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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Ismael; I will put roses at your altar!

Ismael; I will put roses at your altar! A channeling through Kerstin Eriksson 26 December 2018.

Dear beloved friend I love you!
I am Ismael!
I will guide you to where waters flow 
and you can drink all you need!
We will pray together, we will sing together
we will sing songs of joy and we will say prayers to heal all hearts!
If you let me, I will guide you, to ease all of your pains!
I am a healer and I am a devote to God!
If you loose one of your oars when you row your boat,
I will help you row!
If you loose your faith I will help you find your faith again and again and again!
I will help you see that your glass is half full, and never half empty!
I have walked many steps, and I know of every turn of the road,
there is no road I have not walked, so I know you!
Together we are one, I will guide you to the origin of love
where it is healing to be!
I will put roses at your altar
and you will sing songs of love with me!
I love you,

Ignatius speaks about God and Mother Earth!

I am Ignatius, and I love you!
I have lived on earth many times,
that is how I learned the most important things
there is to know about life!
We all go in and out of different lives on earth, to learn!
And what are we here to learn?
We are here to learn about love and about faith and hope!
Why is it so important to learn about this?
Well love is the only energy that is eternal!
Love will set you free!
Love will open all doors, that you have ever wished for!
We all live here on earth to learn to transform all into love!
No matter what you have done, look into your heart, ask your heart
of forgiveness and ask God to guide you!
God is good, very good, God does not judge you!
God want you to be good too
and you can, you all can!
You all can change, just follow the goodness, God in your heart!
God believes in you always!
God believes in you when you have lost your faith in yourself!
When you look up on the stars at night, and you think you are the 
loneliest person in the world, God stands next to you, also looking at the stars!
You carry burdens of different feelings as, guilt, sorrow, fear and these feelings
make you not feel the presence of God!
God walks beside you always as well as Jesus does and actually the Mother God does too!
The Mother God is you beloved planet! She is ALIVE! She is an actual individual!
She walks beside you too, always! And she loves you dearly!
She knows what you are going through, at every heartbeat!
You walk with your precious feet on holy ground!
She is holy, your Mother Earth!
It is all about love!
There is no separation!
I know you can feel love when you see a beautiful flower!
You can feel love to this magnificent planet,
and she loves you back! 
For you are also like a beautiful flower!
Very unique! 
So know how loved you are!
Please don´t be afraid to follow your heart
and believe in your dreams!
Love will liberate you and will give you
oneness with all!