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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Mother Mary; Great courage!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
I have something to share with you today!
Many times in life you do not have any clue to what is about to happen.
And if you had a notion to everything that was about to happen, what would that bring you?
Your soul would say to you; you have not learned anything is this lifetime!
And why would your soul say that?
If you already know about most things that are going to happen, you would not learn as much as your soul needs you to learn.
When you are born to live on this planet you carry an invisible list of chores to do.
This list is not something you are aware of.
You desided this in heaven, before you came down, and you where born in a babys body.
You are a soul on a mission on earth!
Your soul needs to aquire certain knowledge.
Sometimes I know you think; "I wish I knew what was going to happen"!
Because then you would have taken another road that day.
You would surely have made another choise.
And sometimes you think about what has been.
You think about lost time. You think you wasted your life on the wrong things.
But I must say to you today;
Please love every step you take!
Please love every breath that you make!
Try to be here and now, enjoy what you have in this moment.
Life is about living! Life is about making mistakes as you think they are!
And what does God say about your mistakes?
"-I say I love you even more! I see no mistakes! I see you and I love you so much!
I know what you go through and I see that you learn many things!
You are very brave! You have a great courage to being born on this beautiful planet.
This planet is a place to learn about love.
And many lessons is about learning what is not love.
And I God say to you my dear; love yourself!
Be patient! And have faith in yourself. "
We love you,
Mother Mary and God

This is a channeling with Mother Mary and God through clairvoyant medium and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson

Friday, 27 March 2020

Mother Mary; Something important!

Hallo dear beautiful friend, I am Mother Mary and I love you!
I guess it is quite common for almost all of you to look at your tv and be updated on the news and also see what weather it will be the day after.
Talking about the weather is a pretty common topic to talk about and of course it is important.
What I will talk about now is another kind of weather.
It you think of a weather but it is inside of your heart, then think again,
or should I say, feel your weather in your heart, how is it?
Is it stormy in your heart?
Is it calm?
How is your weather today?
In other words how are you doing?
But what I mean is what do you feel in your heart!
I would like to spread sunshine in your heart!
I would like to give you a mild wind that smells of roses just after a rain has fallen in the spring.
I would like to walk with you in this beautiful garden and all is clear and harmonius,
there is no worries, and we are actually happy!
Let me tell you about your secret garden in your heart, it is there, if you have faith in it!
Just imagine your own beautiful garden, that you can always visit and gain new energy.
You own botanical garden can have just the flowers you love the most and in any color you like.
And I will gladly walk in there with you anytime.
Just take time to use your imagination.
Take time to meditate.
It is all about relaxation and good vibrations at your own pace.
If times are stressful, you can always go into your personal heaven within your heart,
just have faith in yourself and your ability to manisfest, to imagine and feel your inner joy flow.
You can always call on me
and I will be there by your side holding your hand if you will!
I love you
Mother Mary A channeling Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Mother Mary; Animal Kingdom part 2.

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Today I would like to talk about, animals.
I will talk about cats today.
Guard your cat and the cat will guard you!
How do I mean?

All animals are divine beings, and in the right environement they do very much good.
Sometimes we can help them. Cats have been the best friend to humans many times, and regarded very high, praised by the humans. The black cats where considered those cats that brought good luck to the owner or who ever encountered the cat.

Then in other places it was the other way around. The black cat where treated badly and banned and killed. The cats do a job. All animals have a job to do. They work, they are employed by Mother Earth.

Harmony and balance comes when no one considers themselves to be the masters over anyone else. When they, the humans, killed the cats, in different countrys there were an inbalance, and in one case the plague of that century killed many humans. The cats where not allowed to do their job. They kept a balance, amongst mice and rats. And as they where considered unholy, bad, working with antichrist, their important job where stopped and it immedialtely affected the humans that got very bad illness that killed thousands.

The Animal Kingdom says to you dear humans; You will learn, in time what is important, we are here, we already know. We came here to Earth to teach you. We love you!

All animals are advocates for many different dimensions and worlds throughout the universes around Mother Earth, their actual home planet receive daily upgrade to how their love work proceeds.

