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Sunday, 3 July 2022

Asclepius Be aware!

Health comes from being healed, and the very word heal, comes from hel.

Hel is a word that comes from the north of Europe, Scandinavia.

Hel means - being complete, and round.

When you are ill, in any form, you are not round, as your true origin wants you to be.

Being half and not hel, round, will be a challenge for you.

You are what you eat. You are what you expose yourself to.

Ask yourself:

What do you put inside of you as well as what do you put on your skin and hair.

And furthermore what is sourrounding you?

You have multiple layers. And every one of these counts.

You have your aura, your auras.

You have your environement.

You have your ancestry of bloodlines.

You have your etherical ancestry.

And there you are!

In your magnificent shape!

But for you it is a jungle!

But by being complete and feeling good, starts within you and has to do with your love for yourself.

No matter what you have inherited.

Just love yourself and be mild.

But please check: what do you eat? What soap, schampoo, toothpaste, lotions etc do you use?

Very few of these today are without poison of different kinds.

Always check the ingreadients in everything that you use or eat.

If you are not sure of anything....go very slow and take your time.

I love you,


Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Archangel Uriel: Lightworkers! You have created a new earth!

I am archangel Uriel and I love you very much.

I also love this planet, Mother Earth.

She is my home! She is the greatest magnificent creator.

I am so very old, I even participated in the very creation of Earth.

The evolution needed time.

Time is an element.

Your development is going forward as anticipated by us.

An advice from me:

In your work as a warrior of love, you need to stay focused on yourself.

It all eminates from you and your vibrations that you have created throughout all of your hard work in your lifetime here.

It is easy to look outside of yourself, seeing many things, in this moment it is easy for you to forget your own important unique energy, that comes from you.

A picture says more than a 1000 words?

The greatest "weapon" of love that you have is YOURSELF, what you carry in your heart, body, spirit and soul.

All the troubles, all the hindrens, all the injuries is something you have worked dilligently with, and then you pulled the red thread through the eye of the needle and you created a wonderful transformation.

This was exactly what you came to earth to do.

To be a transformer. you are a tranformer of your own experiences. To pull the thread through the little eye of the needle and out back again into the eternal love energy.

You make way! You create a path!

For all the others that will follow.

Just as others already have paved a road for you, to be a transformer in this lifetime. 

And you have created new paths, in this lifetime. 

New roads that no one have ever seen before.

You have created an new earth.

The new earth is the new soil, where the seeds grow.

In the new soil flowers bloom that have never bloomed before.

We see flowers that bloom that have been forever green since the beginning of time on Earth.

And now they suddenly bloom for the first time.

And, we are so tremendously happy.

We are so proud of all you wonderful lightworkers of Earth!

You have made such an increadible work.

You have really created a new Earth, where love will flourish and where peace and respect for Mother Earth will be a natural way of living.

I love you


(This is a channeling with archangel Uriel through medium Kerstin Eriksson.  If you like to share? Please state that it is my channeling, and use a working link back into my blog! Have a nice day!)

Älvorna sjunger för Dig!

Älvorna sjunger om Moder Jord! Varje plats välkomnar dig! Och älvorna sjunger den sången! Varje plats är unik. Du är unik.

Jag besökte nyligen orörda platser kring ett fjäll som ligger i Västerbotten och det var så vackra sånger där, jag blev välkomnad.
Det är så befriande att sjunga med kan jag säga! I stillhet och i harmoni med henne, vår Moder, så kan vi höra sången. Den är mycket vacker, och trallvänlig.
Vi blir välkomnade till orörda platser där detta ännu finns kvar.
Fast vi har också ett ansvar gentemot Moder Jord att behandla henne med respekt och ödmjukhet, då blir vi guidade dit där vi kan få höra sången! Det handlar egentligen om att vi inte förstår vad livet är egentligen.
Moder Jord är en levande själ och hon känner oss alla och envar, hon till och med älskar oss allihopa, hon vet vad vi går igenom, i våra liv här på jorden.
Kunskapen om jorden, kunskapen om vår Moder är A och O för att kunna må bra och bli hel. Hur mycket tekniska uppfinningar vi än har, vi människor, så är det kunskapen om jorden som är nummer ett annars så kommer vi alltid att sakna den hela meningen med livet på jorden.

Monday, 27 June 2022

Gudinnan Artarte Kvinnoklockan!


Hej min älskade vän, mitt namn är Astarte.

Jag vill berätta om kvinnorna och deras klocka.

