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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Mother Mary The sign in time!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Time is important as it is a fundamental part of your life on Earth.

Time is also an element, just as water, earth, air, and fire.

The thing I will speak about is:

You will feel the time in another way the more Mother Earth moves into the higher dimensions as the fifth´s and higher.

How do I mean? 

It has nothing to do with you looking on a device to know what time it is.

It has to do with how your heart expands into the higher dimensions, along with Mother Earth, and how you from this point of wiev, get a new sense of time.

Before you thought about time. Now you will feel time. 

You will feel in your heart that time is flexible and that time surely is not a straight line.

In time you will learn this new aspect of time and also correlate this with living on Earth as a heartfelt being of Earth.

All comunication from now on is solely based on the love and compassionate energies.

All knowledge that will come to you will come to your gratefulness in your heart. And I speak about the knowledge that is eternal, the wisdom of the Universe, in witch you live.

Seek your own asylum, your own sanctuary within your holy ground, the place within your beloved heart. 

No matter what circomstances you live in, you can always rely on your magical garden within. As you are the creator now, YOU create this place according to your own wishes. This place is your foundation of faith hope and love, and also joy, gratefullness, peace, harmony, justice, goodheartedness and more positive energies and rays.

Each and everyone of these wonderful energies are an absolute necessity to your very existance here on Earth. Firstly as they are a part of you and has always been, from the very beginning. And secondly as the very creators of this planet are these energies.

So if you feel lack of energy, lack of joy, or a lack of a meaning to live on Earth please seek these energies within of your dear heart, because they are already there, waiting for you to acknowledge them. 

When you love yourself and accept that all these energies are a part of you, you will move up into the higher dimensions as a rooted tree in the ground.

You must be grounded to be able to get the right connection. Rising up into the 5th dimension does not mean that you fly high in the air.

No! It means that you as a living being of Earth will be connected!

You have to love your roots! And let go of your fears! Work through all your fears first. 

To be ascending up in higher dimension means: being the medium for Earth to be able to ascend as well at the same time.

You actually do it together! You and her, your beloved Mother!

The trees are already connected! They have already ascended!

They have roots! So they get the connection done quickly.

The higher meaning of connecting the roots means that you must accept yourself in your life since the childhood.

Then kundalini will find a clear path within you and the energy can flow as well as the knowledge. So drop the fear and love yourself completely.

If you can´t drop your fear, I will of course help you work through the fear instead, and then you can put it behind you! 

Many Lightworkers have already worked with themselves for decades, with their own fears and more.

You can never ascend "just like that" in a blink of an eye, because it takes a dilligent work before. 

Being ascended means that you are a grounded being of Earth, knowing all about your roots, and feeling your roots going into and deep down in the soil of beloved Mother Earth, and then extending upwards towards the higher realms.

Your DNA awakens more and more for every day and with the gratitude and love in your heart you will feel that you are never alone. 

I and God and angels are always there by your side, willing to assist you if you have any questions.

I love you

Mother Mary

(My private picture)!

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