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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Archangel Uriel We are together!

I am archangel Uriel, and I love you my dear friend.

I am not only the breeze in your hair, I am so much more.

The angels are not only a sign from heaven, or a butterfly flying in front of you in the summers day.

See us like this:

Jesus is your healing compassionate heart.

I am your breath of love.

Michael is your holy strength.

Gabriel is your good light, that makes you see in the dark.

Mother Earth is your beloved feet, and every step you take in this world that you live in.

Mother Mary is your compassion.

Mary Magdalene is your gratefullness.

Buddha is your sanctuary of love.

Quan Yin is your loving caring nurturing Mother as embodied Earth.

And there are so many more loving souls, that all provide different energies of love and humility to you if you welcome them.

The signs of a loving soul is: Always good manners. Always positive attitude. And you also always feel the love in your heart when they are near you.

The communication is only through the true love in your heart. 

It is like a walkie-talkie, you have to tap into the love-channel. 

There is only one love-channel and the other channels are no good.

You use the love in your heart and your faith in hope and love, to make the right connection.

Never fear.

Fear can never be a channel.

If you feel fear or doubt, just do not worry. Just relax and quieten your mind, maybe you have a busy mind sometimes? And you think "this or that" or you think a lot about things?

It is okay but your mind-capacity have nothing to do with your heart.

Be aware of the "walkie-talkie" where you communicate with the spirit world, other beings might be interested in you and what you do. They see your light and are attracted to it.

But you know what to do?

Just communicate on only ONE channel. The love channel. Where all souls are total love. They do not demand anything of you. They do not boost your ego either. 

Some of these beings like to take you for a "ride" and they might talk you into that you are a giant king or queen, and that you are the best of all. 

This attracts your ego. This kind of talk is an ego-trap!

No one is more than anyone else! Jesus is not more than you. And you are not more than Jesus!

There are no hierarchy, only where ego lives.

So - be careful - so you do not waste your time. But it is okey, but it is a detour and the way back is - back to love always.

In another way you can see it as a lesson in love.

Love has no steps. Love has no ladder and no advancement. Love has no higher spot for the "chosen peoples". No that is so crazy.

Love IS. And you are!

You ARE and in fact we ARE together, as all in one!

And I love you,


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