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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Mother Mary; Alimony.

I am Mother Mary and I love you!
I am reaching out to you from afar you might think?
The truth is I am very close!
One of my wishes as a soul was to be able to continue to give aid, to love
and to be the one who lends a hand to who ever might need it.
Especially children.
When they are in need I am always near to help.
I am working in a team with Pegasus amongst others.
Children are those who will inherit this earth one day.
They are very precious to me.
Those on earth that are good to children, helping them with a good heart,
they will be awarded sooner or later.
I call this alimony.
This alimony does not have to do with money.
It has to do with others things.
It is an invisible alimony.
To the eye it is invisible but to the heart this alimony is a work of art.
The heart will know!
If you met a person with an alimony from me and my team
you will feel it in your heart.
And you will sense that this persons heart is as good as gold.
For someone that can se auras they can se this alimony there.
What I want to say today is that the goodhearted intent,
and the goodhearted action are the most important things.
Maybe you have great ideas, just waiting to win the lottery,
and then you can start?
It is not about the money.
Instead envision what you dream about,
and plant that seed and follow your heart,
and you will soon notice that the seed begins to grow,
step by step, inch by inch.
Just don´t give up and please have faith in yourself at all times.
Don´t forget to nourish the seed, water it every day.
It works both ways, you have to be goodhearted to yourself as well at all times.
So please have faith in me
and remember I love you!
/Mother Mary

(A channeling with Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson

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