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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Mother Mary; honesty and balance!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
I am old, very old and I have much experience of life.
Today I will talk about something that is both old and new at the same time.
And what is that?
Take a guess!

A baby is newborn, and yet the lineage of the baby´s bond to life is very old.
Mothers are the ones that gives birth, to babies, so mothers are even older.
There is a saga, like a fairytale, about Eden.
It is written about it in the Bible.

It was a very long time ago.
Adam and Eve 2 beings, two humans?
No they where two etherical elves.
They loved each other and yet their
curiosity to learn more where greater than their will to stay in Eden,
where it was very harmonious to be.
They could stay in Eden for eternity if they liked, if they just would let the fruits alone.
But the curiosity was to strong.
They felt a need to develop.
They knew there was something out there, beyond their safety,
and so they decided to take a bite of the knowledge.
And so they left the safe environment of Eden, where they lived in the 5´th dimension.
They entered a lower dimension and started a new life.
In the new lower dimension, many things where different.
Before in Eden, they could reproduce by just wanting to having a baby.
Now in the lower dimension, the woman had to have sex with a man, otherwise there would be no babies.

In Eden a female being could just ask the God spark for a baby and
she would be impregnated when it suited her.
This happened not very often because they lived very long lives.
Many things work very differently in the lower third dimension.
In the higher dimension, woman IS.
She decides for herself, when it is time for her to have a baby.
She does not depend on a man for that.
God gives life spark and a life starts to live in her body.
It is the very same with the elves, they can have a child, given to them from the Spark of life.
The thing with this are parallell timelines.
The evolution is a fact, but what you don´t know is about time, there are more time than one.
I will talk about this another time!!
I just wanted to say, that women have always been, and the baby boy, the man,
came out from her womb.
She did not come from his rib. He came from her vagina.
That old story is manmade to get power over women.

The new times that are coming and has already arrived is all about balance and knowledge.
And the knowledge that God always have loved the women just as much as the men.
God has never wanted any discrimination of women, God has never wanted one single war.
God has cried many tears over all the violence manufactured by men.

God and the Ministry of the Seven heavens will continue the work with the balance between the male and the feminine energy. I am a part of this Ministry, as well as many female leaders are.

There is much to be said, just know that you are loved, equally, dear beloved!
/Mother Mary

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Mother Mary; Love will conquer all!

I am Mother Mary and I love you dearly.
Tonight I am ready to speak about something very important,
that can not wait.

In times of troubles it is of great importance that you fully understand,
that it is now that you and your work matter even more.
It is now that we all have to make sure that each and every one of us thoroughly checks that we are holding each others hands.

We represent the wholeheartedness and the encompassing care of souls on this planet.
And now many people are living in fright, in stress and in panic.
I am here at all moments to aid you in your important work, just ask me 
whenever you are dealing with situations you don't really understand.

I will guide you! This is my work!
This is my calling!
Now we all need temperance and faith in love,
because love will conquer all.
I love you
Mother Mary

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Mother Mary; Love is an element.

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Early each morning when the sun rises I pray for you all and I see you all!
Every day is newborn and I must say that embracing each day
is awakening the very core of your soul.
The light the day brings, as the sun rises, is new, the little particles of light is unique.
No one is the same as the other.
All unique. Just as you are my dear friend.
The sun does not only shine all time.
The sun creates all the time.
New light, new particles, all over and over.
It is like the sun is singing a song, that changes constantly and
the rays are constantly changing.
That is why each day is newborn, and has never been before.
Each day needs to be blessed, and when you say your prayer each sunrise,
you plant the seeds of the day.
You yourself consist of the light particles, and they reach you even at night time.
Love is an element you can count with.
You usually refer to air, water, fire and earth and also the etherical element.
And now I have to speak out, love is an element and you can count on it.
I love you very much and
please have faith in me,
/Mother Mary

(This is a channeling with Mother Mary through medium and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson

Monday, 16 March 2020

Mother Mary; Faith is the door to Prana.

Good day to you, I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Since the beginning of this beautiful planet that you live on, I have been here.
I was even here before, the creation of this planet, Mother Earth.
We where a number of creators and we had a divine plan, to create something
wonderful where a diversity of species would co-exist.

We talked for eons of times about the creation and when we where ready to start creating there was a rainbow of colors involved. We each had a special gift, that we brought into the creation and so came the big bang.

Time is one essential thing when it comes to creation of Earth. We knew time would be on our side, we just had to learn how to have patience.

And we where in no rush. To watch everything slowly develop was so beautiful that we couln´t take our eyes from it.

During this long time, we never gave up. Because we had faith. Our intuition had already shown us the magnificent result of our creation. And what did we see?

We saw a planet in peace. We saw human beings living side by side with each other, and they where living as brothers and sisters in deep harmony.

We also saw that you finally had made a good connection with your planet. You listened to her. And you got good advice from her as well as special gifts, as free energy, free transportation, no one of you where ill. No animals where killed. Just loving peace. You where all happy, and living with your planet as you at this moment understood her perfectly.

And this moment will come! You will be living in Faith, Hope and Love on this planet and you will find yourself living in heaven of earth.

And the holy gift of prana will grow within you the more you have faith, and the more abundance you will find.

So I ask of you, I beg of you to have faith in love, and to have hopes for a life in peace and harmony, because it will come one day!

I already know, and I love you very much!

/Mother Mary

("Faith is the door to Prana." This is a channeling with Mother Mary through medium and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson