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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Mother Mary; Let love surround you!

Dear friend I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

You are standing on a safe foundation, your ground holds you. 

Today I will ensure you that you are safe, safer than you can ever think. 

Look upon your feet, those that let you walk on Earth, on your Mother, on our Holy Mother.

Feel her under your feet, she that you walk on, knows all about you, and loves you!

Many people think there is a separation, she just happen to be there, so you can walk on her. But it is no coincidence, she and you are entwinded, connected much more than you can ever believe.

Some lay concrete on the ground, asfalt, or other materials on her thinking it will make you forget about her.

Some women walk in highheels shoes, wanting to be taller, but actually, all they seem to get is even more ungroundedness. These women try to reach the sky, and it is a mans world still, where the masculin energy is still too strong and also unbalanced. 

If you want to feel good, and if you want to be balanced, you have to take off the high heeled shoes and allow yourself to feel her under your soles.

You souls feel her, as well as your soles when you walk barefoot on the green grass, or the sand on the beach, or wherever you have the possibility to walk with bare feet.

I am not saying fashion is wrong, I am just pointing out what the consequences are.

Your first salut in the morning should be to Mother Earth, yes, she holds you safe at night!

The energy of the night is feminine and the energy of the day is masculine. It is actually two different entities, energies. Both are also new each time there is a sunset or sunrise! That is why you should say a prayer both in the morning and at night before you go to bed. 

You can never really feel whole and be complete without Mother Earth, and in the knowing of her and feeling her love you will indeed be healed and feel very blessed and loved.

It is time to celebrate Mother Earth as a loving soul and a being with the right to be treated with care and respect at all times! This is when you and everyone will feel good on all levels, and this is the meaning with living on Earth, to treat all living beings with care and respect and love will prevail.

I love you very much, I am an old mother, I am Mother Mary, and each day I pray for you all, and I also always pray for Mother Earth for she too is a Mother, the greatest mother of all!

/Mother Mary

Monday, 14 September 2020

Kartikeya; The voice within.

All I need to know is that I am.
And yet my name is Kartikeya.
All you need to know is that you are loved, very deeply.

The voice within is always loving, it is a gentle whisper.
No matter what happens on the outside, it is the inside that really counts.

Love is eternal, it is an energy that is so old that the beginning is invisible. 
Love is a round energy, it includes, it embraces and it leaves no one.

You have to be strong to be able to protect love, many entities want to destroy love. 
Love will win of course anyway, because it is eternal, but it will take longer time to heal what has been destroyed.

Time will help love, always, they are a perfect match. Some say I am a war god, and that is true, in the sense that I defend love, and fight those that hinder love.

A perfect balance between the elements will give you the best possible ground to stand on to defend love!

Seek inside of you, never outside. The outside will mirror the inside. Create a balance within and you will be one of my disciples.

I am the supervisor of the army of love! We defend love, and some say we are warriors. All we want is peace and prosperity to the people of Earth. We see that all is sacred. We see that all living beings have a soul and a higher purpose.

I love you,

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Archangel Michael; Be ready for love!

I am archangel Michael and I am about to say; I love you, you are really something!
Look at you, you are still standing after all that has been going on.

You are so much stronger than you can ever believe, and yet you hesitate, when you think of yourself and what you do on this planet!

And the thing is, you do it yourself! You are so strong that you actually row your own boat now, with both oars. Sometimes you think you get supernatural help, going through difficult passages in your life, but no, you do it on your own, with both hands!

Yes! Of course I am there with you at all times! I know what you do! But you have the instinct to check over your shoulder, to get confirmation, that you indeed get help? But no! You do it on your own!

You have grown! You have matured! You are not a child or even a teenager anymore, when it comes to the term lightworker, you are an adult now!

And you do notice it, don´t you? You get more information on daily basis, and it makes you very aware of what is going on.

I am very proud of you! You have really brought in a new era, a total transformation for new torchbearers to carry for the future.

That is what you do, you transform, so that others that comes after you, will met a ground that has already been plown, and their work will be a little easier to do, they will need less time to work it out, than you had. You went down and you were very thorrow and each detail are something you know a lot about.

You have made it easier for the next generation to set sails as they will need to do!

And this is how it works! All those before you, did the same for you! Everything you do, has been worked through earlier, so it has been a little easier for you to work with.

You are all transformers, making the path easier for the next person, the next soul, the next generation. By working your way through time, planting more and more seeds of love, hope, faith, joy and grace and more positive energies, making sure more and more seeds will begin to grow in the future.

I just need you to envision yourself as a master, your true you! You are a master and you have been all along! You had this lifetime as an assignement, that you did not even have to do! You have already lived all your lifes on earth, you had already learned everything, and you did not have to be re-born once again on Earth, but you choose to be! For the sake of love! For the sake of hope and faith!

