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Friday, 28 August 2020

Oberon; Have faith in your Mother!

I am Oberon and I am very old! I live here with you on this remarkable planet!
The difference between you and I is that I know what Mother Earth needs to thrive and feel good! When your planet feels good and thrives, so will you!
It is not easy to feel good when Mother Earth is not feeling good!
Even if all she really needs is time, a lot of time, to heal from all the devastating wounds that she has been given, it is very much easier for you to begin to understand her!
For when you understand her, what she needs to sprout and grow and blossom, you will learn in a natural way what you yourself need to do the very same!
There are no separation!
If your mother feels bad, so will you!
When you throw trash on her, you throw it in your own face!
There are no mysteries when it comes to your Mother Earth, she is what you have, what you see. When you treat her badly, it always comes back to yourselves, sooner or later.
You need to start to understand her so that you can learn how you can work together with her,
and not against her!
The thing is;
she loves you!
Yes your Mother Earth loves each and every one of you!
And she awaits for you to awaken to her and her gifts!
It is all about listening to her!
And how do you listen to your beloved planet?
Well, that is the thing! You have to try and try and eventually you will understand how!
Some listens already to her!
Like this girl writing this! (Oh thank you Oberon, I try :)
There are important discoveries yet for you to find about your planet and they will give you a plentyfull life. Free gifts for all! No money involved!
But the most important thing is that you will become happy!
You will find a loving purpose in your lives!
And you will be proud of letting the children inherit the Earth because then she will be a blossoming garden, the Eden she once was, and everyone are welcome, you just need to learn to listen to her!
I love you
Lord Oberon