I love you
/Mother Mary

Monday, 23 March 2020

Mother Mary; The important key!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much.
Some call me Master Mary, or Lady Mary, and I think it does not matter because I do what I do anyway.
And what do I do?
I heal, I embrace, I include and I love.
And how can I do this?
Because I have faith!
I have faith in love!
I have faith in the energy of love because I have seen the energy of love and I know how the energy of love feels inside my heart.

The key to love is faith! This key is so extremely important!
It is like not knowing how water looks or how water feels on your dry lips.
If you have never quenched your thirst with clear cold water and felt that feeling,
that this is what you really needed, you might not have enough faith in love.

And don´t worry, God will lead you and Jesus will guide you to the water and you will receive all the love you need. And you will find that it is a necessity in your life to have faith in love, just as it is necessary for you to drink water.

So when you say a prayer, you also say a prayer to the water!
The water is holy! Your love for the water is holy!
What goes around comes around.
When you say thank you to your water and food every time you eat
you define your intentions, you define yourself and you bless your food and water
and it raises up in higher grace and becomes more nutritional.

The water have a mass consciousness and every drop is connected with the other drops. Make no mistake, love is connected always, within you and without of you.

You are a part of love, and your waters in your body is holy, every little drop matters so please love them all!

I love you
Mother Mary

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Mother Mary; Remedy!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
I am tonight thinking that I will guide you through a meditation.
You live in stressful times and I know the opposite is the remedy.
So relax and I will start;

It is a magnificent sunrise and you watch it from a beach. The waves comes in on the shore at a slow and soft pace. There is no hurry and there is no stress. Just calm and blessings fill the air.
The air is so filled with blessings that it feels like the air itself is giving you kisses of happiness and joy.

Something is being flushed up on the shore by a wave and you go down to the water and se what it is. It is a little baby turtle. And you lift him up and you look at him. And as you look at him his little eyes look back at yours and you hear him say to you; Can you hear me, can you hear my heart beat?

And the turtle says more words; You are not alone, everyone knows what you are going through. And the little eyes of the turtle are glittering with love and he continues;

It will be ok! Just hold on! Don´t worry! Do you know what I do when I want to relax? The little turtle continues! And I answered no! He says; I make bubbles! Yes! I make bubbles in the water and it is very fun! And they look very pretty too!

I said thank you to the babyturtle and I set him back down in the water and I see him as he swims back out into the ocean. I start to walk along the beach and as I walk there I feel the warm wind in my hair and I see beautiful stones, pieces of wood, and seashells in the sand in different colors and they have all been made soft by all the millions of waves that has been coming in on the shore over and over again. After a while the sun has risen and more warmth feels in the sand between my toes.

I see a little trail going up from the beach into the forest behind it. And I start walking on that little path. On both sides of the trail there grows flowers I have never seen before and they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen before. They even have new colors, that I have never seen before.

The trail leds me up slowly from the level of the sea and I begin to see a view on my left side.

I think this path is leading me somewhere, but I don´t mind, it is wondrously
spectacular. I seem to be floating just above the path and I just realize I can fly.
I notice I have wings that carry me higher and higher, but I feel I would like to continue on the path anyway, just because the flowers are so wonderful and they have the most magical scent.

I know I can take a flight whenever I prefer, I just think it is so lovely I stay on the trail just now. And as I hover over the path I see a bench made of wood, and it looks very old. I sit down for a moment at the old wooden bench and I close my eyes. The view is magnificent over the ocean but I feel I need to just be for a moment. I need to go into myself for a little while.

There is no hurry. I want to take in the beauty of Earth and I feel my gifts, my possibilities, and yet I can enjoy just by being here and now. And I say a prayer for her, our planet, and for all living beings that also will say I love you to her, she is the one who gives us all, she provides for us all, she gives herself to us all the time. So I sit on the wooden bench and I happen to look on the wood, it is very soft to touch and I see that someone has carved words into it. And it says, I am always with you and I love you - God!

And I just realize that life is quite easy when I think of it, it need not be so complicated. And I say a prayer to God thanking him for his message in the wood and I feel very blessed just as if my best friend is with me!