No one said it would be easy! You knew from the task shedual that it would be difficult. But as you were newborn all memories were gone. And that is how it is on Earth, the life on Earth means that you already have a caracter, a soul that are giving you hints, feelings about what is right for you. The thing is you wrapped it up! Everything is fine! Enjoy! Be proud of who you are! Feel your own strenght and admit it, it is your own doing, your own accomplishment!

Embrace yourself totally, and realize what you are, who you are!

Love yourself, and be ready for love!

I love you,

Archangel Michael

Thursday, 3 September 2020

En känd svensk politiker som lämnade hastigt!

Några av orden kommer från en (mycket känd) gammal svensk politiker som lämnade jorden för tidigt 28 feb 1986! RiP!

Wooow jag säger bara, vilken transformation! Jag skrev detta den 2 september 2018 och om du vill så var så god och läs 

"Hennes kärlek är gränslös! Låt hjärtat vara med!
Om allt var lätt att räkna ut, så skulle allt vara ordnat redan?!
Oj vad är det jag menar?!
Det låter lite kryptiskt eller hur?!
Sakta vaknar vi till en ny gryning!
Ja jag säger VI, för vi som är i himlen, är med er lika mycket nu som vi var i livet på jorden!
Alltfler väljer i sina hjärtan, vad de verkligen vill och hur de vill att framtiden skall se ut!
Hjärtats väg på jorden har inte varit lätt, inte lätt överhuvudtaget!
Att stå fast i sin tro oavsett, vad som sker runt omkring, är inte det lättaste!
Om Du tror på frihet och demokrati, då skall du kämpa för den!
Frihet och demokrati behöver hanteras med varsamhet och även med noggrannhet, annars
växer den vilt och kan lätt komma ur fas med vad som var tänkt från början!
Det kan visa sig att det man kallar för demokrati, inte längre är demokrati!
Det kan också visa sig att den underbara friheten, inte är en frihet utan ett stort fängelse!
Frihet är något vi har under eget ansvar!
Demokratin måste vårdas och skötas om som ett skötebarn vid varje andetag, varje dag, varje natt.
Så, nu, vad händer!?
Demokratin visar sina rätta kläder!
Demokratin har inte skötts om ordentligt!?
Demokratin har inte vårdats noggrant, varje dag och natt!?
Den har växt snett, och därmed in på andra vägar, villovägar!
Och det har hänt förr!
Fråga dig själv; vad tror du på?
Fråga dig själv; vilket samhälle vill du att barnen skall ta över om några år?
Förena hellre än att separera!
Lär barnen att omfamna, hellre än att lära dem att se olikheter.
Lär barnen att ta varandra i hand hellre än att låta dem sitta med olika apparater i sina unga händer!
Barnen är vår allas framtid!
Oavsett vilken sorts demokrati framtiden ger!
Värna om barnen, och låt dem leka med sin naturliga glädje och kreativitet!
Skapa ett tryggt och solidariskt samhälle för barnen,
då kommer även de vuxna att må bra!
Vattnet rinner över jorden, som hav, sjöar, floder, bäckar, åar, kanaler, älvar!
Regnet faller över hela jorden, dropparna ser inte var de faller ner, det spelar dem ingen roll, för de älskar Modern över allt annat, de vill att hon ska leva, och vara grön och skön!
Solen skiner över vår jord, vi har dag och natt, samma sol!
Samma måne är det också!
Vår Moder Jord är EN! Vi är EN med henne!
Hon, vår allas Moder Jord behöver oss N U!
Hon behöver rening, tvättning, avgiftning i stora skalor!
Och plasten!
All plast måste rensas bort från haven, stränder etc.
Förbjud plasten!
Vattnet ÄR detsamma, ni dricker samma vatten som dinosaurierna gjorde!
Investera i barnen nu, i trygga hem, trygga gator, trygga skolor,
ett stort tryggt samhälle!
Ja det finns ingen tid till att bråka, vara oense, Moder Jord behöver omplåstring NU!
Alla måste enas, gå samman, för att hjälpa henne!
Ta nu varandra i hand släng pappersgränserna och gå över vattnet i stället, och tillsammans,
vårda er kära Mamma med stort M.
Mamman, Er Jord, Er planet, ger Dig ditt dagliga vatten och bröd!
Alla Ni, Ni som bor på jorden, NI är bröder och systrar,
ta nu varandra i handen och lägg ner stridsyxorna, om ni nu har någon och
ta och kavla upp ärmarna och dra Ert strå till stacken!
Ta fram samvetet!?
Ingen kan längre sitta på sin rumpa och tro att någon annan ska ro allt i hamn!
Alla behövs! Alla har sin egen uppgift!
Moder Jord ser inga gränser, hon läser inga kartor!
Hon ser Er, hennes barn!
Hon känner Er, utom och innan!
Hon vet att Ni lider och att många av Er inte mår helt bra!
Använd ett sunt förnuft, vettiga regler och solidaritet över alla hav, sjöar, floder, bäckar,
åar, kanaler, älvar.
Det finns ingen tid att spilla, ingen tid att luta sig tillbaka och tro att någon annan
kommer att ro båten åt Er!
Sträck ut en hand över floden, havet och alla de andra vattendragen, alla Ni måste enas om att jobba globalt tillsammans för miljön, för Er Moder, som GER ER ALLT!
Strunta i dessa mångmiljard projekt att flyga ut till andra planeter, lägg pengarna på BARNEN de som ännu inte har mat, vatten, mediciner, de vill lämna vår moder i spillror, full med skräp och svältande barn, för PENGARNA FINNS JU! Pengar saknas inte! BARA VILJAN, och HJÄRTAT!
Ni stirrar er blinda på gränserna! Och på vilka som är innanför och utanför!?
Fråga Er istället vad Ni kan göra tillsammans, oavsett var ni befinner er, 
Ni står alla med Era fötter i jorden?!
Gränserna är naturliga, där land och där vatten möts.
Ni har sedan många hundratals år ritat upp kartor, och där dragit linjer, och även stridit, krigat för dessa linjer, och separationen ökar.
Oavsett dessa linjer på era kartor, så är ni människor, med två händer, en högerhand och 
en vänsterhand och valet är ERT!
Vad väljer du att göra med DINA HÄNDER, har med HUR DU ANVÄNDER DITT HJÄRTA!
Sträcker du ut handen till dina systrar och bröder, över vattnen?
Och väljer Du att se Moder Jord som en helhet, EN, och en mamma som nu behöver all hjälp, och att barnen de viktigaste, måste få växa upp i ett TRYGGT samhälle med hjärta och 
solidaritet oavsett var på planeten de bor!?
Riv alla de gamla kartorna med linjer och gränser och öppna dörren och ditt hjärta och kliv ut på din Moder, känn hennes hjärtslag under dina fotsulor, för hennes kärlek känner inga gränser!
Hon älskar Er alla! Hennes kärlek är gränslös!
Ja det ligger faktiskt i Era händer, Ni väljer vägen,
och glöm inte att låta hjärtat vara med!"

