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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Path to Faith
a channeling with words from Mary Magdalene.
Light is coming in to Mother Earth and all living beings are rising in the light!
New times are ahead of us, and the sceneries are shifting on your path of life!
Our dear beloved Mary Magdalene guides us gently with care and love. She provides
the tools for us, to see our path now enlightened! 
Faith is an universal energy and is an important foundation stone to the very life itself.
Faith is not religious, as it is easy to think, it is a necessity to live life balanced. 
Living without faith, is like rowing a boat with only one oar!

Todays offer; FREE Distance healing with Mary Magdalene!

Today I had the joy of walking in a beautiful forrest.
I picked some blueberries. And the sun was shining.
Mary Magdalene asked me; do you want to work with me?
Yes of course I want to work with you I answered!
Together we will give healing! She said.
And I asked, do you mean distance healing? Or physical healing?
I mean both she answered!
Do you have a name for this healing, dear MM I asked her?
Holy Uterus Distance Healing!
And I am so happy, I can’t wait to get started!
It is both for women and men!
You might think of the uterus now?
Well our great Mother Earth
is a very important Uterus, very Holy!
She is a provider for all of us!
So the Uterus is never wrong!
As life always passes through the Uterus!
If you are interested please let us now!
I need a photo of you!



A lump in your breast.
That is a very disastrous thing to find.
A total collapse.
Of everything you now.
And why do it exist?
It is a disease of your society.
A lump on the great mother.
A lump in your breast.
All women carry the great Mother.
What Mother Earth carry
all women can also have.
As we are one.
No one stands apart.
Everyone does not get breastcancer.
all carry different burdens.
This is sad. Heart aching...
a great healing.
And it starts WHITHIN YOU.
Knowing you are not alone
and always loved.
You do it together - with all women and Mother Earth.
Please don’t wear a bra.
It tightens your diafragma
your natural bloodstream.
Your breasts are beautiful as they are!
There is an important chakra where you wear your bra.
That is highly important for women!
Your breasts are so important!
You are women! You matter!
When the time is right
you have milk to feed a child.
The most important thing of all?
And even if there are no milk
it is a women central.
Your breasts are sacred
and carry holy nectar of life,
highly feminine
The bra is a women killer
don’t wear it...please.