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Sunday, 27 November 2022

Archangel Uriel On the right track!

I am Uriel and I am very old, and there is something that I think is very important, that I need to speak about now!

Many of you think, "-this is crazy" "-this is insane" and "-this is more far out" than even you could have anticipated, and what am I talking about?

I am talking about the scenery, the drama that you are living in! You might feel at times that "-why are they not revealed?" "-How can they get away with such a big crime?"

Well but they can´t! The more someone try to hide an evil plot, the more it will pop up eventually, right in the very faces of those that try to hide it from the beginning.

And how come? What am I talking about? How can I be so sure that evil agendas will be revealed?

Because Mother Earth does not tolerate it! It happens on her ground! It is her right to find ways to expose those that live on earth for the wrong reasons.

And what are the wrong reasons?: 

*When you use someone else for your own "good", and you don´t share anything.

*When you use Mother Earth as a buffet where you just pick what you need and throw everything else away as it suits you.

*When you play with other peoples lives as they are just there for you to experiment on, and use as you please.

These are only some of what can not happen on Earth, but it does happen, and Mother Earth herself is being plundered and she does not accept this.

The truth will always come out, sooner or later! Please be sure of this! 

The "popular narrative" that Mother Earth is evil and at different moments accusations are thrown onto different animals as for example the cows, the bats, the pigs, the cats, the rats, the monkeys and you can name others too I guess.

Who speaks up for the animals? For the animals themselves have no voice of their own, and so they are easy targets.

Who defends the innocent? Those that can not speak up for themselves? You? I hope so for you have a voice!

Humans where given a voice, with vocal cords and a voice box, so you can sing out anything, and really talk it out. 

Everything on earth is meant to be a loving collaboration. 

Where everyone realizes that no one can exist without the other. You need each other!

Everything on Earth is meant to be based on equality over all borders.

In fact Mother Earth has no borders, they are man-made.

Important way of living on Earth:

Loving protection of the innocent! 

Caring about all animals as they are your best friends!

Sharing with joy! By giving you receive more!

Understanding about the true living on Mother Earth and how she really works will be lessons in the near future for those that are interested.

Many of you kling to owning things. But the multi-international corporates and those people owning them, will be the FIRST that will not own anything, not you. 

You "bought" a ticket to go to Earth. To go to Earth and live is an EXPERIENCE.

In your experience you most possibly understand that you can only mangage her and take good care of her for a while and then you pass her on to the next generation.

In your voyage to Earth and this life-alterning experience you understand that you will not live here forever, it is just for a "short" time and then you go home again where you came from, you go back to heaven.

Your experience makes your soul grow. And you expand! Your knowledge expand! Your wisdom! 

What matters is your care, your love, and your loving ambitions!

Your love leaves a trail of light and it remains after you are gone!

So I want you to love yourself and understand how much you really matter!

I am Uriel the archangel and I love you very much!

Saturday, 26 November 2022

Archangel Michael What about Phoenix?

Dear beloved I love you! I am Michael and I will make my voice heard for you to really understand, how it all works.

Nothing escapes this, absolutely nothing and no one.

Everything in life, goes in cycles. Around and around. Energies goes from hot to cold and back, from sun in the day to dark in the night, and back to daytime again.

Seasons shift. From winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to fall and then back to winter! A constant CHANGE.

To live on earth means - Change. To live on earth means a living in a forever shifting world.

What might seem as somethings end, is actually somethings very start!

It is a constant "machinery" like a gigant hub of different wheels, small and big ones, in constant movement. 

You know that you only are certain of two things. And that is birth and then death. And the time in between - your life!

After a disaster you feel so weak and you think you will die but you actually rise up again like Phoenix! 

And why?

Because there is no end to love. Love makes the gear or the cogwheels turn all the time. 

Phoenix is eternal, a love being, an eternal soul. And what does Phoenix say to you right now?

"I am Phoenix, please do not give up! 

But if you do you will find yourself still alive. You will find yourself flying with me, once again, because you have flown with me many times, as we are good friends. 

