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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Archangel Michael; God bless you!

My dear friend I am Archangel Michael, the older!
Yes there are a younger and an older!

I will today put an exclamation mark after BLESS YOU!

And why?

You live in troubled times and you receive a lot of information.
Sometimes you do not know what to do with all the advices you get.

It is now, you need to know this; the most important informations
is inner knowledge!

It is like having a map inside your heart.

And I will now give you a compass so that you can safely navigate
after your map.

I will give you your true foundation to what life is all about!

Life is about love!

Never about fear.

Anyone that tells you to walk with fear, denies you your true birthright.

Even if you sit in a prison, you have your inner sanctuary in your heart always.

Then you will find out that you are indeed free, within yourself.

The compass I am giving you is Faith in your own ability to find your freedom, that it is situated
very near you, actually within you.

The knowledge that you yourself hold the light within and are carrying that holy flame of Faith, Hope and Love, gives you the key to freedom always!

You have the key now, the compass, and you can go into yourself at any time and find that you yourself have the cure to any illness. Inside you will find joy, love, hope and faith, gratitude, harmony, goodness, actually all those ingredients to be a healthy being.

To become complete, whole, these are the best ingredients. Without them and together with fear you end up very sad, depressed and isolated - from love - the most important energy of all!

So just saying
God bless you!!
I am Michael,
the older Archangel,
I love you!

Mother Mary; Prepare to embrace love!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Today I will talk about love, and the actual recognition of it.

If you are troubled and see only the clouds in the sky.
If you temporarily have forgotten about the sun that always shines above the clouds,
how do you think love comes to you?

Well it is easier if you hold your arms open to receive love!

But in this situation, you hold your arms close to the sides of your body, to protect yourself,

and this is actually normal, when you are in distress of any kind.

Now you might think it is harder to find God och Jesus or me Mother Mary,
but it is the opposite!

We can reach you just as fine as before.

You are safe, safer than you can ever imagine.

Because we know what you are going through at this moment!

I will always be here with you, I never leave your side!
I am always ready to hold your hand!
Just reach out to me and you will feel me!

When you cry I will take care of your tears and let the holy light shine through them,
let me be the ground that you walk on, I will keep you safe!

Please have faith in me,
I love you,
Mother Mary

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Mother Mary; Don´t be afraid! Part 2..

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

There is something that I would like to talk about today!

Sometimes there are clouds that hide the sun.
The sun helps you see clearly at many things.
And even if you know that the sun always shines above all the clouds,
it is easy to fall into the negativity of the darkness.

I am here today to remind you, of the light, the warmth and the love.
I am here to say to you that the sun will speak its own language.

And what is that?

In the sun all becomes clear!
In the sun you can see colors,  when it rains, you can see a rainbow.

Trust the sun, trust the beautiful colors that are there - for you take them to your heart.

Let go of fear and the colors of fear. These colors you can not see through. 

In fact they are not colors as you think they are. They are clusters of negative vibes, 

It might feel like a dark cloud comes in over you. If you feel this at any time, just imagine that you for every breath you blow out and breathe, that it goes away, with your breath of love you make it disappear. 

It all has to do with your security, and your knowledge that you are safe in the rays of love. 
Know that your breaths of love clears the space in your own sanctuary of your heart,
just have faith in yourself and I am always there with you,
I love you
Mother Mary

(A channeling with Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson,

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Archangel Michael; See through!

I am Archangel Michael and I love you a lot!
There are many things to be said, but one of the most important things are you!
You all have a complete protection.
You might think this is impossible at this moment in Gaias development?
And yet it is true!
And how can it be?
It is even better than you think!
And I will of course explain it to you dear!

You have to have a perspective over decades and even over thousands of years
when I explain this to you.
From time to time this happens.
It is a part of your development!
What is happening now is a mirror to you.
And it is okay!
You are learning to live on earth!
You are her babies!
She, Mother Earth loves you very much, more than you can ever know!
And she can not stop this process, even if she wanted to!

You are here on Earth to learn about love!

Your souls purpose is to be able to join the complete light, the white light as it is in heaven!

Mother Earth does not have the capacity to stop this lesson because it is your own free will in your higher self and soul.
Yes it might seem odd to you to hear this but you are not here on earth to be "lazy" in any way.
You are explorers of love! And it is hard work!
Many of you have done this before!
You are Lightworkers of the Universe and you have many skills and you have decided to be here at this moment in time!
And your soul follow your attempts at all time on your journey to exist on this planet.
Just remember your soul is eternal, and from your soul´s perspective there are no death.

This process that is happening right now is a measurement of your capability to walk with love!
And it is ok!
You are loved just as much!
You are learning!
This is a big lesson for everyone on this planet.

As a planet you are one big tribe, one big family, and you have to revaluate many things now.
Sometimes you feel alone in this, you feel you can not change what you see needs to be changed, but this will awaken many, to your own knowledge, many have been sleeping and you know it.
And if you allow yourself to be in your heart, to be focused and letting go of fear,
you will find that you yourself are the master of this lesson!

She, your Mother loves you and she knows about you, every detail.
She says to you, to please focus on the beautiful details that you can see on her.
Focus on a beautiful flower on a sunny day just after the rain has fallen.
Remember that you are just as beautiful and the more you embrace peace within
you also spread harmony all around you.
From where I am I see many beautiful flowers in the garden of Mother Earth and
you together create a sanctuary on earth, just give yourself daily time
to meditate and I am there to protect you and your heart,

I love you