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Friday, 11 February 2022

Lao Zi Every step matters!

Walk with light feet.

Every step you take matters.

If you rush and are in a hurry, you are more likely to miss out on important scenery of your walk.

There are messages for you, a long your journey in life, and when you walk in the right pace, you will notice them.

And how do you find the right pace? What can be the best speed for you to walk in?

How can you know?

It is actually something you have to practice on.

You should follow your heart. The pace that is the best for you is when you are in constant contact with Mother Earth, when you can feel her heartbeat. And that means at first to notice your own heart beat.

It is about total awareness with all, with everything that lives.

Yes it is a big task. It also takes time to learn. But when you have learned it, you will never forget it.

It is essential knowledge!

About how to live on Earth!

Without this knowing you will feel lost. Wherever you go.

I am sorry to bring this up, but this is how it is.

Start with breathing fully consious, breathing with awareness.

Focus on your heartbeat.

Feel you, and feel her, your preasious Mother Earth.

If she was not here, you would not be here.

Everything starts with her? Don´t you agree?

Every step that you take, matters.

Every breath that you breathe is a part of your creation, of you!

Breath in love, breath out love. You ARE love!

Not one single step that you have taken is unimportant.

Everything comes together, every step you have ever taken have lead you up to this very moment.

If you have any question, I will answer them for you, just ask for me! 

I am. And you are!

I love you,

Lao Zi

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