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Jupiter; Universe talks!

Do you know what I see?
I see everyone of you making the most beautiful patterns as you feel your emotions, and as you do your lovework on Earth!
I see Earth as a lovestation, where souls choose to live for a while, to be able 
to grasp the importance of love!

To live on Earth is a challenge and love is something you have to decide to always cherish,
as it is a personal choice to follow love everyday as every day is newborn! 

What do you choose today?
Is love important to you?
Do you choose to see through your heart, instead of through your eyes?
Do you choose to acknowledge that everything is connected, 
or do you think that everything is supposed to be separate?

As you go along with your life on Earth you find many situations and also people that still do not know that love is a choise! And they might try to scare you, into believing in lonliness, separation and fear. And they do so because they do not see what you see, and they do not feel what you feel in your heart, because you believe in love, and you feel it in your heart, in your body and in your spirit and soul. 

And you know it is available for all but the hindrens are in their way right now for these people that do not realize it is a choise of the heartbeat, every day! 

Some live in the old, in fear, in separation, in division, they can not see the whole picture yet. 
But evetually they will!

Just keep on praying for them, for they will awaken, just as you have, because there is no other option! 

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe, you just have to be able to see the whole picture!
I love you 

Friday, 28 August 2020

Oberon; Have faith in your Mother!

I am Oberon and I am very old! I live here with you on this remarkable planet!
The difference between you and I is that I know what Mother Earth needs to thrive and feel good! When your planet feels good and thrives, so will you!
It is not easy to feel good when Mother Earth is not feeling good!
Even if all she really needs is time, a lot of time, to heal from all the devastating wounds that she has been given, it is very much easier for you to begin to understand her!
For when you understand her, what she needs to sprout and grow and blossom, you will learn in a natural way what you yourself need to do the very same!
There are no separation!
If your mother feels bad, so will you!
When you throw trash on her, you throw it in your own face!
There are no mysteries when it comes to your Mother Earth, she is what you have, what you see. When you treat her badly, it always comes back to yourselves, sooner or later.
You need to start to understand her so that you can learn how you can work together with her,
and not against her!
The thing is;
she loves you!
Yes your Mother Earth loves each and every one of you!
And she awaits for you to awaken to her and her gifts!
It is all about listening to her!
And how do you listen to your beloved planet?
Well, that is the thing! You have to try and try and eventually you will understand how!
Some listens already to her!
Like this girl writing this! (Oh thank you Oberon, I try :)
There are important discoveries yet for you to find about your planet and they will give you a plentyfull life. Free gifts for all! No money involved!
But the most important thing is that you will become happy!
You will find a loving purpose in your lives!
And you will be proud of letting the children inherit the Earth because then she will be a blossoming garden, the Eden she once was, and everyone are welcome, you just need to learn to listen to her!
I love you
Lord Oberon

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

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Kerstin Eriksson