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Monday, 13 January 2020

Sungod Ra; The loving darkness!

I am RA
But I am also an archangel.
I am Raziel.
I am here to enlighten you on a matter!
Light is knowledge, the eternal wisdom from the source of love.
I will also mention that the opposite to light, the knowledge,
is the motherly love - the darkness, the divine environment for the child to develop in.
The womb, the amniotic fluid, the very body of the woman is SACRED.
In the divine darkness the child slowly develops.
There is no hurry.
There is no time pressure.
There is no need to learn any information.
The beauty of the child´s growth is sacred.
The light is the male energy, the darkness is the female energy.
And both are necessities.
There can be not only light, or not only darkness.
In the dark there is always light,
as the little body of the child, glows in the most beautiful colors.
In the light there is always dark.
Because the dark was first.
The dark is love.
The dark is the love that you all speak about.
It is the love that does not judge.
It is the love that embraces all.
It is the love that includes.
It is the love that is healing and making complete,
into a full being.
Like the child in the womb.
The love makes the child complete, step by step, heartbeat by heartbeat.
The dark is very good indeed. The darkness makes babies grow.
The next time you look upon the stars in the night sky, you might
think that without the dark sky you wouldn´t see the beautiful glitter of the stars.
Every seed must rest in the dark at night, otherwise it will be burned and will not grow properly.
And I must add that your fear of the dark, is man made by those that make a profit out of your fear.
You need a balance between the loving light and the loving dark.
Love is the only energy that makes you complete.
Love is the only energy that is a necessity.
I love you

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Quo vadis?

Someone whispered the words Quo vadis to me today!❤
And I had to look it up!
It actually means - WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

And then it really hit me, as I continue to search for information, that Saint Peter and Jesus are said to have met once outside Rome and then Saint Peter said to Jesus Quo Vadis? And Jesus hade answered something about going to Rome to be cruicified for the second time.

I guess it is all about the road, our path, the journey of our life,
where we are going, and what we choose to do!

We are here to awaken to love and to the calling of our mission of love on this planet.
Each and everyone of us has a mission that we take to our heart if we like.

The Arcturian Council once said to me;

Follow your heart
and believe in your dreams! ❤

Kerstin E

This nice picture is borrowed from Google! Thank you!

This is one of my first angel messages I received in  May 13, 2014, I just thought it is so important, what do you think?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

By apologizing you create a bridge of grace!

To say the words "I am sorry and asking for forgiveness is a lesson in love...

...and it makes you grow. 
It makes your soul grow and mature.
And what happens if your apology is not accepted?
Did you apologize for nothing?
What do you think?
Think about it for a while!
The answer my friend is that, you are blessed!
You are blessed with a seed of grace!
And this seed turns into a bridge.
A bridge of love and grace.
And, your bridge is an invite!
The bridge is there. Waiting.
Because it is a bridge of grace and love!
God bless you!