Everytime you hit the ground really hard, I pick you up! And I let you feel that you too are eternal! 

You live in the hardest of worlds and you are in a war. Your opponents try to make you forget over and over again who you are.

They want you to forget that you are an eternal love-being with unique skills of a master. 

All the wireless technology is to make you un-earthed, so you get less contact with me and Michael. So your memory has to work more to keep itself awakened. 

Get outdoors more, breath fresh air as much as you can. Hugh a tree, we are here, next to you always, constantly reminding you about who you truly are and if you fall we always pick you up, please have faith in me,

I love you,


Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Goddess Bastet World Peace comes from you!

 I am a cat and many of you call me Bastet or Bast and I am very old. 

I have seen so many things, I have seen so many happenings and have made many choices in favour to peace.

There is really only one way to go: to go the Peace-walk.

If you are sincerely interested in peace, being peaceful is the only way.

To put all the cards on the table is also a must do! Being totally honest! Just by being yourself!

And why do I speak of this, tonight?

Well, a very well orchestrated league of battle-interested people want to rule the world!

I want you to see right through their talk, and really understand what they are doing with their hands, with both of their hands. 

Do they sit down on the ground and talk to each other? Do you see them sit in a circle around a fire of peace? 

You are humans and you have different ideas. Everyone of you are unique.

Everyone of you have an unique idea how peace should be, and look like. That is how it must be. But the very little thing is: how can you join the peacetalk? Where must you gather to do the peacetalk, what can you do? The very leaders of each country of Earth must listen to you, the people of the green grass, the people that know so much.

You are also the people from the stars for you are the Lightworkers.

So sit down on the ground on the green grass, invite people to talk around a fire of peace. This is how you make peace, by letting everybody speak their mind.

Talk to each other, sit in this holy circle that your ancestors did and talk it out, if you jump over this ritual, there is much more likely to be a war?

Sitting on the ground means also that no one can hide anything under the table, no more secrets.

Talk to your family, to your friends, to your neighbours. You are the ones that create the future.

What world do you want the children to inherit?

A world where everyone listens to each other? And sits down and just hear everyone out?

Peace comes from being peaceful and doing things in a friendly way.

It is about living a slower life! No rush! No stress! To be able to listen to someone, you can not be rushed into it, you have to be living your life in peace, in a positive pace. 

Every new day is newborn, and please love each new day and live in each day without stress. So you can talk and make peace. So you can listen to other people, and make a loving peace for the future to come.

I love you 


Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Archangel Michael Be proud of yourself and your unique footsteps!

I am Michael and I love you!

There are days when you think, where are Michael? Where are the angels? Have they dropped me? Left me? Do they think I am not good enough and chooses someone else?

You are tought that you are a lightworker, an obedient loveworker from the heavens, and that is exactly what you are!

And no, we have not choosen someone else, that you might think is better than you. Never!

We could NEVER do that! And why?

You are not replaceble! No one else can do exactly what you can do!

No one else has your capacity, your personal knowing, your uniqeness.

You are not kloones of each other.

You seem to forget this time after time. No one else can do what you came to earth to do. No one.

Your own life. This is where it starts. No one else have lived your life. So no one else are the master of YOUR life, but you!

When you are born into a lifetime on Earth you embody a matrix of circomstances. You inherit a body, with different biological inprints. You have to master your body, and all the feelings that come with that.

You have to master you life, you have to understand what you go through in every step of the way. And this is what you become your own master of. And no one else can do this.

When you decide in heaven that you want to go to live on Earth and learn and also as the lightworker you are to do your work as a love connector and love spreader you take on a gigantic task.

First you have to handle the very life, and the family that you have chosen to be born into, often to bring light and love into it.

Then you have to mature. And realize that you are indeed a Light and loveworker. So you have to go through all your fears, and your traumas first, in order to be able to work outside of yourself.

You have to pull yourself up by your own shoulders while you are lying down, it is a hard task as I said.