Kvinnorna ger av sitt liv, sitt blod för att jorden skall befolkas.

Blodet är heligt och för Moder Jord är det kvinnornas tårar, både i sorg och i glädje.

Kvinnorna är runda, som hjul, och deras hjul är rött.

Kvinnorna står nära Moder Jord.

Kvinnorna följer månen.

Månen är kvinnornas klocka.

Kvinnans månblödning har med månen att göra.

Kvinnans egen födelse är kopplad till hennes mammas måntid.

När flickan växer upp och blir kvinna så är hennes eget barns födelse kopplad till hennes mormors kvinnoklocka.

Allt hänger ihop. Det finns ingen separation.

Tillsammans väver kvinnorna den vackraste väven, livets väv, den röda väven, och varje kvinna har sin egen unika tråd.

När kvinnan blir äldre och månblodet upphör då börjar ett nytt liv för henne.

Hon kommer nu väva i en annan sorts tråd, och det är silvertråden.

Hela livet som kvinna, så väver hon. Som barn väver hon i ett potpurri av färger, regnbågens färger, ja alla färger du kan tänka dig.

När kvinnan inte längre andas i sin mänskliga kropp, och flyttar vidare i sin ande, då börjar hon väva i guldtråden.

Vävandet ÄR. Skapandet av liv ÄR.

Kvinnan är en stor skaperska och hon står Moder Jord mycket nära.

Och kärleken ÄR. Alltid.

Kvinna vet att Du är älskad, alltid!


Sunday, 26 June 2022

Mary Magdalene I sing Halleluja

I am, and that is all there is. 

And my name is Mary Magdalene.

How do I mean?

No matter if I walk through a storm, or a war, or any other difficult situation, I am.

When something endeavoring is challenging me all day long, and I hardly find time to breath, I am.

I have nothing to brag about, I just serve God, at all times. Day and night, and in those moments, I am.

I answer directly to God and this gives me strenght.

I serve the highest goodness and the love energy.

I do not have to explain myself to anyone, I just have total confidence in God.

To be a servant of the greater good, and love, faith, hope, makes me a target of evil.

Evil does not want any competition. Many times evil is, negligance. Not knowing what is really going on.

The evil purpose to keep people in chains, keeping them as sleeping sheep, is a part of the evil plan.

When you work for the good source, as the love energy, you will find enemies.

You will be angry, you will get frustrated, you will cry. Because you try so hard all the time. But please use your true strenght here.

Your true strenght is love. Always love. Shine your beloved light and follow your heart. 

Your true strenght is love, and that is also the true you.

The evil planners want you to respond with anger. They really try to rock your boat.

You are a true vessell of love, of hope and of faith, joy, harmony, rythtm, music and singing, with your own voice.

Please refuse to use any negative form of response to the attacks you might experience, use your love. Please.

It is in your ray of love you find your ultimate strength. 

And when you are aligned in the love ray, you are connected to me and the other lightworkers.

I am, that is all that I am,

And I sing Halleluja because I am so proud of you, dear sisters and brothers of Earth. You give me joy, when I see how much you care about this wonderful planet Mother Earth, your home.

She, your Mother, will be the place for peace and love, and she will be cherished for the magnificent creator that she is. 

Mother Earth, she, loves you infinitly and she knows how brave you all are.

You give her a voice, when you sing the song that makes you happy. The true you is what she is calling out to: 

please be who you are, and be proud of yourself always.

I love you,

Mary Magdalene

(This is a channeling with Mary Magdalene through me Kerstin Eriksson, I am an universal medium. Please share if you like, if you also say it is my channeling with a working link from your page, back into my blog. Have a beautiful day./Kerstin E.)

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

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Monday, 20 June 2022

Archangel Uriel The way of love!

I am archangel Uriel and I will talk about the way of love!

Love is the greatest force there is.

Nothing can stop love.

Many attempts have been made, are tried to stop love, but these attempts always fail.

Some want to control you.

They use fear to control you.

Fear blocks love.

Fear blocks love for a while. 

Try and stop a hurricane.

Try and stop the sun from rising.

Try and stop love.

No it is impossible. 

Have faith in love. 

Love has faith in you.

Love knows you outside and in.

Love knows when you are afraid.

Love waits for you, to let go of your fears.

Love know everything...

Please be patient with yourself if you are afraid.

Like mist will rise in the morning and the sun will warm up the air and shine from a blue sky. 

Let your worries go, let go of your fears,

have faith in love and feel your true joy.

Love is waiting for you...!

I love you,