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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Mother Mary; Let love surround you!

Dear friend I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

You are standing on a safe foundation, your ground holds you. 

Today I will ensure you that you are safe, safer than you can ever think. 

Look upon your feet, those that let you walk on Earth, on your Mother, on our Holy Mother.

Feel her under your feet, she that you walk on, knows all about you, and loves you!

Many people think there is a separation, she just happen to be there, so you can walk on her. But it is no coincidence, she and you are entwinded, connected much more than you can ever believe.

Some lay concrete on the ground, asfalt, or other materials on her thinking it will make you forget about her.

Some women walk in highheels shoes, wanting to be taller, but actually, all they seem to get is even more ungroundedness. These women try to reach the sky, and it is a mans world still, where the masculin energy is still too strong and also unbalanced. 

If you want to feel good, and if you want to be balanced, you have to take off the high heeled shoes and allow yourself to feel her under your soles.

You souls feel her, as well as your soles when you walk barefoot on the green grass, or the sand on the beach, or wherever you have the possibility to walk with bare feet.

I am not saying fashion is wrong, I am just pointing out what the consequences are.

Your first salut in the morning should be to Mother Earth, yes, she holds you safe at night!

The energy of the night is feminine and the energy of the day is masculine. It is actually two different entities, energies. Both are also new each time there is a sunset or sunrise! That is why you should say a prayer both in the morning and at night before you go to bed. 

You can never really feel whole and be complete without Mother Earth, and in the knowing of her and feeling her love you will indeed be healed and feel very blessed and loved.

It is time to celebrate Mother Earth as a loving soul and a being with the right to be treated with care and respect at all times! This is when you and everyone will feel good on all levels, and this is the meaning with living on Earth, to treat all living beings with care and respect and love will prevail.

I love you very much, I am an old mother, I am Mother Mary, and each day I pray for you all, and I also always pray for Mother Earth for she too is a Mother, the greatest mother of all!

/Mother Mary