But you know this, you have done this before. You have lived many lives on Earth. And faith is the sign of you. You have the greatest faith. Otherwise you could not pull yourself up on your own, time after time.

And it is in the good faith that you believe in. The faith that always works together with hope and love, and also with gratitude, goodness and joy. You actually embody these energies.

You are unique! No one has walked the same steps as you have. And no one else can be the master that you are. 

We, the angels, can never give another lightworker your work to do. That is impossible.

All the miseries, all the negatives, all the discomfort, all the traumas that you have walked into, and been consumed by and then finally worked yourself through and out on the other side, this is what your mastery lies within. This is the material that you can help other souls with.

If you are a doctor, you have to be sick first, and then get well to know what you are dealing with.

If you are a lawyer, you have to have a personal experience with unjustice first, to be able to understand the very need of a lawyer.

Do you understand me? You can never help anyone, if you dont have a personal experience of the matter. That is impossible.

You sometimes value a grade from an Univerity, but by reading in books will take you where? Reading in a book gives you a hint of things, but you can never get the full picture.

By going to Real Earth-University, learning by living, it is the ultimate place to study. Never look down on yourself if you have gone to the school of life, your life, it is not less than any diplomas or grades or education of any university.

Ask your doctor "-have you ever been sick yourself?" Ask your lawyer have you ever encountered unjustice? ASK!

Ask them, everyone you meet, ask them questions to learn more about the one you choose to trust.

Do you trust grades, a diploma, or a fancy education? Or do you trust your gutfeeling, your heartfeeling and a personal connection and a personal experience?

Who do you trust? Ask and make them talk about themselves and their personal experience. The grades they want to show you does not mean so much. Anyone can read a book, and study for a test and get good grades?

Ask so you can feel their hearts ambition. And then it is up to you to make a choise. Do you want to visit a doctor that has never been ill? Never been sick for one single day? Can this doctor be empathic enough? Can this doctor relate to you? 

If you go to a healer, they must understand how it is for you, a healers first task is always to heal themselves. A true healer needs to know about being opposite to being healed - first. can they heal if they don´t know anything about it?

Personal experience dear is all I talk about today, and it is vital, very important.

And the same goes for all occupations. Ask. To ask a question means that you are interested. That you care. But many "professionals" hide behind a "proper" schooling, the "right kind" of university, the "perfect grades", the "best diploma"?

You must learn to see straight through and into peoples hearts, what hides behind all the diplomas and degrees?

You must absolutely learn to not look down on yourself anymore!

You have indeed walked on Earth and learned in the school of Life, where there are no diplomas given, nor given any grades, nor a prize. 

But God always walks beside you, as well as the embodiment of Gaia and they know all about you!

Please dear be proud of yourself and of your life, and of all of your steps you took wether they were small or big or whatever they where, they where the steps YOU TOOK and all that you have learned is because of them all. 

I actually want you to give praise to your feet, and love your feet for every step they have taken for you.

In our eyes we see your radiant light, the beautiful colors that indeed is your grades, is your diploma and all the confirmation of your hard work.

Love yourself and be grateful that God knows you to 100 procent and everone else in heaven can see you for who you truly are, your colors and light and pattern reveals you totally.

You embody this unique light on Earth and you are a precious pilar of love and no one else can do this important transformation work but you, so please believe in yourself and hear me out when I say,

I love you


(Private picture).


Sunday, 13 November 2022

Lady Hagar Learning from life!

I am Hagar and I am very old. I have lived on Earth in many lives and all my experiences are my wisdom.

A long time ago I lived as someone´s wife and I learned what that was like.

But I have lived many other lives too as I said and the focus can become a little: out of line?

It comes down to: what do I bring with me when I leave?

When I leave the life as a wife to a well known man and go back to heaven then it comes down to what?

It comes down to what I learned about love and about compassion and about gratefullness to life itself.

Life is not a game or a challenge to win over someone else, or to gather as much gold as possible.

When we leave to go to heaven, we go back to our eternal home. 

