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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Archangel Michael; Walking together!

I am Michael and I am an archangel, it means I am older and that I hold my wings around what I am dedicated to.

Do you know what I am dedicated to?

I work fullheartedly with your safety, I protect you!

And I do more things too!

I would like to talk about what also is very important to me! To me it is of the greatest importance that you know that you are never alone! And that I serve you at all times!

Sometimes you feel totally abandoned, and you think that your guardian angel is gone missing, when you need the help the very most!

If this would happen to you, it means that you yourself hold the answer to the solution to the situation!

It also means that your guardian angel is there! Yes! Your angel awaits for you to deal with the situation because you have the skill to do it! Maybe this information is hard for you to take in?

But see it like this instead; If you were to always be totally protected you would not evolve, you would not face a difficulty and try to solve the situation yourself! If someone always protects you you would not learn yourself to handle life, to learn your lesson in life.

Awful crimes happen on this planet and have been happening for thousands of years. 
This planet is not yet a planet of love! And you have surely noticed this! 

There is a law in the Universe that is called the law of the free will and not even God is allowed to go against this law.

Everyone of you humans have a free will. And what it means is that you have to make a choise! 
Do you choose love or not?

Guardian angels work dilligently with their job to aid spirit´s on earth! They signal meticulously over and over again, to you, the spirit, that they are assigned to work with; "this door is safe to enter, the other door leave it, do not enter, and so on"! 

Actually guardian angels never quit, they never give up, if it is necessary they work till they drop dead because they are so devoted to help their spirit. I can assure you that they never give up! 

But there is something that is blocking their communication with you! You do not always listen, or notice the feelings, or notice what you see. 

Angels are love beings, love carriers, love spreaders, but they can not make you use your senses, if you are not available to it. 

Angels are totally devoted to aid you in your journey, in your life on Earth! Your path on Earth is about learning your soul about the importance of love! 

If you feel you lack in the communication with your angel team, then meditate! Walk in the forrest! Drink clean water, eat clean vegatables and fruits, drink blessed water. Relax! Don´t worry! Be happy! You are a lot safer than you think you are! And yet you are here to learn! 

Your devoted angel always accompany you wherever you are and do! 

Please have faith in your dear angel, say a little prayer to your angel each day and in the evening when you are about go go to bed! 

I assure you that you will find a better channel to your angels. 

Just have faith in them and love will show you the way!

This planet will be a love planet! Love has already won in higher dimensions and you carry these love seeds in your heart! It is easier to live on earth if you have patience with the process, that everyone have to learn about love, how it works, it is a choice each and everyone make when they have awakened!

When you choose love, you set the course, you even set the sails! And now it is up to you where do you want to go? Where do you want to plant your seeds of love, it is up to you, it is your choise and your free will!

And by the way, you make your own blessed water by holding your hand around the watercup and you say a prayer for your water, blessing it from your own precious heart!

I love you,
Archangel Michael

Monday, 27 July 2020

Mother Mary; Choosing love!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
God blesses you every day and says prayers for you every day!
I also say prayers for you and light candles for you every day!

Even if you have worries, and problems, don´t hold them higher than you hold God!

With life, comes a certain amount of problems, that is how life works!
And you learn from it! Just see your problems in the right proportion, from the right 

If you decorate a room, you put a wallpaper on the wall, you maybe have a table and a sofa, and you have an altar with your flowers and candles.

Where in the room are your problems? Do they sit in the sofa? Are they painted on the wallpaper? Is it the carpet on the floor? Or are they written on a scroll and lay beside the candles on the very altar?

Or are your problems tucked away in a box in the bookshelf? 

Do you notice your problems every day, just as you notice your sofa every day, or walk on the carpet every day?

Or do you manage your problems by putting them in a shelf, so that you do not always notice them, because they are not visible each moment of your awakened time?

Sometimes worries overshadow what is really important! 

The fact that God loves you always is the most important fact that you can rely on!

Sometimes it is good for you to do a little survey on your foundation of love!

What do you allow in your lovefoundation other than faith hope and love to God?

If you notice that your worries sit in your sofa, with the feet on the table making negative remarks about you and your life and make you sad in the process, why don´t you kick it out of your life? Or at least put your worries in a little box in the shelf and take no more notice of it than you actually have to?

I mean that you are your own master here! You allow negative thoughts become a daily business? You decide, what your life should be defined by! What do you choose? Do you choose love? Or do you choose negative thinking, worries? They are certainly there anyway, but do you need to put them on the table? On the altar? 

Or maybe they should have a much smaller space in your life?

So what do you say, what do you feel? I just need you to focus on love dear, because your are loved! 

And when you are too focused on troubles, and worries and negative thinking we almost can not connect with you, because you are too engaged in the worries!

Please beloved child of earth, let the proportions be; always love first! God first! The goodness first! The gratitude first! Then your hope will come back to you! It is there, waiting to come back to you! It is very close to you, but is waiting for you to allow it to come back into your life, when you with your awakened consciousness, choose God first, LOVE first!

So dear beloved, put the love poem on your altar instead and take away your troubeled mind and its negative scroll and go with love, choose love over everything, it has to be alive in your mind, because negative thinking is in a way - a war - and you have to be fully aware of it to be able to conquer it!

You have to fight for your God, and fight for your love to be number one on your altar, so precious!

We know what you go through, at every heartbeat, and every breath and we love you even more,

Mother Mary

Birgitta Birgersdotter; Jag kan, jag vill, jag älskar!

Jag heter Birgitta och en del känner mig som den heliga Birgitta. Jag själv upplevde inte att jag var helig! För mig så är livet heligt! Allas liv är heliga! Moder Jords liv är heligt! 

För mig är varje vattendroppe helig! För mig så är solens strålar heliga! 

När en människa förstår, sin kapacitet, hur allt hänger ihop, som en enda organism tillsammans med Moder Jord och när människan känner i sitt hjärta att det finns en stor kärleksfull mening med livet, till glädjen och till lärandet på jorden, då känner den människan att livet är heligt.

Med fötterna i jorden och med huvudet i himlen så går allt bra! Då har du kontakt, jordad kontakt! 

Då kommer du att förstå, sammanhangen hur du själv utgör en viktig länk, tillsammans med många andra viktiga länkar, och den länken du har, har ingen annan än du, och ingen annan kan riktigt ersätta just din unika länk heller. 

Allas länkar är unika och viktiga och fyller en funktion till alltets helhet! 
När ni förstår att mångfald är bra och gynnar er alla, så kommer ni att frodas och växa med ymnig grönska. 

Hjälp varje länk! Alla har en egen länk och något unikt att bidraga med! Det finns ingen som inte har en länk! 

Tyvärr är det inte många som förstår detta och märker inte sin egna länk, hur viktig den är för helheten! 

Ni hänger ihop, allihop, och ni vandrar tillsammans oavsett om ni vet det eller inte, så hjälp varandra, stötta varandra att uppmärksamma deras länk så den kommer till liv och Guds ljus!

Jag älskar Dig och jag heter,
Birgitta Birgersdotter.