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Friday, 8 November 2019

Ashtar; Here I come!

Hallo dear friend! I am Ashtar and I love you earthlings.

Tonight I must say I am ready for you!

I will get closer to you than you can ever imagine. How? I will land, quite soon.

We will be able to speak as friends do. Many of you have heard of landings for a long time, and also waited, and this time it is more obvious than ever.

There are no more question marks to straighten out.

We are allies with those that love peace and wish to live in accordance with your planets resources. The resources of your planet have been damaged by citisens that think resources are only for just a few, to exploit and make themselves rich, and not caring about other people or the earth itself.

The new, the new era is all about taking good care of her, your Mother Earth.

How else can you live a sustainable life?

When you plan for future generations, and not only yourself, you will start the new era in a good way.

We will bring you new techniques that are free, that will help you change to a new system that does not harm your planet.

/Ashtar Sheran

(This channeling is by medium, healer and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson on blog, you can also visit

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Jesus; Confide in me!

There is a light, a special light that flows from you.
Your light is DNA coded with your strands, the very YOU.

You are more unique than you can ever believe.
And yet you are one with all in the name of love.

I need you to love yourself, totally. I need you to confide in me.
I need you to realize that all the things that you think is your flaws, all the things you are not proud of, all your wrinkles, your scars, your "imperfections" - those little details are what really makes you into you.

It is your scars that shimmers in different beautiful colors because you love them, for what they are, they are marks, proof of your life.

You are a highly sentient being, all of your feelings are important. They also transform into love, as you start accepting yourself fully. Shame, guilt, sadness - whatever you feel, please love your feelings, love them all, they will reshape into the most beautiful colors and patterns in your aura.

You came to this planet to transform. You came to this planet to learn. You came to this planet to embrace a negative experience and transform it into love. The more you have gone into the negative experiences, and met all of your feelings, the more you transform when you come back to love.

Love is endless, and it never left you, but in your worst moments you forgot. You forgot that you are a lightbeing. You forgot that you are a transformer. You transform darkness into light. Negative into positive. Because you go through it. You pull the thread through the needle. And you always come out on the other side.

Love awaits you always. Love is the only energy that is eternal. Please love yourself and have faith in yourself!

I await your prayer, I always listen to you, please confide in me!
I love you

From blog . Jesus; Confide in me, is a channeling through lightworker healer and medium Kerstin Eriksson you are also welcome to visit