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Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Dragon Council; Activation of starseeds!

We are, I am a part of the Dragon Council!
I am a dragon and I am very old!
You are like my children, that I care a lot about!
Wave after wave of awakenings are happening throughout the Universe.
Not only on Earth starseeds are awakening now!
I will talk of the awakening on Earth today!

We have had our council for eons of time, and we are very sure this time that now you are prepared for the new incoming upgrade, that will enhance your development into a being that are embracing the soul of Earth!

You already know from this channel´s sources that Mother Earth has her own soul and her own capacity to know everyone of you! She even walks beside you just as God does!

We the dragons are prepared to fully help you on your life´s journey on earth!

Those that are awakening now are suddenly feeling that something is changing for them!
Their awakening happens in a faster way, than it did 20 years ago, and more.

The awakenings are happening faster and faster and sometimes the starseed can be confused!
We are here to ease this, through our channels that are working for us since a long time back!

I am a Dragon and I am very old!
I am a vegan!
For me all living beings have a soul!
Life is sacred to me!
I know what you go through in your life,
I know about all your struggles and pain and heartache.

And I also know what you dream about, I know of your joy and faith, hope and love!

So I say to you, just have faith in me,

I love you

Mother of the Sun Dragons

(This is a channeling with The Mother of Sun Dragons 2020-07-04 via Kerstin Eriksson on, or

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Mother Mary; In the essence of Love there is JOY!

I love you dearly!
I know of every mile you have walked.
I know of every stone you have bumped into, and I can tell you about every turn your path has taken you.

NOTHING is a coinsident. And how can that be!? You are here to learn about love and nothing else matters. .. !

In the essence of Love there is JOY!
Joy is a living being!
Joy is incoded with your DNA, the joy that you created!

Joy is a free energy that always needs to fly free. Joy is a dimension of its own!

Negative forces steel joy. And make you sad.
Now the time has come!
A new era is finally here!
The realm of joy will be free now.
Joy can no longer be inprisoned!
Many Lightworkers and many humans have suffered for a long time, as their joy have been kidnapped!

Please start your day with your prayer as usual, now add your hearts wish to recall your joy! Your joy will HEAR your request, as this is your free will! 💚 Your joy loves you and await to hear from you. Your request, your call to your joy, will set it FREE from the kidnappers.

Then you might ask yourself: did you ever allow your joy to leave you?
The answer is NO!

But there is a force on the opposite
side to Goodness and Love and Joy, that have been too strong for over thousands of years and they have feed on fear, sorrow and guilt and more.
This have been their food! A whole buffé of sad feelings.

And now finally the joy and love force are about to weigh heavier on the scale and more balance will appear in Your life!

Now it is time to reclame your joy of your heart!

Heaven is closer than ever to being a natural part of Earth, where love joy faith and hope are the powers in charge!

Through all your lifes you will now be able to heal the etheric orbs with the Miracle of Joy!

Each life you lived on earth has its own etheric wheel. Every time you are born into earth these circles find you and complete you!

And Joy will now be healed in all your etheric orbs!

Now you are being granted with the abilitiy to heal what needs to be healed!

Just remember it is no quick-fix!
You have to really work on it!

You are a miracle of life
and you are deeply loved!

I am Mother Mary and I am
also an Archangel,
I am devoted to guide you
and I await your call for Joy!
I love you!

(I decided to re-blog this text that I channeled in 2018 but with another titel; I love you dearly. I think it is relevant, now and forever! Love Kerstin Thank you Mother Mary for all the beautiful text´s I am receiving from you! I love you!)

Monday, 29 June 2020

Helena Blavatsky: All colors!

I am Helena Blavatsky, I am an old soul, yet I have new things to talk about.

The spirit within you is like a tree. A tree with it´s own light, luminescent, glowing very beautiful in the dark. So when at night you think it is dark, but it isn´t.

Even your spirit has roots! And your beautiful tree also has beatiful roots going down deep in the very ground in which you live.

Yes you are a rooted being! And that is perfect! That is how you really connect!

Drink clean water! Your roots love this! Your body loves it! And your spirit salut´s you for drinking water!

No beverage can replace water. Water is magic! True magic! Love the water! Cheerish your water!

Now you wonder over what is new in this text! And I have not started yet!

Don´t be afraid to feel your joy, don´t be afraid to dance your souldance!

You are you anyway! Dance to the rhythm of life! Your spirit tree wants you to dance now!

You are already glowing in the most beautiful colors, release the stress, you don´t need it, just let it go!

You might think that your tree has been pruned pretty hard? And you might feel that you have scars from life, from your life on Earth. And you think, can that ever be beautiful? Well my dear friend, that it the most beautiful thing ever to see! When you are healed after a hard life all the scars are the most precious gemstones.

But where you have lost a branch, a new have grown out! And were you have been damaged these wounds are healed with greatest care and in their place there are glittering diamonds and sparkling crystals in different beautiful colors.

And you actually glow, really glow with the purest luminescent vibrant colors!

I can see it! We can see it! But you can´t see it!

You can feel it though! Please tap into your beautiful sacred spirit tree and feel how beautiful you are.

I love you

Helena Blavatsky

Mother Mary; The Essence of liberation!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Everyday I light candles for you, and I pray for you!
I work for God!
God is all about the goodness, 
God is all about the divine love and grace.
To be grateful is essential to how you are doing on all 
levels of your being.
There is good darkness and good light.
The good darkness is within the mother who carries the 
child in her womb.
She and her womb is sacred, that is the holy grail.
The holy grail is the one that contains life.
The good darkness is earth, the soil, were the seed is 
laying and waiting for the 
moment to begin to grow.
The good darkness is night. 
A time to rest and recouperate from the busy day.
And how could you see the stars at night if it was not dark?
But there is another darkness.
This darkness is about not knowing about the force of love.
This darkness entertains with horror, fear and misdirected power.
There are those that rule with this kind of power, but not for long.
Their time is up! 
The time is up for those that make money out of fear, and are in power of peoples distress.
And they know. 
They know their time is up and so they make resistance to hold on
just a little longer.
The good part of it, is that you all have been given a chance to really understand what
freedom is, what true liberation is.
You find the true liberation within your heart no matter where you are, and what you go through.
And this wisdom gives you gratefulness in your heart for you will forever be happy that you found this insight!
I love you
Mother Mary