In heaven we know! We know that love is the only energy that is eternal. And we know that no wisdom on Earth can be bought with money.

No heavenly wisdom can be found by controlling other people either. Or making women lower in rank for that matter. 

The ulitmate truth is that men that need to control women are no men at all. They lack that important insight that women are, really ARE.

Women are little copys of Mother Earth and are totally essential to all life.

A man that needs to control and master a woman to gain strenght, or power actually lacks a soul. A man that lacks a soul can not hear the holy voice of a loving God or Goddess.

A tree with a rotten branch needs to be cut off to not harm the entire tree. The tree is a living being and only love can make the tree survive. Only good care can make it live. 

Sometimes a tree lacks water and branches fall off by themselves because it is too dry.

Faith is like water, a good faith is liquid that is essential to life itself. To life itself there needs to be balance, a good balance always.

In a relationship between woman and man there needs to be a good balance and a good faith, or there will be to drought and the relationship will lack energy to continue.

Earth, our dear planet is a woman with a womb, and this has been threatening to some men, especially men in religious churches. They knew that women are little wombs of Earth, little grails, that can carry life, carry children.

Some men in religion want to oppress women, to make them forget how important they really are. 

If they say God have led them to this they lie! God has never wanted to oppress women - never! NEVER!

God is good and wants it to be a good balance between the female and male energies. God always wanted this! And still do!

No leader of church or of state can claim that their own bad doings are in the name of God, because God does not agree at all.

God knows how important women are to life, to Earth. God has never, never and never wanted any woman to be badly treated because of her gender, (nor for any other reason of course.)

Women are equal to men. God values women very highly as they have special gifts to aid Mother Earth in ways that men can´t. Men are supposed to aid women in their work with Gaia. Men are supposed to protect women that help Mother Earth and help life on Earth.

So in this letter today is me Hagar and also God making a statement!

The sex, the gender is holy, both women and men are equally important, and no one should be treated less or be treated as more important either.

What is all comes down to is what you do! No matter what sex you have!

How you choose to treat other beings, whether it is a human being or another being, like a dog, cat, pig, horse, ant or a whale or a plant or a tree or whatever that lives on Earth.

God does not see your sex first. God knows you of course, but does not see your body at first, no, firstly God sees your gratitude, God feels your intentions and if they come from your heart, if they come from your good heart - or not.

You are a vessell. You hold your intentions as in a little cup.

This is what God is most interested in and sees first. 

God feels your intentions, and your faith, your hope and your love is a colorful painting for God to study and for God to guide you through.

Give yourself a personal sanctuary, and contemplate over what makes you truly happy in your good heart, 

Give yourself a meditation each day, as well as a prayer in the sunrise to sow the seeds for the day.

Please take the time for yourself to dream and fantasise about what is your highest and most important hope for the future. And why should you do this?

This is so important! That you take your own personal time! Take your time to feel your hearts joy and let your creativity flow into the holy sanctuary of your inner garden, because it is how you manifest, it is how you transform your dreams into your own reality, your own realm.

You can dream, fantasise, meditate, say a prayer, no matter what gender you have! 

Follow your heart and believe in your dreams and start creating the new loving beautiful reality of Earth!

We love you 

Hagar and God

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Mother Mary The Holy Gate of Gratitude!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Today I will speak about the most important thing when it comes to love.

The ray and energy of love that you consist of, that exists within you and your heart, has a key.

You need to unlock the door first, in order to access love.

Love is an energy that is based on gratitude!

So when you maybe have problem with tuning into the love energy - it is always about how you approach love.

It is always gratitude that opens the door to love, the abundance of the holy energy of love.

I speak about the love that resides within you, that is what you are made of!

In times of worries and troubles look within to your heart where your inner sanctuary lingers. And ask yourself what makes you grateful!

Please make a list, write it down on a paper! Write 10 points of what you are grateful about in your life. Maybe you can make an even longer list! 

When you enter the realm of gratitude where Archangel Grace is an overseer you actually open a gate, a holy gate!

Entering the holy gate of gratitude means that you actually enter another realm, another dimension.

