÀrld!

Du Àr Àlskad, Du Àr vÀntad och Du Àr sÄ otroligt vÀlkommen!

Vi Ă€lskar dig,