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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Archangel Michael All survivors!

My dear friend I am Michael and today I will speak about: 

Your fear of death.

You are all survivors, that is the first thing that I absolutely need to say!

The second thing is: There are no death!

You are souls that are eternal.

Please ponder over this! You are a soul that is forever, your soul is eternal.

Do not let anyone scare you! Fear can be used as a weapon,

to numb you! To control you! 

You are FREE always!

Humanity have a great fear of death, and so it has been for many thousands of years, and this fear is a trap.

This trap makes you lack your own joy.

I want you to find your own joy again. It is there, waiting for you to call it back!

Your joy is a living being, a creation of love, and it is...

eternal, just as you are!

Your joy and your soul is one, and you just have to, be determined to welcome your joy back. 

Your joy needs to hear you, saying: Please joy come back to me, I miss you, I await you dear joy!

Joy is a living energy, swirling around and waiting for your recognition and call. 

Sometimes joy can be kidnapped, by joy-thieves.

And if this has happened to you: you know about it. And the same thing goes there: call your joy back.

Why call your joy back?

It is YOUR joy. YOUR creation in the first place.

It even has your DNA signature!

I talk only about the true hearts joy, the one that is linked to unselfishness. I only talk about the love that has to do with gratitude to do. I talk only about the joy that is faith, hope and love based.

But you understand this!

This sort of joy needs your attention. This sort of joy needs you to fight for its right to stay with you.

This sort of joy is so alive, so alive and kicking that it wants to be in your heart at all times. It then multiplies and bubbles out and you share your joy with everyone around you.

But you have to be adamant, in keeping a constant track on your joy, for others might try and steal it - but only for a while - until you realize it is just around the corner...!

Just call your preasious joy back, say a prayer! YES! You can only call your joy back from the love in your heart! This is the only thing your heart can hear! 

Just have faith in you and your joy, love yourself and your joy and I promize you, that you soon will be really fullheartedly happy!

I love you


(Private picture).

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