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Monday, 9 March 2020

Mother Mary; From past to future.

I am Mother Mary and I love you!
You are very dear to me as I see you in your lives.
Today I will adress the fact that some of you have burdens of the old with you.
In order to begin something new you have to let go of the old.
Ask for help! Ask me! Ask Jesus! Ask Buddha! Ask God! Ask Pegasus!
Ask and don´t think it is anything wrong with that!
You might feel the new energies and they practically demand that you
work through the old and let it go.
The old has been your teacher, it has guided you to where you are today.
Love your past, but make sure it is the past.
The important thing is that you love and embrace YOU,
the whole you, the past and the present,
so your work with your past will be a labour of love.
It will set you free from the past in a loving way.
Ask us for help.
If you feel you can´t move forward,
it is most likely because of your past,
something unresolved.
It is ok, we will help you,
and we would love to help you!
Just let us know!
I love you,
Mother Mary
(From my blog, in Swedish

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