It is a language too, being grateful. You will be able to interact with new friends, new projects, a beautiful start of a new life.

So Archangel Grace will soon come to this page and present herself for you and when you work on your list of gratefullness you will be ready to interact with her, to connect with her.

She is already there in the realm of Gratitude waiting for you, and you are so dearly awaited.

I love you

Mother Mary

Monday, 24 October 2022

Archangel Metatron Your heartfelt joy, your true essence!

I am archangel Metatron and today I hold something in my heart that I reallt need to adress!

A long time ago I lived on Earth as a human being and I had a lot to do. Certain things came my way and I learned from it, like different sceneries that I walked through on my path of life.

It is easy to forget that you are right now doing the very same! 

I can whenever I like take a view of my life on Earth and se it like if I am at a movie theatre. If there is something I don´t remember about a particular life, I can just sit down and re-view it, just like that!

Please beloved friend; Don´t forget to laugh, do not forget to enjoy your life exactly as it is! It can be too easy to be too serious about it, and forgetting to just feel your own hearts joy.

Because you just have to do this and you just have to do that - first? And then, you will probably have some time over to just allow yourself to enjoy your own preacious moment?

No please! Do it now! Enjoy your life every day! I beg of you! To feel your heartfelt joy is not a crime! It is your right, it is your birth right! Why waste another minute, into the deep seriousness of life, which is important of course but not obligatory every second, and not obligatory in your every breath.

You have an obligation to your soul to feel your own unique heartfelt joy each day, and taking your own time for this, you should really stand up for this, stand up for your right to do this, hopefully every day. 

Why do I bring up the importance of joy? Why do I talk about the joy that you have in your heart?

True joy gives you protection! And how does it work?

You believe in the good energies, and you believe in the energy of love and you are dedicated to do good things in your life as you live on Earth, but it is not so easy, as you might have discovered?

You meet hinders to do this every day? Some people do not understand you? Well that is how it is! When you are dedicated to the good energies, as is gratefullness, harmony, faith, hope, love and joy you will face resistance from those that: are living in negativity.

The negative energies are: fear of different sorts, denial of love and denial of all the positive energies that I mentioned above. 

Those people that go the negative path: will try to separate you, from your good hearted joy and from your faith in goodness and love and more.

You who are standing up for the very essences of the meaning of life will be a target of negative energies that will try and make you forget about it firstly, by freigthening you.

Yes it is like a war. It is a war between the good and the negatives. 

And every time you make a conscious space of joy where you can relax and have a break and just allow yourself to be, to exist in your true form, in your true essence of love, you make more room for yourself that will protect you.

Maybe you think that if you hide your joy, and if you hide your good faith, and your hope and love, you will slide under the "negative radar" and negative energies will not discover you? 

But then you will deny yourself your true essence, what you came here to be and foremost what you already are and always have been.

You came here to hold the torch! You came to Earth to hold the torch of freedom and love! You can not just be like the others that have not awakened yet, because they slumber in the wheel of negativities. 

Yes you are awaited, to step up for YOU! Yourself awaits you, your higher self awaits you to do what you really love to do!

Don´t deny yourself of this natural essence that you are created of. 

Jesus did it! Others do it. What are you really afraid of? When you deny yourself you will feel unsatisfied, you will feel like you can not quench your thirst, no matter how much water you drink. You will feel empty, hollow.

It is because you hold your true essence on an arm´s length, and you can not help but feeling that things does not add up for you. 

So, you have to make a choice my dear! On whos side do you stand?

You are a lightworker, a hard worker of good deeds, you are a loving soul and without you knowing it, you are a lot more negative than you thought, because you do not stand up for yourself enough.

You have to ask yourself: what are you really afraid of? You have to get rid of the shackles.

You don´t have to change much, oh no, just that little thing that hinders you on a daily basis, to allow yourself really feel your true hearts joy.

Just ask me if you have any questions! I am waiting for you to ask me because I really want you to be your true self always!

I love you very much,