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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Mother Mary You already know!

Dear beloved I am Mother Mary and I would like to embrace everyone of you.

You choosed to be born in this particular time of history of Earth,

- you are the one´s you have been waiting for.

There is no coincidence, on a higher plane, your higher self dimension you have already chosen to do what you do.

You already know!

You carry your eternal knowledge within you, in your awakened DNA.

You have a complete universal library within you.

Many times I see you seek for knowledge outside you because you do not really trust - 

yourself and the grand wisdom you possess.

You are told from your childhood, to go to school, to learn.

You are told that all your knowledge comes from your outside, from a teacher, a parent or a guru.

But you are a very old soul. You signed up to be here at this moment in Mother Earth´s history and you already are complete.

Plus, minus. Light, dark, Sun, moon, Sunshine, rain. Yin, yang. Man, woman, Positive, negative.

Polarities are necessary. You have called yourself lightworker many years, and that is accurate. You have worked in the dark, carrying nothing else but your light, so that you have been able to see where to put your feet.

But in reality, you are a balanceworker!

A harmonyworker. A peacemaker.

True peace comes when you are balanced!

There can not be only light, or only dark, there has to be a balance.

But the thing with the dark is that there is a good dark and there is a bad dark.

The good dark is in the dark where the unborn child lies within the womb of the mother, now the dark is a very good dark, a place to develop and grow.

The bad dark is where there is no knowledge of love.

Where there is, fear, violence, war and more.

So as the beloved peacemaker you are: your first task is to be balanced, and loving all of yourself.

And I am always by your side, and know that I 

love you,

Mother Mary

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