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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Lord Ganesha; You are a winner!

 I am Ganesha, I am very old.

As I am very old I see from a special angle and I must say;

You are the winner in your own life! 

You actually hold the light in your hand.

And what kind of light is it?

It is the Torch of Freedom!

We see a globe, and we see you all, and we see all of your torches but many of you don´t realize that you actually hold a very special torch.

Many of you don´t even see your own light. 

You don´t know that you are carrying the Torch of Freedom!

Many of you do not know that your torch that you are indeed are carrying, glows in beautiful colors of freedom, truth and compassion.

And yet we can see it! Yes! 

We see the light from each and everyones torches!

And we see you as a winner, and you might think that is strange? 

Why do we see you as a winner if you don´t even know about your own torch?

Well my dear beloved friends; 

You have worked extremely hard in many existances on Earth. 

You have worked very hard for the freedom of light, for the knowledge of love, the eternal ray of love.

In life after life you have fought for the right to speak, to say your truth, in life after life you have protected love, with your own life many times.

And now in this lifetime you carry the Torch of Freedom, you have certainly earned the right to hold this precious light.

You will soon realize that you indeed hold this precious gift, 

the Torch of Freedom;

and yes we absolutely see you as a winner, always a winner!

I love you very much


This is a channeling from through lightworker Kerstin Eriksson, I also give distance healing (free!) and angel readings. 💓🙏 Namaste and have a blessed day! 

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