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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Mother Mary; Secrets revealed!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Today I will speak about that secrets are being revealed as I speak!

Things that are good for everyone, who chooses to be quiet about that?

Only the one who has something to hide, and to benefit from it!

Who does something like this? You might wonder!

It has a lot to do with your money system!

Please change, into trade, exchange things, items, services with each other instead, for another service, or item!

Refuse to use money! This will take away the money-peoples power over you!

The finest and best things in life are free! 
It is love! Faith! Hope! Joy! Friendship! 
Gratefulness! Harmony and more positive heartfelt energies!

Honoring and protecting Mother Earth and women and children and men too of course, but we have to realize that the female energy is too low still, and Mother Earth is still being treated wrongly.

Big companies are like living entities, they take over! 

There are free energy, but there is no money in it, so it is being silenced. 

But it can not be stopped! 

Secrets are being revealed as I speak, and I say I love you and I say prayers for you always and just go with the joy in your heart, and follow your dreams!

Mother Mary