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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Goddess Ganga; Your navel chakra is adamant!

I am Ganga,
I flow
I move
and I also fly!
I am in you
and I am outside you!
Connectedness means
eternal love and
in your navel chakra
there is valuable materia
not for your eyes but for mine.
My heart and eyes are the same,
you don’t have to seek me, I am YOU.
The navel chakra is now being
upgraded in your bodies and
so is Gaias.
The earth has its poles
and your navel chakra is your own pole.
They interact together with the moon and the sun!
This upgrade will make you feel more complete, and filled with harmony!
Will you feel any symptoms?
No! It is a slow and positive change!
Together we will create
a very beautiful rainbow and
you are a dear child of Gaia
and I love you very much!

Sananda with guest; Haile Selassie.

Channeling with Sananda with special guest Haile Selassie,
through channeler Kerstin Eriksson 27 February 2018,

I am Sananda, and I am forever
bestowed to guide you.
I love you and please put your worries in my hands
and I will help you carry them.
Tonight I have a special guest
coming through;
He is a dear old friend, a brother to me
and to you!
His name is Haile Selassie.
He will now say a few words!

"I am and you are!
Yes you have heard it before!
The truth is we are very close!
In fact we share the same heartbeat.
What could I have done differently?
I could have loved more, much more!
Maybe I played an easy part in life, maybe
things where handed to me...?! 

And yes I could go with the flow and now I can see from here, it is of course easy to see from heaven
what was once. 

And I say I could have loved much more,
every day, every night, I could have looked closely and loved more
and I could have looked far away and loved much more.
And from where I am now I say, take very good care of yourself, 
and your friends, and love them more because you will never 
regret it! And never forget to love yourself! 
The more you give love, the more love you will have!
And so I say,
I love you!”