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Friday, 13 March 2020

Mother Mary; Did you know?

I am Mother Mary and I must say, I love you very much!
You must wonder who am I really?
Well I am the mother of Jesus that is right!
I gave birth to him and held him in my arms.
I am a mother like any other mother!
I am no different. 
All mothers matter, all mothers are divine and holy.
Motherhood is something all others should hold high, and make sure
the mother and child are doing okey!
I pray for all children always, and I also pray for all women, 
their mothers. I pray for that this world you live in will make everything
to mothers and child, to make them feel safe and loved at all times.
Womanhood, motherhood matter, it matters a lot!
It should matter the most I must say!
What other thing is so important?
All men come from a woman!
All women also!
Motherhood is a very important universal matter and
should be on everyone´s agenda each day.
What else can be interesting?
I pray for you on this planet, Mother Earth, because I also know she cares for you.
The day will come, when Motherhood will be a sacred matter, and on the to do list, at the very top of it, all days in the week, all year around.
Women and children must be safe, and cared for and cherished for the most important bond there is.
The children will inherit this beautiful planet and I pray for that they also inherit the notion that life matters and that women are treated with respect.
When this day comes you will have taken a great and very important step ahead into the future and into the new life that you are waiting for in your heart. 
This beautiful step that I await for you to take, will create the most wonderful effect and you will receive gifts from God that you will be more than amazed over. 
This planet is all about Motherhood because without the mothers where would anyone be?
I love you
just as you are
and I know you will take the step in the future
I just wanted to remind you about your existence
and how your mother held you in her arms.
And once again I say
I love you
/Mother Mary

(A channeling through medium and healer Kerstin Eriksson

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