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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Ismael; Call your joy back, it is alive!

I am Ismael and I am very old.
I have walked a long way, over plains, crossing mountain ridges and I have walked through a great desert. 

I have met a lot of people. Many I have met at crossroads. And we sat down at the side of the path and shared our lives, we talked and we prayed together. We lit a fire to warm us by and we shared our bread. We shared what we carried with us, very simple it might seem but very precious. I made many new good friends on my walks in life.

As we sat there together around the fire, we looked up at the starry night sky and we could remember good times when the meaning of life really is all about having good friends.

And the next day we would say goodbye and we walked separate ways. But first we embraced each other for a long time wishing each other a good life, and that we would meet again soon. 

This positive energy, was worth more than gold. 

This friendship was more worth than anything. It was a long time ago, but the secret is; the energy of god friendship that ever has been still exists! And how do I know this? Because the energies that are faith hope and love, IS. 

These energies are so strong they can not go away, as they are living creations.

Positive energy are created by loving and caring meetings, between old and also new friends. 

And how can you do? What can you do? Did you have a friendship that was so important to you that you really cherished, and then you walked separate roads?

Don´t worry I will help you! The good energies are still there! They can´t be destroyed. Remember the good vibration, remember the good friend, and your meeting. Say a prayer! Say to your heart I want to recall that good friendly meeting and the positive loving feeling that we shared.

The sacred energies, that are faith hope and love, joy, harmony, grace, friendship, as in heartfelt meetings, are all energies that you can call back to you. They are a good, the wibes, make positive resonance throughout the universe and nothing and no one can stop it. These energies are the ones that created us all. That is why they ARE. So call them back to you, your joy is marked with your personal DNA, and will come back to you and together with good friends your joys are multiplied in great abundance. 

I just want you to understand the physics of joy and of good relations, it is blessed energies by God and I just want you to have faith in love!